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Installing Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

How To Install Google Earth on Ubuntu 16.04
Double-click on the downloaded package. We recommend installing one of the latest versions. April 26, at Retrieved 9 July There has to be a means you can remove me from that service? Someone actually filed a bug report for this at cmake.

GNOME Shell Replaces the Unity Desktop

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Ubuntu is now collecting more data about your PC. All this information will be publicly available, so people can see how many Ubuntu users there are and view statistics about their hardware and software. You can disable these data collection features , if you like. But Livepatch is supported on desktop PCs and can be enabled graphically.

This feature requires you sign in with an Ubuntu One account. Canonical wants to sell this service to businesses. This installs a smaller Ubuntu environment with just a web browser and basic utilities. Of course, even if you choose a minimal installation instead of a normal installation, you can still install whatever you want after installing Ubuntu.

Phoronix found only about MB of space saved by using the minimal installation. These bit installation images were left behind in Ubuntu If your computer was made in the last decade, it almost certainly has a bit CPU and can run a bit operating system.

The bit version is now just better supported , and everyone should be using it—if possible. If your PC does require a bit operating system, you can install Xubuntu As usual with a new release of Ubuntu—or any other Linux distribution—much of the included software has been upgraded, from system software like the Linux kernel to desktop applications like LibreOffice.

The gcc compiler has been configured to compile applications as position independent executables PIE , which helps protect against some types of exploits. There are also mitigations to protect against Spectre and Meltdown attacks. Many other changes have been made. The To Do app is now installed by default, the new Characters app replaces the old Character Map, and the Calendar app now supports weather forecasts.

By default, computers will automatically suspend after 20 minutes of inactivity while running on battery power to save energy. Driverless printing support is now available, which should make it easier to print to a variety of printers with less configuration. See the full Ubuntu The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. August 11, View Comments Tags: August 10, View Comments Tags: June 14, View Comments Tags: June 06, View Comments Tags: June 02, View Comments Tags: May 31, View Comments Tags: April 13, View Comments Tags: Flyme is based on Android with some redesign along with extras.

It doesn't ship with Google apps, but those are easily installable. You can flash Flyme 5. Using the steps below, you should receive future Flyme OS updates automatically, so there's no need to reflash anything manually for any OS updates.

How to install TensorFlow