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My Kitchen Rules season 7 episode 18
Moviegoers will taste the dishes and vote for their favourite meals. It's educational, idea insperational, and Family friendly! Reports the news as it is. David is having a disaster with burnt rice - BurntRiceNotNice — and they need to start again. But things are looking up for the couple. Coles Family Meal T

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Channel 7 has canned its new reality TV cooking show, replacing it with cat videos

Next is the mushroom crepes feat. Colin calls it "beige" and "simple" but what he means is "boring" and "sloppy. You get the feeling the battle will be won and lost in the mains, so this next bit matters.

David already seems stressed; he's sweating a lot and keeps saying "Let's hustle. Betty does a last minute check on the fish to check it's cooked, turns out its not — she's freaking out. It's a sprint as both teams rush to plate up and the food looks pretty average.

The fish is faulty and the judges are unimpressed. As for the venison, well the girls have actually done well this time. It's cooked well and the sauce is spot on. Round two to Bek and Ash and dessert will be the decider. David and Betty are doing chilli salt fruits with two sorbets — because why do one when you can do two? And Bek and Ash are serving up biscotti with pistachio ice cream. Everyone's waiting to see what David will burn this time.

I reckon his bridges with Betty…. They also share their foodie 'lingo': Why they need a nickname for fresh apple juice is anyone's guess. Another man says a ravioli dish served to him wasn't what he expected, based on what he knows from buying his ravioli from "Coles and all that before". He does know he's on a cooking show, right?

Another eager contestant provides the entertainment at the dinner table, sniffing and practically drooling over the food placed in front of him. Even Manu does an impression. Then there's a lot of dancing, for some reason, and Pete Evans declares an unspecified dish "absolutely delicious". S1 streaming until 31 Dec S1 episodes streaming until 31 Dec S1 streaming until 4 Nov S1 episodes streaming until 4 Nov S streaming until 31 Dec S8 episodes streaming until 31 Dec S1 streaming until 31 Aug S1 streaming until 15 Oct S streaming until 30 Oct S6 episodes streaming until 30 Oct S1 streaming until 30 Sep S1 streaming until 1 Oct S streaming until 8 Sep S streaming until 16 Jan S1 streaming until 20 May S1 episodes 1 and streaming until 20 May The Trip To Spain.

S3 streaming until 31 Dec

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