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Is the caller and the reciever paying the same time for a sinle call? You already said your friend isn't tech savvy. Thank you for your help! Calls, Chats and Contacts. I live in Spain and have my android phone call another whatsapp user on my contact list without my knowledge. Users can now send multiple videos at once — which can each be cropped and rotated from within the messaging app.

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WhatsApp rolls out MAJOR iPhone update – includes long-rumoured FREE international calls

But this coworker of mine was somehow charged while using whatsapp and placing an international call. Is it possible to call someone who's not using whatsapp using the whatsapp calling option? If so, that's probably what happened. I have never been charged either, I use it frequently. That's what im thinking, I know when I look though my contacts on my Iphone my Whats app friends will show in their as well especially if they have their phone number verified.

I'm thinking she saw them in her contacts and thought maybe it would automatically launch Whats app and call. Still thought being she called in, I'm surprised the rep did not just give her a credit for the amount since it was an honest mistake.

While the "texts" through whatapp may be data, it may not be data for phone calls. Google Voice did something similar, where to make a call, you dialed an actual number owned by google and then it fowarded your call on to whatever international number you called. It was "free" from your carrier because you were dialing a US number, but google did in some cases charge you depending on what country you called. Perhaps WhatsApp has a similar set up where it just straight up dials another country and that's how she got charged I'll download what'sapp and play with the phone call feature to see if i can figure it out.

That's definitely a data call, you don't have the option to dial a number at all. There's no way that's right. It's not my issue, but what my coworker passed to me was exactly what the T-Mobile rep explained. If you're on T-Mobile towers, and make an international whatsapp 2 whatsapp phone call, you will get billed extra. If you take your phone off the towers and use data via wifi, there is no charge. Did the person they called also have whatsapp. Whatsapp to whatsapp uses data, whatsapp to phone number contact may have bounced over to the dialer?

Unless that changed yesterday.. I have been making calls all year and last one I made was on Tuesday. Looking at my bill I am not seeing any extra charges. Are you on T-Mobile?

I should also add she's been doing this for years and this is the first time she's had this charge. Well, care to call T-Mobile and ask them what their policy is? Maybe we can find out what's going on. The person probably butt dialed like my wife did since WhatsApp has you add international numbers to the phone contact list.

They just need to add a block of international dialing, you have to call for it, to prevent it. It only works if there international call isn't starting with country code 1. I also call internationally and don't get charged. I use whatsapp but I'm on Verizon's network. He confirmed, they are. I'm a bot, bleep , bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:. Data charges may apply.

WhatsApp Calling is rolling out slowly over the next several weeks. Share photos, videos, and links right to WhatsApp from other apps. Quick camera button in chats: Now you can capture photos and videos, or quickly choose a recent camera roll photo or video.

Edit your contacts right from WhatsApp. Send multiple videos at once and crop and rotate videos before sending them. Our understanding is that Whatsapp or any other app from phone will use data when there is no wi-fi. Surprisingly this month also we see a hefty charge in our cell phone bill for International calling.

This time it was to another known number. When we called our service provider , they asked us a series of questions. We were very surprised to learn this in a hard way. The customer service representative asked us to check the rules of these apps before we use them and they cannot do anything about it. I wanted to share this with you all so you can be more careful. If you set auto pay for your cell phone bills , please take a look at it to see if there is a spike in your charges.

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