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Get access to Canadian Netflix [Working in 2018]
Please note that we only process refunds for annual payments if the request is made within the first thirty 30 days after purchase. My Netflix stopped working on my phone. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. We have tried pinging Netflix Canada website using our server and the website returned the above results. Well we have Smartflix to thank for this, whenever something becomes so clean and easy to use it'll get picked up by the media and the company will be forced to react, then the Smartflix dev will get a swanky job a Netflix HQ. If you should try it and it does not work, please write a comment, and I will update the article at once with a new working method instead. By Jacob Roach — 18 Sep'18

Watch Canadian Netflix abroad website not working? Is it down right now?

It is true that most of VPN servers has been blocked by Netflix but there are still many VPN companies whose services can be used on Netflix without getting any proxy error. NordVPN is one of them because Netflix has not blocked it yet while there is no chances of this in future due to advance privacy tool and features of NordVPN which did not let Netflix to judge your original country. Although NordVPN has introduced a special feature for their users called Smartfix which is developed specially for the Netflix.

All you need to turn on Smartflix to get complete access of Netflix. This feature allow you to watch movies on Netflix on any of their server with its smart DNS switching technology.

But the company took step to bring the feature back. They introduced the privacy services like Dedicated IP and made their privacy more hard to break due to which Netflix failed to identity that whether the user is using VPN or not. Although most of VPN companies which has been blocked on Netflix do not take any step to get access back where NordVPN is keep updating about the issue with their users.

If you following their blog, you will see the continuous updates regarding to Netflix US which shows that they are working hard to keep access of Netflix on their VPN servers. I get the message about they have detected a dns service or something like that yadda yadda yadda I have paid for a month of service I have been unable to use.

Same here, in Canada was given a new DNS to try with no success, thankfully I managed to cancel my year subscription before it renewed on March 12! Honestly if they do this, they're simply shooting themselves in the head. The people who have already signed up for unblock us or any of the services will effortlessly jump to torrenting. I guess it depends on what shows you like. In fact, Rogers offered me Shomi for free and I still won't use it.

Well we have Smartflix to thank for this, whenever something becomes so clean and easy to use it'll get picked up by the media and the company will be forced to react, then the Smartflix dev will get a swanky job a Netflix HQ. Do you think this will affect their membership much? I mean now that the office and friends are on the Canadian site I would probably still keep it but I enjoy using the U.

K versions as well. When they announced yearly fees, I thought it meant they wren't so confident we could still use their services to access foreign netflix in a year. Apparently the adjustments still haven't taken effect because Unblock-us doesn't work anymore in Turkey starting with today.

I contacted unblockus and they gave me a new DNS number. Seems to be working okay now, but I haven't used it much to test it. If you're using the XXX settings they work on PC's if you're careful about following their steps. That's something I found out that Unblock us doesn't tell you. Ok so unblock us responded to me and gave me I can no longer access videos that are not available on the Canadian Netflix.

I contacted Unblock-us on Sunday and have yet to hear back. I've been contacting them about once a week for two months. Sent them all the screencaps, etc.

I heard nothing at all for about 6 weeks until I told them continuing to take money while not providing the promised service or support is fraud.

They refunded me one month's fees and unilaterally closed my account without my permission. I was in contact with them about the Netflix problem. Meanwhile they closed my account as well after they couldn't charge me because of a problem with their paypal account. I took it as an admission that they can't solve my problem and just canceled Netflix altogether.

Back to torrenting which sucks, not nearly as comfortable They send the same stock answer to everyone. I even created a fake account with no actual user data, and they just send me their electronic form letter, all the while stalling as I try to cancel my pre-authorized subscription. So, i attempted to use this server just last night. I saw that Netflix was unable to connect to the server. I had a list with a hundred tv shows and movies, and now i have 15 or something like that.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Regarding the Netflix announcement to block proxies and DNS services: Hello, Thank you for contacting us today! Want to add to the discussion? I used it to watch Mad Max 2 the other night. Must be too early.

I double checked and its there! USA seems better for tv shows.. That said, I didn't realise the Austin Powers movies were on there! Watched Snowtown a few weeks ago, fuck me that movie really stuck with me after I saw it. Sadly though I can only access the UK Netflix right now Smart DNS on the other hand is primarily meant for allowing users to stream geo-based content American Netflix at high speeds without interfering with your everyday online activities.

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