How to hide your IP address

Why should I hide my IP address?

14 Best IP Hide Tools 2018
Our basic version is free forever, and you will always have unlimited access. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. On which devices and browsers can I hide my IP? Disguising your IP is one of the most effective ways to protect your personal information. I have a tech blog too, but this one is my favourite, because I really, really like to talk about hacking and security. Hey Gokul what application can I use to hide my IP address and at the same time do media monitoring? Reviews Current version All versions.

How to hide your IP right now

Por favor,activa el JavaScript! Do you want to protect your privacy? If the answer is yes, you are at the right place! You might also like: The below list is not in any particular order. ExpressVPN doesn't provide a free or trial version.

According to the company, they don't store any traffic logs! This is a huge plus for a VPN service. And, they offer Unlimited bandwidth and military grade encryption AES It encrypts bit AES Encryption all online traffic and ensures data remains hidden from hackers when on an open wireless network.

It has a feature called Automatic Kill Switch, which make sure that your true IP address is never exposed online in the event of a dropped VPN connection. CyberGhost offers a 7-day trial version, try it for free. TunnelBear is a great VPN service that offers a lot of really good features.

Another important feature in the TunnelBear is "GhostBear", which is an anti-censorship and restriction mechanism that works to make your encrypted VPN data appear like regular network traffic. This is very useful when you are on a network that limits VPN traffic! Also please note that the TunnelBear will not allow you to enable GhostBear if your computer is running a custom proxy.

TunnelBear also doesn't collect any of what you browse while connected to the service. But they collect some generic information like the version of your operating system and the TunnelBear app, the number of active sessions you use per month but not the time spent on the VPN , your total data usage every month, and etc.

It has a feature called CyberSec, once enabled it will automatically block suspicious websites, intrusive ads, and botnet communication. Currently, NordVPN has servers in 56 different countries.

Zenmate VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and lightning fast servers. It protects all the traffic with AES military grade encryption. And, they don't record your activities or what you do online. It offers IP rotation service to make the users "anonymous" on the web. You can configure the proxy service as much as you want. It also allows you to select certain applications to use the Hide My IP proxy. It also has a simple and powerful user interface which I found more attractive.

Open VPN is an open source program that allows you to create a secure private network inside the public network internet. It offers bit encryption, so you don't have to worry about the security level of the communication. SumRando VPN is a clever service that helps you to browse faster and secure without revealing your original IP address to others. Once it is installed you can either create an account using your mail id or you can start using the service anonymously.

The free plan offers 1GB data. While testing the service, I didn't feel any lag in the connection. It is obviously a pretty good VPN service that everyone should try. If you are a frequent visitor of EH, you may already know about Hotspot Shield. In the "3 best ways to unblock blocked websites," I had mentioned HotSpot Shield as a great tool to bypass internet censorship. It encrypts all the connections and protects the device from malware, phishing, and spam sites.

It has almost every features that a great VPN service must have. The most popular free and open source software that can help you to defend against privacy intrusion. Tor has distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world to protect it's users from traffic analysis. The users of Tor include journalists, NGOs, whistleblowers, hackers and law enforcement. UltraSurf is a free tool developed by Ultrareach Internet Corp.

Click on the button of the device or browser you use the most to learn how Hotspot Shield protects your privacy. You may have heard that a proxy server is another way to mask your IP address. On top of that, you have probably seen many of the free proxy server websites out there. Perhaps, a proxy has started to look like a pretty good option. However, the reality is that Hotspot Shield provides significant advantages over any proxy service.

Here is a comparison of how our VPN stacks up against proxy servers:. As you can see, if you are looking for the best way to hide your IP address, Hotspot Shield provides an easy and secure way to keep your IP address private. Get started for free today. Thanks for a great product. It is a 5 star without complaint. Love it, or leave it and get your money back. Free the Internet with Hotspot Shield with a day money-back guarantee.

Why should I hide my IP address? How to hide your IP right now Now that you understand all of the benefits of concealing your IP address, here is how you can protect yourself before you leave any more personal information on the Internet.

Download the software First, download the free version of Hotspot Shield. Allow Hotspot Shield to change your settings Once the software is installed, you may be asked to allow Hotspot Shield to change your devices settings. What actually happens when my IP address is hidden? On which devices and browsers can I hide my IP?

Hotspot Shield will hide your IP address on any of the following devices and web browsers.