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Time Warner Cable Corporate Office
Never showed up and when I called They did not have a record of me. I again have no internet. The deal, and officially filed on February 11, , [35] [37] employed a merger structure in which each original company merged into a newly created entity. We recommend you review the help or user manual provided with your device for instructions. There is always creative and colorful costuming and makeup for each dance piece. My husband runs his business at home and has to have high speed Internet and also I have a son in the military in Japan and the Internet is my only communication with him so we are in desperate need of help.

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Well, bottom line is she refused to override my unauthorized payment. I get more courtesy by calling in the middle of the night. I wish I was computer literate to switch my smart tv to netfix, etc…and keep the WiFi.

Not what I want but I am tired of dealing with ruthless stupidity. Time Warner is nasty all the way around. Today I had to go to the local branch to return an Internet modem. The problen i faced was something that has been an issue for years.

Only 2 persons taking care of the costumers. The office was full of people waiting in line. I went there, I took my numer it was and they were otending the costumer I honestly believe that this issue is disrespecting its costumers, and abusing their staff. Neither I believe that a company that can affort to have costumers aiting in line to do business there is a company that is facing any finantial struggle. I do believe that this way of disrespect to the costumers as making them wait for hours in line due to the fact that they are under stuff itonly happen in a community like this one where most of population is poor, hispanic and undereducated.

I am bringing this issue with the hope that a coorporate director may put a stop to such irregularity that happen in this branch at El Centro Ca. I truly hope to see a change and a follow up to my request of having this local branch monitored so they can serv us your costumers to have a more pleasent experience when we need to go to do business with you Thanks. Today I had to go to the local branch to returm an Internet modem.

Legal Department Approximately two or three years ago a representative of your company installed your wires across my property to an adjacent street without permission. I was not at home, and I did not notice these wires which were hidden by trees until this month when one became so low that it can be toughed from the ground, My neighbor witnessed this but assumed they had my permission. Obviously, this was illegal. I have called once, been to your store twice with requests for their removal.

I am told they will be removed at a specific time, but that has not happened. The house to which they are run no longer has your service. How much trouble could it be to put up the same ladder that installed them and remove them?. Again, your wires are illegally going across my front year.

I am trying to avoid legal action which will result in a judgement for me, expense for you as you reimburse me for the court cost and damages, and your having to do what you should have done in the first place. I can be contacted at XXXX if further information is needed.. To say I have been receiving extremely bad cable service and even worse customer service, is an understatement!

It happened at 8: I was in the circle and the TWC truck came plowing right into the circle without any regard for any other traffic. Luckily I had good reflexes and was able to slam on the brakes to avoid being crushed by his van. The number on the back of the truck was This guy should have his license taken away. One of these days he IS going to kill someone.

But knowing TWC as I have come to know them, I doubt anyone will read this let alone do something about it. I tried calling TWC, but the company is so screwed up, there was no one to contact.

One person I actually did speak with said that because of the high volume of calls the HR department was receiving, they stopped taking calls all together! We have been customers of Time Warner Cable for over 16 years and have always paid our bill on time. Our service has been less than acceptable to say the least. Our volume goes out consistently on certain channels and our box has failed twice.

Every so often our bill is increased with our an acceptable explanation. We spoke to the local Customer Service with out any offer to help us. We then spoke to Customer Retention which was even less help which does not make any sense.

We would like to stay with TMC but we have been given more reasons to leave than to stay. I would think that you would want to keep loyal customers than to offer new unestablished customer a far better deal.

We are now asking that someone in the Corporate Office extend some assistance to us. The employee I spoke with Unique, who is a supervisor at the call center by the way, and her UserID is in case anyone else has as much trouble getting it as I did. This was the absolute worst customer service call I have ever taken part in! She never answered my questions, she was loud and rude, and she kept talking all over me. An agent named Jeremiah and another supervisor Jesse also work in the same department.

They were awesome and very helpful! They answered all my questions and had excellent customer service skills! As a retired US Marine CWO I am writing to TWC to convey my utter disgust with your company and to express my embarrassment for your company for you un-patriotic firing of the Marine, my Brother in arms and your former employee!

It is this liberal attitude in America that is destroying it from the inside out, you are disgusting and you should be ashamed.

You should consider moving your headquarters to a country more inline with your way of thinking about America and its values, why not try Iraq or Afghanistan, they would be honored to have you!

Marine lowers the U. Flag on Memorial Day at one of your office centers and you fired him? Shame on you Time Warner. I am demanding you fire the jackass that fired that U. Marine employee of yours. What kind of pinko commies are you? Of course, a flag at half-staff on Memorial Day is acceptable.

In fact, it should be required. You should apologize to he and all service members, past and present. TWC is the worst company out there and rank up there with bill collectors. Their customer service is horrid and they go as far as lie to get business. Stay away if possible! Called and did an online chat for a reconnect for internet. We were told that the self install kit was the way to go.

I wanted TWC to check ALL external lines to see if everything was hooked up or still active so when we picked up the modem, the install would go right thru. I waited 2 days and picked up the modem. I hooked it up and nothing. I tried calling next. After 10 minutes on hold and 20 minutes with a CSR, nothing. I was sent back to the automated service!

They have made no strides to improve ANY aspect of their customer service, they now have agents lying to consumers about their service tactics for sales and they STILL have no clue how to operate as a business! They care nothing about the consumer, just about the almighty dollar. In the end, I hope and pray that they disappear into the corporate abyss.

My hope is that the FCC and other governmental agencies get wind of their practices which I will forward and that they pay for what they put consumers through. Another tech would come and say I needed a new modem. They would switch the equipment and leave. No trouble shooting the lines, no drop certification, no confirmation of rates or even a required signature or acknowledgment of services received which was strange. Well, after struggling with my services and going back and forth with customer service, I decided to give TWC one last chance to rectify my issue.

A technician arrived at my home and discovered an open port 3 way splitter inside the closet I have inside wiring. He removed the splitter and tightened all fittings and it seemed to fix my problem. My original internet tier was 50mps but when I spoke to a rep, she stated that because I was having so many problems, they offered a FREE upgrade to mbs. I noticed I was not getting anything remotely close to that off wifi OR Ethernet. Out of frustration, I agree to leave the mbs speed on.

Had a tech go to the house, and he fixed the issue. I called customer service to find out why was I still having issues and this is the part that blew my mind. A rep told me that my internet service was reduced to an ELP! No one can answer me who changed it or why? Well that was the last straw. I called to cancel my services and demanded to speak to a supervisor. The rep could not answer any of my questions and became confrontational and rude.

She stated that it would take a few minutes to execute and to reboot the boxes and the rates should be there. But they never changed! I continued with the same missing channels and slow internet speeds I never agreed for. I called again, this time I would NOT speak to anyone but a supervisor and it felt like pulling teeth! After some more investigation and looking further into my acct, all I got was an apology but no solution. I was offered a package of mbs and HBO Showtime and Epix and multi room dvr but the price was still to high considering all the trouble I was put through!

The rep stated that her supervisor was listening on the other end but he would not pick up the phone to speak to me and instead chose the easy route and hid behind his headphones while the rep struggled to rectify any irreconcilable damages they might have caused. I decided to no longer deal with this headache and chose to leave TWC once my billing cycle was over.

I write to you because I work for a competing cable service provider myself. Your supervisors who were not properly trained to own up to their mistakes and not speak to me but were listening to my problems, even after threatening to leave, they were more than happy to shut off my services right there and then instead of owning to their mistakes and making it right!

I write this letter in hopes of getting someone to help me but I somehow doubt that I would ever be contacted back. I was with twc for 2yrs. For a month and a half I had to deal with poor device and top of that I had one of my cell phones connected to the WiFi and it discounted and occurred overages one cell phone bill. Is their anything that I can do to get them to compensate me for my phone bill due their equipment that caused the overages in the first place. I had an install date set for the 25th and they cancelled it due to no 3rd party verification.

So my husband calls back livid about it and they want to schedule it for the 28th completely unacceptable. So I have talked to 3 different supervisors and the office of the president for TW and still absolutely no help.

They just want to give me to another person. I feel like I am in the hot potato game. I may just say screw them and get rid of cable completely. I gave the right phone number and the right address. And who the hell do they think pays the bill? And to think I wanted to up my services. Now I want to cancel completely. The rep told me to just go to the store and get it straightened out. Not to mention that TW was completely dead in the water all last night. Nothing like being completely down on election night.

Way to go TW. We tried to change the account to my name. Can this company have worse customer service? Can it get worse? Trying to cancel cable because I have had enough of the run around. I have to drive an hour to drop off the cable box at the nearest store. Cannot ship like like Comcast allows, and TW will not pick it up. Is it any wonder people hate cable companies?

I had twc install services late last year. They knew my pay schedule. I went to change it to coinside with my benefits. I have had service with TWC for 2 years now with no problems at all. First they say they came and tried to call to install but I get no such call. The scheduled time comes and goes I call customer service again and they say he called but no answer so I ask what he called they tell me the wrong yet again I have fixed that 6 times since then and every time they fail to save it or what ever they do.

I am not paying for this cause they now have me at 2 locations. With no service at either. Lies after lies after lies. How do they stay in business like this? I will give them 1 more chance tomorrow but if they lie to me again I will be fileing a lawsuit on them. All my calls are recorded right? So tired of TWC. This company needs to be sued for deceptive advertising. What a bunch of lies. What they fail to tell consumers is that their residential grade routers can only support about 10 devices.

I have 19 in my home. After about a year of switching equipment, numerous tech support calls, data overage charges on my 7 cell phones due to them not being able to connect to wireless at home, that was what I uncovered. When I brought this fact up…the tech could do nothing but agree.

I plan on contacting every level of management until I reach Peter C Stern because I deserve an explanation. I signed up since i felt bundle with reward money was not a bad offer. I called up after 90 days and asked if i am supposed to activate my reward and i was told everything is taken care of and i need to have my service for 6 months and i will get a visa card in mail.

After 6 months i called back and they tell me that there was no deal and they cannot give me any reward card. I asked how can they promise me twice and deny it, and also requested to go back to my recorded phone conversation, the guy came back and tells me that they purged the recordings and there is no reward for me. They cannot find 6 month or a 3 month old conversation, sounds like a scam to me. Now after 6 months there is no reward and i paid for services which i never needed.

This is not correct. My issue has finally been resolved. Reading these comments is very disheartening. I absolutely hate this company. Unfortunately I can only have Time Warner where I live. I literally have to call every month with an issue. I lived in the same apartment complex and transferred into a different apartment back in November of Once I got settled in, my cable and internet was not working.

Once the tech got out there he told me that he could not fix the issue and they were going to have to send someone else out. He showed up 3 days later, at an earlier time than what I had requested I had to leave work and was almost late to a meeting to meet him to tell me that the first guy could have fixed it.

Now I have a huge cable outlining my whole apartment because the only outlet he could use is in my bedroom. After this was resolved, I came back home that afternoon to find that cable and internet was not working again!

Somehow, they disconnected my cable and internet. So once again, I had to call them to complain and see what was going on. I ended up getting transferred to someone else who finally got it fixed.

Oh boy, another call to Time Warner! Since my service got disconnected I lost the promotion that I had received in exchange of not cancelling with them.

They proceeded to tell me that it was only a 10 month promotion and it has expired. I got questioned about what channels I watch, if I make calls on a house phone, and what I do with the internet. I gave them the answers, they make my bill a little smaller than it was. So now it is March, and I call to cancel my cable and just have internet.

Same price for just internet as it would be for my channels and movie channels that I never watch. Since I need internet, I have finally surrendered to you Time Warner. I am done complaining…until most likely next month when I have another problem with my service or bill. I have called more than 6 times. I get charged I will be uploading a video to my youtube account to tell everyone of my , followers never to go to twc. Their servers are always dropping.

I am going to report to the property authorities. It is also helpful to report with your local New Stations. I have been told by 2 customer support persons that they see that I canceled, however, am still going to have to pay since they did not stop the billing.

The level of customer service from Time Warner employees is much to be desired. It took me over two monts, countless phone calls and finally a call to Corporate office before I finally got results. I am facing this same issue again, just to add phone lines to my account. It appears that their standard of customer service is not a priority and no One takes responsibility or ownership to resolve, communicate to the customer. Unfortunately, there are not other options for service in my area so I am stuck.

I discourage anyone from dealing with TWC. They are nice when you sign on the all goes to pot after. Take names, number she dealing with the,.

Frustrating to o say the least. Come to find out I was signed up for it on Oct. So I find out that I do not get the gift card because my account was past due in Oct. I will repost on the outcome. Please beware of the Sales reps. I was a Ariel and under ground lineman for 18 years main lines, I went on my own got bucket truck underground machine, call over 30 offices not one person could give me a construction name and number for contact make you wonder if you got main lines Down they have no one to contact to fix problem unprofessional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, I have been calling since October once my services were connected to receive the redemption code. I had early termination fees from my previous and I feel lied to. If I never received that call from Time Warner Cable I never would have disconnected my services early.

I am extremely disappointed and come to find out that the day I had my services connected the rewards center declined the rewards. The customer service agent and the supervisor were telling me that there was nothing they could do to assist me, but tell me I am no longer eligible. I have never felt so deceived by a company. I am completely disappointed by Time Warner Cable and seriously considering disconnecting my services. They did the same thing to me.

I have been charged for 2 cable boxes that I have never had. I called to try and get this situation resolved. They wrote a ticket. They used whatever application they had to check and confirm that in the 4 years that they can go back that there has never been a cable box hooked up at this residence. I was told that there would be no problem resolving this situation. I was never called back.

I know this sounds unbelievable, but the second day that I was on the phone with them for 5 hours and got most of these odd excuses, was told many things that I know to be untrue, and was passed around in customer service land like a ball on a playground, I have it all recorded on the lovely new phone that my son got for me. I got them when I moved into this house in Nov. I got them in July of This is very unusual, they normally catch this before a year passes.

I got them, now mind you one of the boxes is an HD box when my husband and I moved into our other home in That this is just an auditors mistake in September. They have to go and check the warehouse to see if the boxes are there From ? That Wednesday I was told that the ticket was not submitted properly and would be resolved in days. I believe that I have been paying for it.

I never saved my bills. But, I always paid through my banks bill payment service and have a record of what I paid. I was supposed to be sent those bills. I never got them. Instead, that very same day they resent me only the bill from November, the only bill I do have. That this scenario may involve a lot more customers and I feel like I am getting the run-a-round in hopes that I drop this. Sorry, not going to happen. Time Warner, please understand this, if this involves me, it makes me wonder how many other people does this effect?

They keep a record and when sufficient complaints have been logged, might actually do something. I have been a TW customer for over 11 years. The final insult is the phone. Customer service reps are a reflection of the company they work for.

I read other comments. We have all been treated with disrespect couched in the lie of the day. Like sun spots that last for six months. I live in a hurricane zone, so I just think cable makes more sense. I will continue to fight. They issue credits sometimes. Or a service that works. I am trying to set up service as a first time customer and used you chat feature.

She hung up on me. My caller ID showed , when I called back I got a kindly woman who said time Warner is illegally using her business number as caller ID and gave me the So I asked for a supervisor, Mike said NO! How can I not be permitted to speak with a supervisor? This is your customer service? I am not even a customer yet and this is how I am treated?

All I wanted was to ask for same week installation and not have to wait 7 days. I was humiliated, spoken down to, blown off and treated with total disrespect. It is a very sad day when Cincinnati Bell customer service looks god to me.

I again have no internet. It was blamed on my Cisco router that cost a lot more than the stupid router. I work for a computer company and bought a good one at cost so that I would have good coverage in my entire house. Let TWC set up their modem for wireless to prove a point and I am still right. This Supposed tech rep was trying to tell me that the network adapters in my desktop and my laptop were not working right.

I tried to get her to understand that there is no way both of them went bad when they were working just fine. LOL She kept trying to tell me that was the problem. I hung up on her. So any way i did the speed test oocla and was getting 29 Down and 20 up when I should have up. I was going through the Fullerton server. Then I changed to the Diamondbar server and went back to great speeds. May be you might want to check up on that server. I hear you have been having a lot of problems there.

Could save you from loosing customers. I am sick and tired of my internet going out. I have been a customer over 4 years now. I pay my bill every month on time.

I have had nothing but problems over a year now. I have been through at least 5 modems. Check the notes on my account. I have a new years resolution can you guess what it is? Let me give you a hint. It has some thing to do with my internet company. Either fix the problem or loose me as a customer. I got time warner cable in July after 2 weeks I cancelled my cable and went to Dish. I have been having issues with my bill since August.

No one returns calls and the representatives are always dropping the call. My Internet was disconnected this month because my I was being over charged. I spoke with a manager yesterday and they gave me a credit for all the charges I shouldnt have been charged. Every person I come across I will make sure that they do not get Time Warner.

I am also going to call the better busines bureau and report this sorry company!!!! This business will not last and I cant wait until they go out of business! I was told I would get a reward card of for signing up for the intelligent home. If your smart stay away from time warner not to mention i have called 4 times before and nor knew once told me anything about the program or contract!!!

Time Warner systematically conspires to overcharge its customers turning them over to a debt collector. The elderly are particularly vulnerable and disproportionately victimized. The 2nd supervisor acknowledged the error although he said it had not be turned over to collections despite the fact that I had the documentation in my possession. Time Warner cable and internet is without a doubt the worst service available.

Called today, a service problem, got disconnected, count em, 5 times. I have to use them because of my homowners. If you have any choice stay away from them. The customer service that I have endured with TWC is by far the worse customer service that I have ever experienced. My initial goal for today was to downgrade my services.

You inform me that no matter what I cancel, the bill will remain the same because I have a package deal. I patiently listened to the customer service representative but when I started to speak or ask a question, the representative talked over me and was very condescending. I requested to speak with a supervisor and you tell me that you are unable to get me a supervisor because you can handle everything yourself. They have access to everything that you have access to. If I requested a supervisor then this means that I do not want to speak to you anymore.

I inquired how I could file a complaint, you said that I could take the survey or go through corporate but you do not have any information for corporate nor have I received this so called survey yet. My goal after today, move all my services over to another company or companies whose customer service has to be way better than TWC.

Time Warner customer service is horrible. We have cut ties with Time Warner as of September 23 of this year. I got a call in October telling me I owed them and then again in November telling me that I owed them a ton of money for services and they were coming to disconnect my service. I have spent over 20 hours on the phone with every one from local to corporate office.

I have made numerous trips to the local store with no success. The corporate office always leads me back to one woman whose believes that she is God. She is the most disrespectful, most condescending person I have ever talked to. I am livid and reporting to BBB as well as writing letter to every board member that appears on their website.

I am so happy to be rid of Time Warner and hopefully get this resolved. Still a customer but after today I will cancel my service and advise anyone that has Time Warner do the same. I tried to return it. I spoke to two people about this and neither will help me or clear it off my account. Zack Employee number E told me sorry pay your bill. I will be taking my business somewhere else. They have terrible attitudes and are a poor excuse of a communications company.

I strongly suggest you do the same, especially after being a loyal customer for so many years!!!! Shame on you Time Warner!!!!! I live in Peshtigo Wisconsin. When i call to get cable they keep telling me that there is no cable service at this address and that google maps does not show a house here. How lazy a stupid can people be to just look it up on google maps.

I have been a long time customer of Time Warner. For years we have the same problems, usually fixed by rerunning the cable lines which should be down every few years just from wear and tear. Pixelated and freezing even on boxes that do not have a lot of recorded content. Internet and phone cutting in and out sometimes for months eventually just staying out. These lines run across the front of my house not only literally laying on the porch roof but ran in through the over grown pine tree next doors branches which just so happen to me laying on my roof.

Anyway the last tech refused to rerun the lines would not come back out after doing nothing not even basic maintenance to resolve the issue without charging us. Finally taking it upon myself to ask someone to remove the branches of a vacant house next door.

Anyway after 2 weeks of consistent phone and internet, I do a google search about whether or not branches effect cable service. To my surprise what I found was not the simple yes or no I was looking for. While I found nothing about cable lines and branches. My neighbor are stealing cable, They are tempering with the green cable boxes and hooking up services from others services.

The combination was short lived: In , Turner launched CNN , the first hour all-news network, redefining the way the world received breaking news. In January , Warner expanded their interests to baseball. Under the direction of Caesar P. The team's majority owner, John W. Galbreath , soon followed suit after learning of Warner's actions.

In , due to major losses spurred by subsidiary Atari Inc. It kept the rest of the company and named it Atari Games , eventually reducing it to just the Coin Division. In a long-expected deal, Warner Communications acquire Lorimar-Telepictures ; the acquisition was finalized on January 12, Plans to merge Time Inc. The court ruled twice in favor of Time, forcing Paramount to drop both the Time acquisition and the lawsuit, and allowing the two companies' merger, which was completed on January 10, US West partnered with Time Warner in to form what is now known as TW Telecom , initially known as Time Warner Communications also utilized as the brand name for cable operation previously under the ATC name , in order to bring telephone via fiber to the masses.

Comcast sold their stake in the company in , relegating the name to a subdivision under Time Warner Cable.

Not only did this result in the company in a way re-entering the basic cable television industry in regards to nationally available channels , but Warner Bros. Dick Parsons, already a director on the board since , was hired as Time Warner president in , although the division operational heads continued to report directly to Chairman and CEO Gerald Levin. In , HBO and Cinemax became the first premium pay services to offer multiplexing to cable customers, with companion channels supplementing the main networks.

Time Warner had been looking for a way to embrace the digital revolution, while AOL wanted to convert its stock price into tangible assets. The deal, and officially filed on February 11, , [35] [37] employed a merger structure in which each original company merged into a newly created entity. The Federal Trade Commission cleared the deal on December 14, , [38] and gave final approval on January 11, ; the company completed the merger later that day. The growth rate will be like an Internet company.

AOL would use Time Warner's high-speed cable lines to deliver to its subscribers Time Warner's branded magazines, books, music, and movies. This would have created million subscription relationships. However, the growth and profitability of the AOL division stalled due to advertising and loss of market share to the growth of high speed broadband providers. Although Case's coup attempt was rebuffed by Parsons and several other directors, Levin became frustrated with being unable to "regain the rhythm" at the combined company and handed in his resignation in the fall of , effective in May AOL Chairman and CEO Barry Schuler was removed from his position and placed in charge of a new "content creation division", being replaced on an interim basis by Pittman, who was already serving as the sole COO after Parsons' promotion.

Many expected synergies between AOL and other Time Warner divisions never materialized, as most Time Warner divisions were considered independent fiefs that rarely cooperated prior to the merger.

A new incentive program that granted options based on the performance of AOL Time Warner, replacing the cash bonuses for the results of their own division, caused resentment among Time Warner division heads who blamed the AOL division for failing to meet expectations and dragging down the combined company. AOL Time Warner COO Pittman, who expected to have the divisions working closely towards convergence instead found heavy resistance from many division executives, who also criticized Pittman for adhering to optimistic growth targets for AOL Time Warner that were never met.

Some of the attacks on Pittman were reported to come from the print media in the Time, Inc. Both Logan and Bewkes, who had initially opposed the merger, were chosen because they were considered the most successful operational executives in the conglomerate and they would report to AOL Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons.

AOL Time Warner Chairman Steve Case took on added prominence as the co-head of a new strategy committee of the board, making speeches to divisions on synergism and the promise of the Internet. However, under pressure from institutional investor vice-president Gordon Crawford who lined up dissenters, Case stated in January that he would not stand for re-election as executive chairman in the upcoming annual meeting, making CEO Richard Parsons the chairman-elect.

Case resigned from the Time Warner board on October 31, This would leave a smaller company made up of Turner Broadcasting, Warner Bros.

Its distribution operation, Outright Distribution, was folded into Warner Bros. In May , Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group acquired Flixster , [59] a movie discovery application company.

The acquisition also includes Rotten Tomatoes , a movie review aggregator. In June , Time Warner acquired Alloy Entertainment , a publisher and television studio whose works are aimed at teen girls and young women. The property was placed under the control of the Turner Sports division. The transaction was completed on June 6, The move will be completed in Time Warner's CNN unit would have been sold to ease antitrust issues of the purchase.

On February 15, , Time Warner shareholders approved the merger. In the wake of the presidency of US President Donald Trump , Time Warner's ownership of CNN was considered a potential source of scrutiny for the deal, as Trump has repeatedly criticized the network for how it has covered his administration , and stated during his campaign that he planned to block the acquisition because of the potential impact of the resulting consolidation.

Following his election, however, his transition team stated that the government planned to evaluate the deal without prejudice. On November 20, , the Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit over the acquisition; Delrahim stated that the deal would "greatly harm American consumers". Leon argued that the Department of Justice provided insufficient evidence that the proposed transaction would result in lessened competition. He also warned the government that attempting to obtain an appeal or stay on the ruling would be manifest unjust, as it would cause "certain irreparable harm to the defendants".

It was also announced that the Time Warner brand would be dropped in favor of the name WarnerMedia. On July 12, , the Department of Justice filed a notice of appeal with the D. Rodriguez is a movie producer serving as executive producer of two films in partnership with Franklin Entertainment and 20th Century Fox. With over 1 billion people watching around the world, Pastor Samuel Rodriguez read from Matthew Chapter 5 concluding his remarks by invoking the name of Jesus Christ. Yodit Tewolde is a nationally renowned criminal defense attorney and legal analyst.

Yodit has been a member of the Texas Bar since Since then, Yodit has dedicated her entire legal career to the practice of criminal law. After graduating law school, Yodit served as a law clerk for a state court judge. Soon thereafter, Yodit began working as an Assistant District Attorney with the Dallas County District Attorney's Office, where she learned the intricacies of criminal prosecution while honing her skills as a trial lawyer.

Following several years of prosecuting cases in both the adult and juvenile systems, Yodit transitioned over to criminal defense work. It wasn't long before Yodit was recognized as one of the nation's top lawyers under 40 by the National Bar Association. With an established career as a trial attorney and staunch advocate for criminal justice reform, Yodit's legal expertise has been an asset for media outlets. Yodit is also an Opinion Contributor for The Hill. Yodit earned her juris doctorate from Southern University Law Center.

Lisa Bevere has spent nearly three decades empowering women of all ages to find their identity and purpose. She is a New York Times bestselling author and internationally known speaker.

Lisa and her husband, John, are the founders of Messenger International, an organization committed to developing uncompromising followers of Christ who transform their world. The company's mission is "building the pathway to success and growth by aligning sound financial and organizational strategies". Mardenborough serves on a several of Boards of Directors of financial services organizations and with public and privately held businesses and non-profit organizations.

Money with Mardenborough is a weekly television show which airs every Saturday at 3: Vonni Guthrie is dedicated to the mission of advancing the common good through action, advocacy and education as the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Fundraise Her team works with churches and nonprofits in effectively managing people, programs and positioning.

Through the lens of philanthropy and best practice, they optimize opportunities, diversify resources and forge sustainable solutions. Her breath of knowledge is extensive with over 20 years of experience in the social sector, notably raising and managing millions in revenue. Vonni is a highly sought after industry teacher and keynote speaker whose riveting story of nonprofit child recipient turned nonprofit leader fuels her passion daily.

She is most proud of her role as wife to her husband, Andre, for over 20 years and mother to their 4 children. In this role, he provides direction and insight across all areas of service.

Andre is a master salesman, business strategist, telesales expert and technology aficionado. He began his career as a stock broker before leading an international tele-sales training initiative across India.

Andre is versed in various proven sales techniques including the Sandler Method of Sales and Dale Carnegie. His career success extends into the industries of finance, real estate, software sales, web design and digital marketing. He also owns a marketing and private equity fund. Andre has the innate ability to assess, analyze, apply and engage all parties to close deals.

Monique Pressley is a skilled trial attorney, television commentator, crisis manager, noted speaker, certified leadership trainer and ordained minister. She hosted the radio show, Breathe Through It with Monique Pressley, a webcast listened to weekdays around the world. Monique served on the U. Congressional staffs of Rep. Jack Brooks and Rep. She is also a sought-after speaker, bringing messages of empowerment to thousands across the United States.

An attorney by training, Michelle D. She is the author of Naming the Sin: Bernard holds a B. Yashima is a branding and communications expert for ministry, business and life. She is a sought after internationally traveled speaker, media personality, certified coach and consultant that specializes in leadership and communication strategy. Her ministry gift of Administration and heart for worship in addition to her diversified experience uniquely positions Dr.

Yashima utilizes her multifaceted skill set to leverage the largest African-American owned and targeted multi-media conglomerate in the country. Yashima is a University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business and Annenberg School of Communications graduate and holds a Doctorate of Divinity; in addition, two certifications in professional coaching and event management. Emmanuel AziLove and the proud mother of one son, Malachi. For more information on Dr. Yashima and her services visit www.

Catherine Brewton is one of the music industry's leading executives. With an ear for current trends as well as an appreciation of legacy artists, she is a trusted advocate for music's thriving creative community. Brewton and her staff create and participate in educational, networking and showcase events specifically designed to inform and elevate up-and-coming and established songwriters alike. In addition, Brewton is in final negotiations to publish a project close to her heart, "The Peacemaker of Charlotte: A true mentor, Brewton also develops the next generation of music executives at BMI and has cultivated a skilled and passionate staff.

Brewton has been recognized in top publications including Ebony magazine's "Power " issue and the Hollywood Reporter "10 Grammy Greats" spread.

Brewton has also been featured on the cover of Kontrol magazine's "8 th Anniversary Issue" as well as in Vibe magazine's "30 Awesome and Inspiring" list for Women's History Month in addition to being featured in Root magazine two years in a row as one of their "Top 20 Gospel Industry Power Players.

Brewton also attended the prestigious Harvard Business School for an executive management program. Stanley Brown is a music executive with over twenty five years of professional experience in all facets of the music industry. Additionally, he is an award winning and multi-platinum selling producer. As a producer and writer, Stanley has contributed to albums that have currently sold over 12 million albums to date in the United States, garnering over 20 Million albums sold worldwide.

In , Stanley founded Timeless Music Group. The company has worked with both recording artists and corporate clients. Stanley continues to be a visionary in the Christian music market and one of the most sought after producers in multiple music genres.

He embraced his true calling: After producing over 50 projects, Asaph has gained industry recognition through Grammy, Dove and Stellar Award nominations and honors. As a gifted and anointed vessel, Thaddaeus Tribbett is a phenomenal musical director, producer, song writer and Bassist.

His skills have conceived and contributed to numerous well-known timeless signature sounds. Tribbett has traveled the world creating infectious tunes and trend setting music with the likes of: Together, they brought even more life to the revered "philly sound — movement". I am forever grateful for my roots, working alongside my talented brother, sisters and philly family. In addition to a demanding schedule Thaddeus is a family man, married with two beautiful children.

Mickye Castillo is a stellar dance choreographer, director, and performer who leads a dance ministry, travels and together, with her husband, runs her business. She is currently on staff at The Potters House Church of Dallas where she has been the director of dance sense October of Before teaming up with Bishop T. She was given a vision for praise dance at the age of 13 when she surrendered her life to God and formed her own company, Freedom In The Dance Ministries.

Her unique development of praise dance patterns has revolutionized live praise and worship dance with a format that allows ministers to move in unity to live music. Her choreographed pieces have showcased many styles including interpretive movement, cheer and stunts, modern, lyrical, jazz, pageantry dance and contemporary.

Mickye uses many props including tambourines with streamers, ribbons, flags, veils, billows, and fabrics. There is always creative and colorful costuming and makeup for each dance piece. And together all of these elements are used to bring the Word of God to life by telling stories through dance, acting, and lyrical interpretations of music.

Mickye is known for her red hair, bubbly personality and fiery directing style that show her passion for God and love of the arts. She has the ability to bring an artistic vision to life, an eye for detailing and a gift for sowing seeds of creativity, leadership, and confidence. She has held conferences and workshops throughout the United States, Caribbean and England.

She teaches on topics such as, Biblical foundations on dance, leadership skills, how to have an effective dance ministry, dance technique, how to get your body fit for dance, how and why to use makeup and garments to enhance your presentations, and much more. Mickye not only works with her dance ministry at home, but she also works with dance ministries across the globe inspiring them with bold creative ideas and giving them tools that show them how to have a solid strong effective dance ministry that will enhance and strengthen any music and fine arts department.

A native of Baltimore, MD, his industry resume includes collaborations with many Gospel and Christian-music greats: Through such work, Justin has traveled the world extensively, performing at such notable venues as The White House and The Vatican.

He aims to use his gifts and talents to impact the world through music. Ayoka Lawson, spent her early years buried in books. There God uses her to write, direct and run volunteer ministry based programs geared toward the training and professional development of Christian writers, actors, and producers. Tiffani Robinson is an innovative brand and digital strategist based in Dallas, TX. Jakes Ministries and more. After losing her vision due to her bout with juvenile diabetes for over 25 years, she was motivated to start a digital consulting firm for corporations, educating and creating innovative tech solutions for the visually impaired, called VisioTech.

Never one to safeguard her knowledge, Tiffani is also the author of Branding the Heart, co-author of Be Prolific: Tina Polite is a communications and public relations consultant with nearly 20 years of experience. Polite is a trusted consultant for high profile decision makers and a corporate strategist specializing in communications and media relations, brand management, reputation management, community advocacy, media training and crisis communications.

Most recently Tina served Bishop T. She has the ability to translate the intent of any organization into the language that media understands. Without her vast resources, you will remain fixed to the misunderstanding reminiscent of the Tower of Babel. Polite has also provided strategic business advice on a wide range of foreign and domestic issues, including welfare reform, community housing, faith-based initiatives and health care reform.

You can contact Tina through her website: Belo-owned properties serving the North Texas market: The Dallas Morning News , dallasnews.

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