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How can I make my internet connection stronger?
Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Check your Internet with Speedtest If there's someone on the planet who hasn't had trouble with their Internet connection at one time or the other I don't know who it is. Run a BT line check from their website to detect any possible problems on your phone line. Sorry this didn't help. As you can see, wireless signals can drop for many reasons, and many different fixes are currently used to overcome these problems. But I feel it is some protocol issue.

Weak Wireless Connections Fixed

How to Make Your Wi-Fi Signal Stronger

I am using a WiFi router for many years which has been working fine at home with my Windows Vista system. For the past weeks, the modem has been causing issues connecting through the laptops - windows and iPads.

However, my primitive Android mobile connects to the WiFi and I have successfully used it as a bridge by tethering.. The laptops works fine through this method. So what could have changed. The ISP has no clue about this and all they can come up with is the router needs replacement. But I feel it is some protocol issue. Interestingly, when I run the tests, it somehow does connect to the Internet, gives that last error and works for checking mails but when I try accessing some website sites it is unable to resolve NAT and then the status of WiFi goes from 'Connected to the Internet' to 'Local Connection'.

I feel this is definitely some protocol issue but cant seem to get a technical person to resolve it for me. Any chances of help? I have a wifi adapter no router. Windows automatically picks the strongest xfinity hotspot signal. But that 1 rarely connects me. How can I manually choose a different xfinity hotspot signal? I fixed wifi connection by changing power options on battery mode. This, after hours on the phone with tech support Yesterday I updated a couple of drivers on my PC and then my internet didn't work.

I do have Internet connectivity to my phone and iPad but not my PC. That is a pretty vague description of your issue. You mentioned PC is that a desktop or laptop. You say phone and iPad are working so I am guessing you mean a laptop and wireless as the other devices are wireless. What drivers did you update--Were they your Lan or Wireless drivers?

Sometimes updating a wireless driver will lose your automatic connection to your Wireless and you may need to reconnect. If you mean the manual switch that most laptops have However, if the manual switch is only broken at the movable switch on the outside, the switch may be able to be switched to ON by using a small paper clip.

If it is broken on the outside so that a paper clip won't switch it on, you may have to open up your laptop and can try to switch it ON from the inside of the laptop. If you still get poor signal strength, your router may be experiencing a malfunction.

Contact the technical support department of your router manufacturer. Router malfunctions often are not the result of a bad or broken router, but of something much simpler, such as the router's needing a firmware upgrade or an incorrect setting on the router's internal setup.

If your router manufacturer is unable to improve your wireless signal strength, it may be time to purchase a new router. Purchase a new router. Wireless routers are priced in part based on how widely their wireless signal broadcasts in other words, the more expensive the router you buy, the larger a wireless signal the router will broadcast.

Included in the packaging of each wireless router is the approximated range, in square footage, of that router's wireless network. A good rule of thumb is to know the square footage of your house and buy a router that can accommodate that square footage. The Measurement Lab says that it "prescribes corrective actions with instructions suitable for non-experts" for any problems it finds.

That's not quite right. You really need to know your way around a network to get much good out of it. Still, even if you're not a network pro, it's worth trying. Still can't find the problem? It's time to get call in a network technician to find and fix it. If you know your way around a network, you can find the trouble yourself with the use of tools like WireShark.

If your connection isn't delivering the promised goods, don't jump to the conclusion that you're being ripped off. Yes, check the cables one more time. Then, try it again. Then, connect the PC you're using for testing directly to your modem, and try again. If your connection is now up to speed then you can safely assume you have some sort of slowdown on your LAN. If that's the case it's time to look for a technician or move to levels of network troubleshooting well beyond anything I'll be covering here today.

Let's say your Internet connection is still slow. Well, there are several other factors to continue. First, you may be doing it to yourself. For example, if you're downloading a movie from a BitTorrent site or watching a Netflix video you're already using a lot of your bandwidth. There are also times that the Internet is slower than others. For example, thanks to the rise of Netflix on the Internet , weekday evenings most ISP connections are being strained by video delivery.

Since ISPs haven't, for the most part, been building out their infrastructure to meet the demand you can expect to see prime-time slow downs increasing. You can find out if your connection is actually capable of delivering the speed you've been sold by using the Pathload2 bandwidth program from Measurement Lab.

If it turns out your connection can't actually deliver the bandwidth goods, I've talk to them about a refund or, if they're not co-operative, take it up with your Better Business Bureau. But, there may be something else going on that's throttling your speed. Your ISP may be deliberately handicapping your bandwidth. ISPs, especially US ones, are capping your bandwidth. As networking expert and writer Glenn Fleishman wrote in the summer of , " more than half of U.

It's 50 million emails at 0. But, once you start watching HD video, or have several family members using the net, or you're constantly working on the net it's really not that much. Each ISP handles this in a different way. Others, like Comcast, with its GB monthly limit, give you a warning the first time you exceed your limit, and then can cancel your service if you do it again.

Some services start slowing down your service if there's a lot of demand on their part of the Internet or if you're close to your limit. Sorry, there's currently no Windows 7 version.

To find out if that's what happening to you, you need to use the Glasnost tests. This is a set of Web-based tests that try to find out whether your ISP is cutting down your traffic with application-specific traffic shaping. Each test will take about 8 minutes to run. If it turns out your problem has been that you ISP has you on a strict bandwidth diet or is mucking with your use of an Internet service you use all the time, it's time to find a new ISP.

That's a business problem and not a technical one so I can't help you on that one. Netflix and the Internet bandwidth dilemma.

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