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Reinstall the Wi-Fi Network

iPhone intermittently loses data connection despite full signal
Under normal circumstances, you can update your iPad over a Wi-Fi network through the Software Update section of the Settings menu. However, when the device is experiencing connectivity problems, you need to update iOS through the iTunes program on your computer. Turn your auto brightness setting off and your brightness to max. Other iPhone owners, however, have reported weekly or even daily occurrences. Same Issue but i rebooted my laptop.

Check your coverage area

Constantly dropping wifi connection

I decided to start the Network Utility on Mac and do unlimited ping test with Google, I was always getting under 10 ms, mostly 7 ms. Not a single request time out. Even when my iPhone claims no internet connectivity I find my Mac able to browse any website, and the network utility still pinging constantly to Google servers.

The iPhone 6 Plus does not actually drop the WiFi connection. It's always connected, always full WiFi strength, rarely three bars. It's just that suddenly nothing works. Sometimes my iPhone will restore connection on it's own in about 10 to 20 seconds, but sometimes I will need to turn off the WiFi and turn it back on. In the mean time I will try to restore my iPhone to iOS 8. Btw, I can't really afford to downgrade to iOS 8. Restore the iOS - and set up the phone as new Dropped olive oil in my earpiece, mic not working.

Similar Threads How can I get my computer to connect to iCloud? By iMore Question in forum Ask a Question. Will I lose all of my data? Why won't my charger connect to my phone? Contact Us iMore Top. Click the "Check for Update" button, select "Download and Update," and then wait for the update process to complete. Similar to rebooting a computer, restarting your iPad closes all running applications and processes, including any running process that is causing your iPad to drop its Wi-Fi connection.

For example, if the Wi-Fi screen's settings are grayed out, restarting the iPad reactivates the settings. Drag the slider to the right, then wait until your iPad turns off. Resetting the network settings returns all of your iPad's wireless network settings to factory settings. This solution effectively erases all of the Wi-Fi network profiles and their corresponding configuration information on your device.

Your apps, personal files and other settings are not affected by the network reset. Open the "Settings" menu, then select "General. Your iPad's Wi-Fi icon -- which is located in the iPhone's status bar -- displays the strength of a Wi-Fi network's signal. The number of bars displayed in the icon corresponds to the signal's strength.

If the signal strength is low, you need to move the device closer to the router to avoid losing the connection to the Wi-Fi network. In addition to your iPad's distance from the router, sources of interference -- such as concrete walls and microwave ovens -- can also cause your device to lose the wireless connection to your network.

These items can disrupt or degrade the signal before it gets to your iPad. To overcome this problem, move your iPad to a location that has a clear signal path to the router. If you are still experiencing problems maintaining a connection to your network after troubleshooting your iPad, you router may be the cause of the connection problems. This situation is most likely if other wireless devices are also having trouble connecting to the network. Rebooting or resetting your router can resolve many connection errors related to glitches and bugs.

The rebooting process cycles the router off and then turns it back on, while resetting the router returns the device back to factory settings. Use your router's physical reset button or Web-based Administration page to reset or reboot the device. Refer to your router's user manual for specific instructions on how to reboot and reset your device. For example, if you own a Linksys router, press the "Reset" button, and then hold it for 10 seconds to reset the device.

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Check Your IPad's Wi-Fi Settings