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how do you change windows to apple?
Well, Win10 is due to be released soon, so articles like this promoting the brand seems the expected thing to see in blogs everywhere. Frustrated that Apple does tight architecture. Click the Drivers tab. This is the gigabyte minimum flash drive that you'll use to install macOS High Sierra on your computer. Windows computers with macOS installed on them are called "Hackintoshes".

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In that case, you need Windows in order to install and run that program. In that case, you need Windows for the optimum gaming experience. In all these examples, you probably only need to use Windows every now and then, or just for short periods each day.

On the other hand, each of the methods for running Windows on your Mac that I talk about in this chapter is entirely free although you might also need a copy of Windows, so be sure to add that into your budget. When you boot in Windows, you have a fully functional Windows PC on your hands. It will probably outperform many dedicated Windows machines, too. This option is great because it enables you to run Windows and its applications on your Mac.

However, this method has one significant flaw: You have to restart your computer each time you want to switch from Mac to Windows and then back again. If you run Windows applications only rarely, this might not be so bad, but if you regularly run a couple of Windows applications, you waste a lot of time restarting the computer. To run Windows on a Mac, you do have to purchase a full copy of Windows 7 to install whether you use Boot Camp or a virtualization application.

The cost for this varies depending on the version of Windows you purchase and how you purchase it. The second option is to use virtualization software. This approach provides a virtual environment also called a virtual machine or VM in which you install and run Windows.

Because the virtualization software is just another application running on the Mac, you can switch to it as easily as moving to any open Mac application. So, you can leave Windows running all the time and jump into it when you need it.

This makes using Windows much more convenient than the Boot Camp option. Additionally, popular virtualization software is available free on Lion, although you might want to purchase a commercial alternative if you require support.

Double-click the PearPC file that you downloaded. This automatically extracts the contents of the file onto your local hard drive. When the dialog box asks you to choose a location, select your desktop. Create a disk image of your Mac OS X installation disk.

You must own the original installation disk to comply with all legal requirements of installing the Mac operating system. Insert the Mac OS X installation disk into your PC or Mac and open it with a commercial disk copier program such as Nero or Toast or the standard disk utility software that is included in your computer.

Save the disk image to your PearPC installation folder. Open the PearPC program file that you saved to your Desktop. Follow the installation prompts. Do not close the dialog box until the installation is complete.

Double-click the Mac OS X icon on your desktop. Follow the Mac OS X installation prompts in the dialog box that appears. The installation disk image is working from within the PearPC emulator software and will function in the exact manner as it would if it was running natively on Mac hardware.

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