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Windscribe is definetly the hottest VPN at the moment. Toni June 13, Reply. Hello, I need your help please. Our Windscribe VPN review suggests that Chinese netizens can avail the service to protect their privacy. July 31, 4.


Pick the award winning security bundle that suits you.

For more information on devices, take a look at this article. ExpressVPN does not offer unlimited data. But sometimes, the game speed in American server and Europe server is not very satisfying. Hi Andi, The answer to your question is — yes.

Refunded with no problems. After 8 hours and working with 7 different representatives i still couldnt get Express VPN to work. But they did give me a quick refund with no questions asked just as advertised.

Give this one a miss and try another. Can Express VPN be set-up on this router or need to be set-up separately on each device? I live in Mexico.

I was under the wrong impression it would help keep my nosey internet provider out they make anything free not work.

I would like to setup a VPN on my router, computer and android phone, is that possible with a single VPN for all three? My home internet has Mbps Down. I was looking for a VPN that got me close to this. Is there any faster? I am debating whether or not to attempt it again. Hi, I am currently using btguard. I would like to change to your option. However , does your vpn connect to a virgin media super hub uk Thanks. We will be living in Niue, an island between Tongo and Samoa for 18 months. Will VPN express work there?

Hi I have a chromecast device I use with google browser. I find the movie on my pc and then stream it via my chromecast to the tv. I am in Australia. Is that something I can do with your service. Or is there an easier way, I have not got a smart tv. What will I achieve by getting VPN? Also is there a way to watch golf on Foxtel.? Hi Erik, Using a VPN with your Chromecast will allow you to stream your TV shows and movies securely, and you would be able to access programs that you are currently unable to access in Australia.

Hope that answers your question. I usually pull the power socket out of the wall. This works well for families where family members may be transacting online in public places and forget to turn off express vpn after using. I am sad to say I was very disappointed in this product. Second it created problems that made it unusable. The blamed my ISP Mediacom for the problem claiming they were probably blocking it. So, I cancelled my subscription. I have iportal which is closing its doors.

Is this a good replacement? Will this work for that? Or is there a better option? Or any at all? I was facing too much problems with this VPN service. They only offer an email support, which takes almost a whole day to reply.

They are not providing VPN service but providing these: I am moving there to live permanently in about 60 days, and just want to make sure I have a secure way to do my online banking. The Thai government is increasingly restricting many of the sites you probably plan to access, so a VPN will give you secure access to these sites, without exposing your identity. Good luck with your move, Andrew.

It does not keep activity logs, and has a useful kill-switch feature. You can try out ExpressVPN here. How would they know I am using a VPN? I suggest taking a look at this article detailing the VPN ban before you decide, so you understand the risks. Also, when you first use Express VPN after using Nord VPN it seems a bit agricultural, particularly in regard to features and changeability, probably more for the advanced user.

Network sharing device or proxy server. Does this mean it is better at hiding your identity and is therefore more secure. Hi Bill, ExpressVPN does not have a free trial, but they do offer a risk-free, day money back guarantee. You can check it out here. Also, the prices are in USD. Hi Lou, Thanks for your question. For more information, you can check out this article.

I am about to travel to Saudi Arabia for work. I will be using my laptop mainly for personal reasons such as Netflix, personal emails, online banking, and study. Can you please advise if getting a VPN is an advantage to me and if Norton will suffice. Hi Paddy, Thank you for your question. Saudi Arabia practices some of the strictest Internet censorship in the world, so if you want to access Netflix or any other US sites, I highly recommend getting a VPN for your trip.

I am looking for a vpn to easily install on my laptop and also easily install on my amazon fire tv , can you recommend? Hi Robert, Thanks for your question. Sky sports will not work on this vpn tried the two for the UK and neither will work, but all other sites will work.

We have at least 7 devices that we would like to setup with Express VPN. Is that possible on the one account?

Is this service accessible to Canadian residents. For more information, and installation instructions, you can check out this support page from ExpressVPN. Do you know a brand or a mix of services to make a solution in a TV? Thank you for your time. Will they add that functionality to the Mac and iOS versions soon? Does ExpressVPN have an auto-on feature?

I play alot on these online casinos that accept bitcoin and all that. But sometimes when you sign up you get a really good match bonus so i like to try and make multiple accounts. But i think that they may have caught on and have set it up to lag on me or something of the sort because i never can get it to spin all the way through now like it is supposed to.

So i wasnt sure how they were seeing the accounts that i had. Will this VPN hide my downloading from my internet provider so I wont get red flagged? It has powerful bit SSL encryption, which will protect you on a home network as well as public WiFi.

ExpressVPN also does not keep logs of user activity. Hi Jeffrey, Thanks for your question. ExpressVPN provides server locations in over 87 countries. For more information, you can take a look at this page from ExpressVPN. Thank you for your question. To learn more about the service, check out this article. ExpressVPN also has a comprehensive guide to protecting your financial privacy while using Bitcoin. You can read the guide here. Hi Jan, Thanks for your question. The VPN will work, but its speed is likely to be decreased.

For additional information, this article provides more detail about using a VPN with your satellite internet. Andrew I have never streamed a tv show or a movie. I do love to download books will this allow me to do this and be protected? My ISP is Comcast. A few weeks ago I received my first warning email from them.

Comcast is really starting to go after torrenters. Just a few a month sometimes even less, sometimes way less. Andrew I should have using a VPN long ago. I feel pissed at myself for putting myself out there like that. Is it too late for me? Thanks for your help. My son tends to stream movies on his tablet my old Android tablet. What I noticed was that our isp info was tracked and logged.

Would VPNExpress be a way to block this. You can get a great signup offer on ExpressVPN right here. I have Kodi on a firestick. However, the most likely cause of the poor streaming quality is the sheer number of people trying to access such EPL streams. I hope that helps. How can I find out if Express vpn will work with my router. I want to be able to use it on 3 computers, 2 laptops and 1 desk top all windows Any advice will be appreciated. Any ideas on how to navigate it? Have you tried trouble shooting?

You can take a look at this support page from ExpressVPN , which will take you through the troubleshooting process for your blocked website. Its been troubleshooted way too many times to count. One thing I hate is false advertising. I suggest your techs figure out why FanDuel techs are beating the process.

Either that or we might have to accept this is second rate software. Being new to using a VPN how many devices can this be used on. Is there a restriction on where you can access this from and how many devices? Lots of questions sorry but want to do it right first time. Another option is to set up the VPN on your router. To get started with ExpressVPN, click here.

Alternatively, if you want a VPN provider that offers more simultaneous connections, VyperVPN is a good choice, and it gives you 10 connections at once! Click here to get started. Hi Jun, Thanks for reaching out with your question. I have a Blackberry and windows phone by Nokia Lumia are these supported devices. My friend told me that if I get a 1 year subscription is it true I get extra 3 months service? Looking forward for your reply and thank you kindly. ExpressVPN should be compatible with both phones.

Download from below button Connect internet connection for short time Disable security running programs Install the software and open the expressvpn.

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