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Keep your family productive, connected, entertained, and safe. Hopefully this ends soon! The latter port was previously deprecated, but this changed with RFC and its use is now recommended to ensure security. Stefferud; Dave Crocker November Unless you need to support such older clients, SMTPS and its use on port should remain nothing more than an historical footnote. As this protocol started out purely ASCII text-based, it did not deal well with binary files, or characters in many non-English languages.

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How to Find a Port Number

I don't want to name names, but someone appears to be completely wrong. The referenced standards body stated the following: This seems to clearly imply that port is the best way to force encrypted communication and be sure that it is in place.

Port offers no such guarantee. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. What is the difference between ports and ? Ilia Rostovtsev 7, 7 35 The only difference is formalized standards and port is for legacy support?

AnFi 7, 3 15 Standard SMTP port accepts email from other mail server without authentication - is not actually technically correct. Standard 25 port can transfer mail both using authentication and not depending on the configuration of MTA.

It doesn't let relaying mail by default but only for connections from same network? Ilia There is also incoming mail to local email domains. Note that while unofficial, port offers the end user more assurance that they are really talking over an encrypted channel. Port , with TLS being optional, means an end user could be providing their credentials over an unencrypted channel.

With email clients being what they are, you cannot guarantee the MUA is going to even alert the user that the connection has been downgraded. Described in RFC Port 25 Port SMTPS and its use on port should remain nothing more than an historical footnote. It is a reality that's not going anywhere, no matter what IANA specifies. Oct 20 '15 at But gmail also supports port Do you know which port Google uses internally?

Otherwise, the fact that they support doesn't really count as evidence it's preferred or even particularly commonly used. Well, we are at and i see no port becoming history. I use port all the time. Palec 7, 5 36 HJJ 73 1 1. Just because ISPs abuse it and haven't updated their documentation does not make it incorrect. He didn't say it isn't used - just that it is not a practice that follows the RFCs.

In other words, you should be using 25 and with email, and only use if you HAVE to, for some reason. BlackBeard 4, 4 18 Sameer S 21 1. Hedam 1, 14 Click the Start button. Type "cmd" in the search box. Hold down "Shift" and "Ctrl" on the keyboard and then press "Enter.

Click "Yes" in the dialog window. Type the following in the command prompt window:. Examine the list to find the port associated with the program or service for which you want the port number. Using netstat's "-b" option requires that you have Administrator permissions on your Windows 8 user account. Right-click in the column header to reveal a pop-up list of column names. Type "cmd" in the Start menu search box. Find the PID you previously noted and see what port it's using.

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