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Just because Fire Country isn't blessed enough to be home to anything other than livestock! She's had a bit of soft spot for him ever since. Kiyomi was the Leaf kunoichi currently suffocating the Iwa nin against the side of her chest. She laughed louder as his face grew redder.

Sakura worried that the Exchange Programme was going to end before she even got to the hidden village. She looked to be in her teens, though it was hard to be certain as she was wearing a heavily layered outfit from head to toe. Her head and hair were covered to obscure most of her face, giving the impression of a very timid person. His ego is very fragile. Kiyomi snorted and opened her arms, giving Yuuji a hearty clap on the shoulder as he stumbled forward.

Sakura followed their conversation curiously. She didn't understand how these people acted so carefree around one another. For as long as she could remember, the Leaf and the Stone had always been enemies. How did Kiyomi treat someone who tried to kill her in such a friendly manner? And added, "despite what your military and government leadership tells you The group continued moving, but Sakura still didn't understand Yamato's words.

Shinobi were different from regular people; that's how she knew it to be. They carried out orders and did their duty no matter what. Friendships had nothing to do with it. Not that Kiyomi or Yuuji would have agreed with that. As they walked the last part of the trip which was by far the hottest , the "old pals" acted easily in each other's presence. The Leaf kunoichi continued to torture the 'Great White Ram' of Iwa, but it was obvious in his theatrical responses that he was actually quite fond of the attention.

Sakura resolved to stay as professional as possible during her time in Iwa. If only Sasuke could see her now; surely he would have been amazed at her beautiful, dignified appearance —.

Though, you should be more careful, leaving yourself open to an attack like that! Such a shame, these Konoha nin don't know how to train their ranks. Iwa nin were absolutely unreasonable and like unruly children, she decided, but she wouldn't let them get to her. Yuuji appeared at Sakura's side. Sakura started to shake her head, as a polite way to decline, but her escort answered for her.

A clearance check, as Sakura discovered, was nothing of the 'appropriate' sort. Her entire body had been prodded, stretched, and scrutinised in every fashion possible. If she hadn't known better, she would have sworn she was being screened before entering prison. But in the end, thankfully, the Iwa shinobi and medics declared her to be perfectly healthy and completely harmless. Which actually didn't seem such a positive evaluation result considering her chosen profession.

Oh yes, how the Bingo Book would love to have her listed in its pages: Not that she would ever be the Bingo Book. Missing nin were not in her area of interest, let alone being one. Distractedly, she wondered what was the book that ranked the non-missing nin of the villages? A cheat list of statistics, or something Sakura would be entering the building by herself, after her team picked up her exchange partner, and meeting her sensei with the Tsuchikage.

One was a finely dressed woman who immediately caught Sakura's attention, both for her looks, and her charming voice.

Nice to meet you. I'm Otsuka Tomiko, Iwa's diplomatic liaison for Konohagakure. Otsuka smiled and then motioned to the boy standing beside her, the one labelled 'Pebble' by Kiyomi. He'll be training in Konoha while you're here.

It was difficult for Sakura to greet Teru with a straight face; the boy had a mane. His features were otherwise normal, dark red hair, a symmetrical face, light eyes But around his neck was a thick, fluffy collar of what looked like fur or some sort of animal hair. She could see the roots from where they started at the bottom of his neck. Perhaps it was the result of his clan having some sort of animal affiliation? How could he possibly survive in this heat, she thought.

Your sensei has decided to go ahead and wait for you there as a more formal meeting. A few more words and explanations were given, which Sakura studiously memorized, but all too soon her escort was preparing to leave and the situation suddenly started to weigh down on her. She was in a foreign ninja village and about to say goodbye to her only allies that she would see for the next year. Despite having wanted to punch the man previously, Sakura was now sorely tempted to hug Yamato as he good-naturedly pet her head.

His warm smile was somehow less annoying as he said goodbye, wishing her luck. With little fuss or circumstance, as shinobi were prone to do, the Leaf nin left; Yuuji and his pupil again transporting them out. Except for Otsuka, who cleared her throat demurely to catch Sakura's attention. Your sensei will be the one to show you your housing. Unlike Konoha, which was architecturally and stylistically busy, Iwagakure didn't have much to offer in such areas. Stone domes, stone spirals. There were remnants of what looked like masterful carvings, but years of neglect and environmental abuse had dulled any beauty that may have been.

Which was why she couldn't help her mouth from falling open when they entered the Kage's building. Sakura had never seen so many luxurious materials in one place before.

The entire entryway was carved stone and gleaming from polish, the ceiling was an extensive, shining painting, the candelabras were gold, the carpets were antiques of rare aesthetics. Every surface was something remarkable. Sakura didn't know how a military operation could ever function in such an environment. Even the staircase banister was finished with gold leaf. Otsuka smiled, tight in the expression. Blushing, and just as quietly, "it's a little extravagant. After several flights of stairs, they came to the top floor.

It was painted in rich colours and very pristine, with art lining the walls, and crystal chandeliers segmenting the single hallway. There was a set of ornately designed doors at the end.

Please contact me any time if something concerns you. Take care and good luck! Then Sakura was really alone. Well, if she discounted the surveillance cameras she was certain were now recording her every move from a dozen angles. She gazed down the corridor, worried for the first time about her lack of back up. Not that she could let the shinobi watching her see her hesitation. Sakura ordered her feet to move forward.

The doors were heavy when she tried to open them, and she felt a bit clumsy when she tugged on them rather forcefully and ended up making a nice amount of commotion. On their other side, she realised, was a small waiting room and another entrance to the actual office of the Tsuchikage.

There was a guard stationed to its side and he gave her a questioning look at her unsubtle arrival. The guard, who was almost as young as she was, smirked at her. You are a Leaf shinobi, yeah. The demure pretence she had been attempting to recapture deflated as she gave the guard a challenging look. It was a painful moment more before she reminded herself of dignity and refinement.

She cleared her throat, trying to match Otsuka's reserved manner. She ignored his comment and stated her business. Another muscle twitch, well on its way to becoming a spasm. Should I just wait here for my sensei? It was a fake sort of expression, but Sakura took a seat on one of the couches nonetheless. She shrugged off her pack, glad to be rid of it, and rubbed gingerly at her shoulders and raw collar bones. The guard's lips twisted just oddly enough to be somewhat off-putting compared to a normal smile.

It was while she was considering him so closely that she realised he was familiar; it occurred to her that she'd seen this same person earlier, when she had first arrived. Sakura gasped, instantly scandalised.

With some effort, she managed to keep calm enough to ask the guard for his name. Sakura would commit his name to memory in order to find him later and take out revenge. Wanting to share a less than friendly gesture, thinking better of it, Sakura snorted and turned away from him to frown out the window.

The sun was already starting to set and she wondered how much longer she would have to wait for her new team leader to appear. Looking for a distraction, she decided to search through her scrolls for a book to read.

Sakura continued going through her things, trying to keep everything in order while she located her stored literature. The intended effect was nil. Deidara perked up at her answer. A bookworm or something? She sniffed, pretending to be very busy with the bag she was looking through.

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