One website doesn't load but every other website loads fine

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Websites don't load - troubleshoot and fix error messages
David Vinod Replied on August 25, You can typically find speed comparisons as well. Aug 27, Messages: Lu Zhun , Dec 26, Navigate to the following folder: To check your connection settings in Firefox:.

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One website will not load on my computer.

I have ported this post from WinVistaClub and updated it here to make it exhaustive. Please see which of the following suggestions may apply to your web browser — be it Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and so on.

I hope something here helps you. First I suggest you clear your cache and try again. Best to use freeware CCleaner to do the cleaning job. Reboot and try again. Else you may start Internet Explorer from the desktop. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options. Under Browsing history — viz. Select all the applicable check boxes, and then click Delete. Now try and see if this helps. Similrly you can clear the browser cache in Firefox and Chrome as well.

Please also ensure that none of your security software or firewall is blocking the site. Next, have a look at your Hosts file. The Hosts file contains the mappings of IP addresses to hostnames. It is situated at C: Open it with Notepad or better still get freeware small utility Hostsman to have a look at it. Check if the site you want to open is mentioned there.

If it is present there and if it has the numerals It link worked for me last week but I have not been able to get it to come up since last weekend. It is a members only site and password protected, but I can't even get the page to come up so I can enter the id and password. I also tried to access the page on Firefox but had the same no luck results. Every other webpage I have tried to access works just not this one. I know it is a working page because I have had other people try it from different locations and it comes up for them.

I really need to access the page because it is the training page for an opportunity I am working. I spent about 2 hours with an online tech the other evening.

He was entering all kinds of codes but we couldn't get anything to get the page to load. Can you help me?? No Cash coming in here right now.

One Certain Site will not load! Report Respond to amit Thank you, amit 48 Something to say? Add comment has helped users this month.

Frizzled Hair Dame in Houston - May 3, at Hello, Thank you for trying to help me. What do I have to do to check on Net Filters? I could access the site two weeks ago, but haven't been able to since. I have had the same problem where I work. I first had the site open on one of the computers I use there most of the time, then this past week it has not worked at home or at work.

I tried the site on numerous different computers at work a school and can not get it to load on any of them. I asked my son in another city to try and it came right up for him. Also the lady I am working with who lives in yet another location says it comes up for her every time.

And darn it still isn't working for me at home tonight. A tech worked with me a couple of hours and swears it is not my computer because all other sites I have tried to access work fine. That is why I am so puzzled and frestrated with this problem. Should it matter that the site is password protected? I am just wondering if somehow it is a security issue with the site because I saved the user name and password. But in the mean time I deleted all of these in checking the various options that could be causing the problem.

Please remember to tell me how to check on my Net Filters. Hair Frizzed Out in Houston. Report Respond to m. Hello, Thank you for your reply. I'm now quite sure I totally understand what you wanted me to do. Did you mean to access my computer by left clicking on start on the lower left side. I do not find anything in there about entering a specific link. If I just enter the link into the address bar and click go I still get the blank page.

Did I understand you correctly or do you have any other ideas. I would give you the address but think for privacy sake of this paost being public I should not do that. Nidhi - Nov 23, at Try pinging the site from a command prompt. If the IP address does not match, someone probably edited your HOSTS file a very malicious thing to do even to computer saavy individuals.

It is also possible that your IP range has been banned Report Respond to Ron. Ron - Jul 7, at Report Respond to bibi. Report Respond to boingflip. Report Respond to amyyo. Report Respond to liz. Thanks for your imput. I just tried all of what you suggested and restarted the computer. A few days ago when i was using the internet, I was using the website www.

The power soon came on again and I turned on the computer again to get back onto www. I still cannot get on Bebo but any other website i use is perfectly fine. I have tried on Windows Internet Explorer and Firefox and i still have the problem. Help please this is very frustrating! If you're asking for technical help, please be sure to include all your system info, including operating system, model number, and any other specifics related to the problem.

Also please exercise your best judgment when posting in the forums--revealing personal information such as your e-mail address, telephone number, and address is not recommended. Could you have a anti-spyware blocking it? Have you tried deleting the sites cookie? In Windows Internet Explorer: In the general screen you'll see browsing history.

In browsing history select settings. You will now see the cookies that have been accumulated. To delete a selected cookie select, right click and choose delete. You could choose clearing history, but that may mess you up on forums or other sites you might want to keep a cookie with. There's a large number of software that controls cookies as well. Yes just tried all of that and it's still not working thank you so much for you suggestions..

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