Good Settings to Speed Up a Netgear Router

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How to Install a Netgear Wireless Router Without the CD
If a login screen is presented, use "admin" as the username and either "" or "password" as the password. When it's finished booting, the power light should stay solid. If your router dashboard uses the default password, click "Set Password" from the control panel to change it. As with the firmware update process, the procedure will vary depending on the model and installed firmware version. Although you cannot choose just any address, the powers that be have set aside 3 address ranges for private networks:.


NETGEAR Wireless Router Configuration Guide

Decide on a Netgear router. There are a number of router offerings, and prices and features differ depending on the model. Choose one that meets your needs and fits your price range. Purchase a Netgear router, looking for the best price possible. Consumer electronics shopping sites like NewEgg and TigerDirect often offer good deals on clearance, open boxes or shipping see Resources below.

Place the router by clearing a space on or under a desk. The router should be located centrally to reduce the distance to clients and assure better connections. The location will vary depending on how it will be used. Plug the router into a power source and press the power button. Open your browser and navigate to the following IP: Log in with the default username "admin" and password "password.

Click the "Wireless Settings" link from your router's dashboard to change settings. To change the name of your network, type in a new value in the "SSID" field. Choose a security option from the list, such as WEP or WPA, to secure your network against intruders and require a password for access. Click the "Apply" button to change wireless settings. You can now log in from a compatible wireless device with the new password you've specified.

Exit your browser and disconnect the Ethernet cable from your computer if you'd like to wirelessly connect. In particular, settings such as dual band operation and Media Access Control filtering allow you to improve transfer rates while keeping your network free of unwanted users.

A router's Maximum Transmission Unit is the size of the largest packet that it can send. Selecting an MTU can be challenging, as although larger packets contain more data, they can destabilize the network. The optimum MTU size changes depending on the applications you are running. For example, Netgear recommends you reduce the MTU from its default value of to to get the best performance from a VPN connection.

Changing channels helps to generate a clean wireless signal by avoiding frequencies that have a lot of local interference. You can change your router's wireless channel from the Wireless Settings menu.

As a rule of thumb, try channels 1, 6 or 11, as these channels do not overlap each other on the frequency spectrum. Alternatively, some Netgear devices support dual band transmission.

Set Up a Netgear Wireless Router