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List of free and open-source Android applications
Sococo provides free meet up spaces at sococo. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. There are some other major changes in this release that improve the user experience, such as the outgoing message queue and enhanced identity management. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. The Redphone entry in this article is a little outdated now.

What’s Your Preferred Skype Alternative?


In Zulip, you subscribe to streams. Streams are like channels in Slack or IRC. Each stream message also has a topic. Topics are unique to Zulip. The last message about Tuesday night catering is hidden 56 messages ago. Meanwhile, you just see a mix of unrelated messages. Zulip Free is free for an unlimited number of users.

Zulip has modern apps for every major platform, powered by Electron and React Native. Zulip has a significantly larger and more active development community than other modern open source group chat solutions like Mattermost , Rocket. Chat , and matrix. Zulip has more than 90 native integrations. Topics make it easy to catch up after a day of meetings. Messages sent hours apart are linked in the same topic. And did I say the best part? Check out yowsup https: Yowsup is a python library that allows you to do all the previous in your own app.

Yowsup allows you to login and use the Whatsapp service and provides you with all capabilities of an official Whatsapp client, allowing you to create a full-fledged custom Whatsapp client. A solid example of Yowsup's usage is Wazapp. Wazapp is full featured Whatsapp client that is being used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Yowsup is born out of the Wazapp project. Before becoming a separate project, it was only the engine powering Wazapp. Now that it matured enough, it was separated into a separate project, allowing anyone to build their own Whatsapp client on top of it. Having such a popular client as Wazapp, built on Yowsup, helped bring the project into a much advanced, stable and mature level, and ensures its continuous development and maintaince.

Yowsup also comes with a cross platform command-line frontend called yowsup-cli. I used Google but I found nothing. Maybe someone has a tip. It's a simple example of a chat application in general. Telegram is an open source Whatsapp alternative. Excerpt from the source: Scringo looks like great. The Problem here is, when i will start the scringo example on android, i become java. Binary XML file line Error inflating class com. The thing is I would need to see your code to figure out what's going wrong.

How about making a new post specific to the error that you are getting and then attaching your code along with it? That way you will get more help, even from others. Swayam the sample instant messanger doesn't seems to be stable, when you send another user a request, it doesn't update the screen at all. I would need to check again, because as far as I can remember, things were good the last time I tried.