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Jonah and God's warning to the people of Nineveh. Jesus rejected at Nazareth Jesus reads from the prophet Isaiah in the synagogue at Nazareth then is driven out of the town for the comments He makes. Peter and John are arrested, brought before the Temple leaders and forbidden to speak about Jesus. I am still committed to fight for their right to speak their opinion. Jesus heals the paralytic Jesus demonstrates His authority to forgive sins by healing a paralysed man. Feeding of the Five Thousand Jesus uses five loaves and two fish to feed a huge crowd.


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The Church of Scientology asserted that the video material that had been leaked to YouTube and other websites was "pirated and edited" and taken from a three-hour video produced for members of Scientology. Project Chanology was formulated by users of the English-speaking imageboards chan.

You've thousands of people engaged to do anything they can against Scientology. Members of Project Chanology say their main goal is "to enlighten the Church of Scientology CoS by any means necessary. It will require our talkers, not our hackers. It will require our dedicated Anon across the world to do their part.

Andrea Seabrook of National Public Radio 's All Things Considered reported Anonymous was previously known for "technologically sophisticated pranks" such as spamming chat rooms online and "ordering dozens of pizzas for people they don't like".

Project Chanology began its campaign by organizing and delivering a series of denial-of-service attacks against Scientology websites and flooding Scientology centers with prank calls and black faxes. This resulted in a large amount of coverage on social bookmarking websites. The denial-of-service attacks on Scientology.

In response to the attacks, on January 21, the Scientology. EST on January 24, On January 21, , Anonymous announced its goals and intentions via a video posted to YouTube entitled "Message to Scientology", and a press release declaring "War on Scientology", against both the Church of Scientology and the Religious Technology Center. The Tom Cruise video is referred to specifically at the start of the Anonymous YouTube video posting, and is characterized as a "propaganda video". However, you will not prevail forever against the angry masses of the body politic.

Your choice of methods, your hypocrisy, and the general artlessness of your organization have sounded its death knell. You have nowhere to hide because we are everywhere We do not forgive. We do not forget. In a different video posted to YouTube, Anonymous addresses news organizations covering the conflict and criticizes media reporting of the incident. The stifling and punishment of dissent within the totalitarian organization of Scientology.

The numerous, alleged human rights violations. Such as the treatment and events that led to the deaths of victims of the cult such as Lisa McPherson. Initially, the Church of Scientology was held responsible and faced felony charges in her death. Petersburg Times the event was timed to coincide with the birthday of Lisa McPherson.

In addition to DDoS attacks against Church of Scientology websites, Anonymous also organized a campaign on one of their websites to "begin bumping Digg", referring to an attempt to drive up Scientology-related links on the website Digg.

It just happened to hit a nerve that the Digg community was interested in. Adelson commented on the popularity of Scientology theme within the Digg community: I can't explain why. They posted his home telephone number, address and his wife's Social Security number online for other people to target. They believed that he was behind counter-attacks against Project Chanology-related websites by the Regime, a counter-hack group who crashed one of the Project Chanology planning websites. The group allegedly attempted to gain personal information on people involved in Project Chanology to turn that information over to the Church of Scientology.

After discovering they had wrongly targeted the couple, one of the members of the g00ns group called and apologized. A new video entitled "Call to Action" appeared on YouTube on January 28, , calling for protests outside Church of Scientology centers on February 10, The video denied that the group was composed of "super hackers", stating: Anonymous is everyone and everywhere. We have no leaders, no single entity directing us. In an email to CNET News , Anonymous stated that coordinated activities were planned for February 10, , in many major cities around the world.

On February 2, , people gathered outside a Church of Scientology center in Orlando, Florida to protest the organization's practices. Protesters at the demonstration wore masks, and said they were attempting to inform the public about what they believed to be "restrictions of free speech and profiteering through pyramid schemes" by the Church of Scientology.

They got upset with Scientology because the church hides important documents that are supposed to be released to the public. On February 10, , about 7, people protested in at least cities worldwide. Protesters chanted "Church on the left, cult on the right" in reference to the Church that was beside the Church of Scientology building , "Religion is free" and "We want Xenu". We have nothing against the people of Scientology, however the Church of Scientology has committed crimes.

Anyone who opposes them, must go down. The masked crowd consisted mainly of college students, including some who had travelled from as far as Penn State University. Protesters in Boston, [69] Los Angeles , [70] Pittsburgh , [68] Toronto, [71] [72] Edinburgh , [73] London, [74] and other cities worldwide, wore Guy Fawkes masks modeled after the film V for Vendetta.

After seeing all of the pictures from the 10th with everyone in disguise, many sporting Guy Fawkes masks, I wanted to be a part of that. The Internet meme Rickroll , where a link is given to a seemingly relevant website only to be directed to a music video of singer Rick Astley 's pop single " Never Gonna Give You Up ", has been used as a theme in the protests against Scientology.

Following the protests, there were reports that YouTube was freezing the view counts on videos criticizing Scientology, including clips from the protests themselves, potentially preventing them from being displayed on YouTube's front page. The correct number of views should be displayed in the next 24 hours.

Thanks for your patience. Jonathan Holmes , the presenter of the Australian watchdog program Media Watch , reported on two cases of media censorship of the protests. The Advertiser erased Tom Cruise's name from a protest placard, rendering the placard's message meaningless, without informing its readers. The Advertiser' s editor, Melvin Mansell, stated that the alteration had "slipped by" and that he was opposed to the publication of doctored photographs.

According to NBC11 , a woman from Anonymous contacted them and stated that protests were planned against Scientology each month through May ; and that a large protest was planned for two days after Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard 's birthday, March Beware the Ides of March, Church of Scientology! Protests began in Australia on March 15, , and were followed by protests in major cities worldwide including Brussels , London, Seattle , Phoenix , Manchester , and Los Angeles.

Approximately masked protesters gathered outside the Church of Scientology's headquarters in Adelaide , Australia. An anonymous spokesman told News. Two people were arrested by DeKalb County, Georgia police for using megaphones while stepping onto the surrounding street opposite of the church during a protest. Anonymous held its third international protest against Scientology on April 12, Ron Hubbard 's book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. On May 10, a teenager who went to the protests in front of the Queen Victoria Street Church of Scientology in London was issued a court summons after being asked to take down a sign that read "Scientology is not a religion, it is a dangerous cult".

Posting anonymously on a forum, the teenager stated "Within five minutes of arriving I was told by a member of the police that I was not allowed to use 'that word'". The teenager did not, citing a high Court ruling by Mr Justice Latey in which he described the Church of Scientology as a "cult" that was "corrupt, sinister and dangerous". Shami Chakrabarti , the director of Liberty , a human rights group, said that, "They will be banning words like 'war' and 'tax' from placards and demonstrations next.

This is just barmy". Our advice is that it is not abusive or insulting and there is no offensiveness as opposed to criticism , neither in the idea expressed nor in the mode of expression. Members of Anonymous dressed as zombies , and highlighted what they described as questionable deaths and suicides of Scientologists.

Entertainment reporter Roger Friedman noted that it was held "in the private screening room at the Time Warner Center. Not the Ziegfield [ sic ] or Loews Lincoln Square , where most premieres are held in public. On January 8, , an year-old male member of Anonymous ran into the New York Scientology building shirtless and covered with Vaseline , pubic hair , and toenail clippings. The man, identified by police as Mahoud Samed Almahadin, was charged with burglary, criminal mischief, and aggravated harassment as hate crimes.

Anonymous organized a 12th global protest against Scientology for January 10, , to coincide with the Chanology movement's first anniversary. The reasons behind it are tainted," said county resident Lirra Bishop. After stating on October 17, , that he would plead guilty to involvement in the January DDoS attacks against Church of Scientology websites, [] an year-old self-described member of Anonymous entered a guilty plea related to hacking charges in May You're looking for a problem", said John M.

Brown, a Fraternal Order of Police attorney. In November , the New York Post interviewed former Scientologist Mandy Mullen, who had joined the Manhattan organization in after seeing information on 4chan about Chanology protests.

Over the next year, she recalled cases of members being coerced into donating more and more money. When she told her "leader" that she had looked at websites run by anti-Scientology protesters and disagreed with them , he reportedly replied "That's like saying I don't burn niggers, I just like to party with the KKK!

A woman who stated she was a member of Anonymous told KNTV that the group has shifted strategy to activities which fight Scientology but are not deemed illegal by the United States government , including an attempt to get the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the Church of Scientology's c 3 tax-exempt status.

A member of Anonymous calling herself "Envie" told Today Tonight that the group has longer term plans against the Church of Scientology: In a January 25, statement made to News. Pouw stated that the video consisted of "pirated and edited" excerpts of Cruise from a Scientology event, and that after the video appeared, there was increased traffic to Scientology sites as shown by top lists compiled by search engines.

An unnamed source told Radar that the Church of Scientology argued to law enforcement that the Internet attacks are a form of "illegal interference with business. Their activities are illegal and we do not approve of them. At the same time, our main work is to improve the environment, make people more able and spiritually aware.

The Church of Scientology issued a statement explaining the website move to Prolexic Technologies: But as a very wealthy institution, the Church has fought back with technological answers.

On January 21, the Church of Scientology moved its domain to Prolexic Technologies, a group that specializes in protecting Web sites from [denial of service] attacks by creating a safe tunnel by filtering all incoming mail and then allowing only clean messages through. The Church of Scientology has always defended the right of freedom of expression. The Church of Scientology released a statement regarding the February 10, worldwide protests, which was published February 7, in the St.

We will take every step necessary to protect our parishioners and staff as well as members of the community, in coordination with the local authorities. This is not a light matter. The Church of Scientology posted a YouTube video claiming that Anonymous are "terrorists" and alleging that Anonymous is perpetrating "hate crimes" against the church. Anonymous has denied involvement in the more severe accusations.

YouTube user "AnonymousFacts", which Radar Online described as an associate of Scientology, displayed the names and personal information of several supposed Anonymous members and accused the group of violent threats and terrorism. The Church of Scientology sought an injunction and a restraining order to prevent Anonymous from protesting on March 15, , citing threats allegedly made by Anonymous. Both the injunction and the restraining order were denied.

Davis said that Scientology was "dealing with ninety-six death threats, bomb threats, acts of violence, vandalism" from the group Anonymous. Andreas Heldal-Lund , founder of the Scientology-critical website and non-profit organization Operation Clambake , released a statement criticizing the digital assault against Scientology. Freedom of speech means we need to allow all to speak - including those we strongly disagree with.

I am of the opinion that the Church of Scientology is a criminal organisation and a cult which is designed by its delusional founder to abuse people. I am still committed to fight for their right to speak their opinion. They will use it to defend their own counter actions when they try to shatter criticism and crush critics without mercy.

I'm very concerned about their safety, and I'm concerned about the Scientologists' safety, too. Tory Christman , a critic of Scientology and former Scientologist from to , stated she disapproved of illegal tactics but felt encouraged by the new influx of critics of Scientology.

Petersburg Times he was impressed by a video of a protest against Scientology which took place in Orlando, Florida: I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it on a Web cam. In a February 4, appearance on the G4 television program Attack of the Show! Most critics you talk to want the Scientology site to be up there so that people who are interested can see the stupidity they have on the web and at the same time they can go - they are a few keystrokes from getting a thousand other opinions.

It's the usual thing they used to do when they really hadn't had a thought out plan, and here they're realizing they actually have to figure out some real plan against a real enemy. University of Alberta professor Stephen A. Kent weighed in on the issue, and said "I think these disruptions probably are illegal.

We now have three parties involved. Anonymous, Scientology and law enforcement. That gave me a warm little glow. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Scientology and the Internet. Internet portal Scientology portal Social movements portal. Internet hackers attack the church". Hacker group claims to have knocked the Church of Scientology's Web site offline with a distributed denial-of-service attack". A shadowy, loose-knit consortium of activists and hackers called 'Anonymous' is just the latest thorn in Scientology's side".

Internet Business Law Services. Internet Business Law Services, Inc. After an embarrassing string of high-profile defection and leaked videos, Scientology is under attack from a faceless cabal of online activists. Has America's most controversial religion finally met its match? Archived from the original on 7 January Archived from the original on September 21, A shadowy Internet group has succeeded in taking down a Scientology Web site after effectively declaring war on the church and calling for it to be destroyed".

The crowd shout for Barabbas to be freed and Jesus to be crucified. Paul and Silas praise God in prison and when a earthquake sets them free they tell the Jailor about Jesus. As Balaam travels to curse the Israelites God intervenes and Balaam's donkey has something to say.

When the King of Syria learns God is telling Elisha his battle plans, he sends an army to capture the prophet. When God delivers the Syrian army into the control of Elisha by making them blind, the prophet shows mercy. The prophet claims there will be plenty of food the next day. King Hezekiah asks God to make the shadow of his sundial go backwards as a sign God will heal him. God tells Ezekiel to do some bizarre things to get people's attention and teach them about events in the future.

Daniel refuses to stop praying to God, who answers his prayers to deliver him from the lions' den. Jesus rides triumphantly in to Jerusalem and then clears the Temple of the dishonest money changers. When Paul preaches for a long time, a young man falls asleep and topples out of a third storey window. Joseph's brothers become jealous of his coat, annoyed by his dreams and decide to sell him into slavery.

Joseph is sold as a slave in Egypt, falsely accused, imprisoned and then interprets Pharaoh's dreams. When Joseph's brothers visit Egypt to buy grain they do not know they are speaking to their missing brother, Joseph. When Jonah refuses to obey God and care for his enemies, God teaches him about obedience and love in dramatic ways.

On his way to see the seriously ill daughter of Jairus, Jesus heals a woman who reaches out for help. Peter denies knowing Jesus.

Jesus is tried by Pilate and the crowd choose that Barabbus is freed and Jesus is crucified. When people rebel and build the tower of Babel, God causes them to speak in different languages and they disperse.

Paul likens the protection and weapons a Christian has in spiritual warfare to that of a Roman soldier. Clip art Bible characters you can use to create your own slides or scenes. There is a download option in PNG format with transparent backgrounds. Clip art you can use to create your own Christmas Story scenes.

Clip art you can use to create your own Bible Story scenes. Clip art you can use to create your own Bible story slides or scenes.

Clip art Bible characters and objects you can use to create your Easter story slides or scenes. The prophet Elijah, having told King Ahab it will not rain, hides in the Kerith ravine and is fed by ravens. The parable Jesus told about a widow who persisted in trying to get justice from an unjust judge. A blank set of satellite maps of Israel at different angles and inclines to which you can add locations as needed.

When Nebuchadnezzar has a disturbing dream, God reveals both the dream and its interpretation to Daniel. Ezekiel's vision in which a 'man with the appearance of bronze' and a measuring rod reveals the new Temple. Onesimus, a slave, steals from his master Philemon then runs away. After meeting Paul in prison he returns to ask forgiveness.

You can download a story planner with brief overview text or one with the full Bible passages for each image. Jesus teaches about prayer through a story of a late-night visitor.

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Good News Productions Int. Biblically accurate illustrations of the life of Christ by artist Paula Nash Giltner. These free videos, narrated from the Biblical account, are available in over 20 languages. As well as our usual download options there is a also a video download link. The Word became flesh John opens his gospel by describing how God became man and lived among us.

An angel visits Mary. Mary goes to visit Zechariah's wife, Elizabeth. Zechariah and Elizabeth have a baby just as God had promised and he is named John. An angel tells Joseph that Mary's pregnancy is God's will. Wise men from the east are led to Jesus. Simeon and Anna see baby Jesus and praise God for sending the Saviour of the world. Mary and Joseph return to Jerusalem and find Jesus in the Temple.

Jesus is baptised by John. Jesus eats nothing for forty days in the wilderness, and is tempted by Satan.

Jesus turns water to wine at a wedding. Jesus talks with Nicodemus about being born of the Spirit and eternal life. Jesus talks with a Samaritan woman about 'Living water'. Jesus speaks in Cana to heal the son of an official in Capernaum. Jesus confronts a man shouting at him in the synagogue.

After healing Peter's mother-in-law Jesus spends the evening healing others brought to Him. A man with leprosy begs Jesus to heal him. Jesus demonstrates His authority to forgive sins by healing a paralysed man. When Jesus asks a tax collector to become his disciple there are those who disapprove.

Two parables Jesus told about unshrunk cloth and new wineskins. Jesus heals a lame man at the pool Bethesda of on the Sabbath. Jesus is questioned about His disciples rubbing grain in their hands on the Sabbath.

Jesus causes outrage by heaing a man with a withered hand on the Sabbath. After a night of prayer, Jesus selects twelve disciples. Jesus talks about eight blessings during His sermon on the mount. Jesus talks about salt and light to teach the crowds how they should live.

Jesus teaches about the sin of adultery and the consequences of divorce. Jesus teaches us how to pray. Jesus teaches about fasting and that our heart will be found in what we treasure. Jesus tells us not to worry because He will take care of all of our needs. Jesus likens the way we respond to His teaching to a wise and foolish builder. Jesus raises to life the dead son of a widow living in Nain.

A woman with a bad reputation anoints Jesus feet. Parables about hidden treasure, a valuable pearl and a catch of fish. When a sudden storm threatens to capsize their boat the disciples turn to Jesus for help. Jesus sails to the other side of Galilee to deliver two demon possessed men. Jesus heals a woman and raises a girl to life. Jesus heals three men, two were blind and the other mute. Jesus tells us to pray for more workers to go into the harvest field. Jesus delivers a man so he can see and hear.

Jesus sends His disciples out to preach repentance, heal and deliver people. John the Baptist is executed by Herod Antipas. Jesus uses five loaves and two fish to feed a huge crowd. When Peter sees Jesus walking on the water, he wants to do the same.

Jesus explains why He is like a good shepherd. Jesus asks His disciples who they think He is. Jesus delivers a boy from occult power. Jesus explains how Christians should resolve their differences. A woman accused of adultery is brought to Jesus.

When Jesus heals a blind man, the Pharisees complain that it was done on the Sabbath. A blind man healed by Jesus is thrown out by the religious leaders who do not believe his story. A parable about an injured man and those who did or didn't come to his aid. Martha complains that Mary is listening to Jesus instead of helping to prepare a meal.

Jesus delivers a woman who cannot straighten her back. Jesus tells a parable about two sons. Jesus tells a parable about a manager cheating his boss out of money. Jesus tells His disciples He will die and rise again. Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey as the crowd shouts 'Hosanna'.

Jesus curses a fig tree and cleans the temple of traders. Judas agrees to betray Jesus for a payment of thirty pieces of silver. Jesus takes on the role of a servant and washes the disciples' feet. Jesus explains how the disciples are to remember Him until He returns.

Jesus prays in the garden of Gethsemane and is arrested. Jesus is questioned by the Jewish leaders. Peter denies that he knows Jesus three times, and Judas hangs himself.

Jesus is questioned by Pilate. The crowd wants Barabbas released instead of Jesus, and Pilate has Jesus flogged. Pilate believes Jesus is innocent, but the crowd wants Jesus to be crucified. Jesus and two other criminals are taken to be executed. Jesus is nailed to a cross at Golgotha. While on the cross Jesus is mocked, and one of the criminals talks with Jesus. Jesus dies, and the temple curtain is torn in two pieces. Jesus is buried in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. Pilate sends soldiers to guard the tomb.

Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene and sends her to the disciples to tell them what He said to her. Jesus appears to two disciples who are talking about His crucifixion and resurrection. Jesus appears to His disciples and shows them His hands and side.

Jesus commissions His disciples to make disciples of all nations. Jesus instructs His disciples then ascends to heaven. LUMO project 75 image sets. High quality photographs of the Life of Christ shot on location in the Middle East. These are photographic stills from films of the four gospels created by the LUMO project. They have been licensed by FreeBibleimages for free use in teaching but cannot be reused in other projects without the written permission of the LUMO project.

Zechariah is promised a son When God promises Zechariah and Elizabeth a son, Zechariah has doubts and is struck dumb. An angel visits Joseph. The birth of Jesus. Angels announce the birth of Jesus to shepherds outside Bethlehem. Wise Men worship Jesus. Simeon and Anna thank God for sending Jesus Luke 2: Jesus touches and heals a man with leprosy.

Jesus heals Simon Peter's mother-in-law and many others in Capernaum. Jesus delivers a demon possessed man in the synagogue.

A paralysed man's friends make a gap in the roof to lower him to Jesus. Jesus intervenes when the host of a wedding runs out of wine. When the Roman Centurion discovers his servant is dying he turns to Jesus for help. Jesus is asleep in the back of a boat when a violent storm strikes. Jesus delivers a possessed wild man living among the tombs on the other side of Lake Galilee. Jesus raises a dead man to life at Nain. Jesus feeds men plus women and children with 5 loaves and 2 fish.

A gentile women living Syrian Phoenicia begs Jesus to rescue her daughter. Jesus travels to the Decapolis region and heals a deaf man with a speech impediment. Jesus delivers a mute man from his affliction and is accused of using power from the devil. Jesus heals Bartimaeus, a blind man begging outside Jericho. A blind man healed by Jesus is questioned by the Pharisees. Jesus is told that Lazarus is seriously ill but deliberately delays setting off to visit him.

Jesus travels to see Mary and Martha then calls Lazarus to come out of the tomb. John the Baptist in the wilderness and the baptism of Jesus. Jesus invites Matthew the tax collector to follow Him. The Pharisees criticise the disciples for picking corn on the Sabbath. Jesus chooses twelve men as His disciples and apostles. Jesus tells a parable about a sower. Jesus tells two parables about the Kingdom of Heaven.

John the Baptist in prison. A tearful woman with a reputation for immorality anoints Jesus and finds forgiveness. When a rich young ruler asks Jesus about eternal life he does not like the answer. Jesus is anointed with expensive nard perfume. A parable of Jesus about a Samaritan who cares for a Jew in need. Busy Martha complains when her sister Mary chooses to listen to Jesus rather than help her. Jesus tells a parable of a fig tree that did not bear fruit.

Parable of a shepherd who searches for his lost sheep. Jesus meets Zacchaeus the chief tax collector. Jesus uses a fig tree to teach about faith and prayer. Jesus is questioned in the temple about paying taxes by those looking for an excuse to kill Him. Judas betrays Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. A widow gives everything she has to God. Jesus at the last supper with His disciples. Jesus prays in the garden of Gethsemane while His disciples fall asleep.

Jesus faces false accusations before the High Priest and Sanhedrin. Peter denies knowing Jesus three times Matthew Jesus on trial, being questioned by Pilate and Herod Antipas. Jesus is flogged, carries the cross and is taken out of the city to be crucified.

Peter and John are sent on a secret mission to prepare the passover meal in an upper room in Jerusalem Luke Jesus washes the disciples' feet. Jesus suffers and dies on the cross for our sin. The soldiers guarding Jesus' tomb are bribed not to reveal His resurrection.

The resurrection of Jesus and the empty tomb Matthew Jesus appears to two disciples and explains from Scripture that the Messiah had to suffer. The disciples are in a room with the door locked when Jesus appears to them. After many appearances to His disciples over 40 days, Jesus ascends to heaven. Sweet Publishing image sets. They have been licensed by Sweet Publishing for free distribution so that both teachers and pupils can use and reuse them in their own projects.

God creates the heavens and earth God creates the universe, our world and all the life in it. Genesis 1 - 2. Adam and Eve disobey God and face the consequences.

Noah building the Ark and the great flood. The Tower of Babel. Abraham is called by God to move to the land of Canaan. Abraham and Lot sort out a dispute over grazing land by choosing new places in Canaan to live. God's promise to Abram Abraham to make him the father of a great nation. Ishmael is born to Abram Abraham by Hagar.

Lot's rescue as Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed. Abraham sends his servant to find a wife for Isaac. A famished Esau sells his birthright to get a bowl of lentil stew. Jacob deceives Isaac into giving him Esau's blessing. God speaks to Jacob in a dream. Jacob is deceived by Laban into marrying Leah instead of Rachel. Jacob returns to Canaan but Laban chases after him. Jacob wrestles with a stranger then faces a meeting with Esau. Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers for 20 pieces of silver.

When Pharaoh's baker and cup bearer are imprisoned, Joseph interprets their dreams. When Pharaoh has two disturbing dreams, Joseph is released from prison to interpret them.

When his brothers return to Egypt for more grain, Joseph reveals his identity to them. Baby Moses is rescued from Pharaoh's death sentence.

Moses as the Prince of Egypt. Moses and the Burning Bush. Exodus 3 - 4. Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh. Moses and the first seven plagues God sent on Egypt.

Exodus 7 - 9. Moses and the final three plagues God sent on Egypt. Exodus 10 - Moses and the Red Sea crossing. Moses and how God provided food and water in the desert.

The Israelites struggle against the Amalekites as Moses prays. Moses on Mount Sinai receiving the 10 Commandments and other laws from God. Exodus 19 - Moses and the building of the Tabernacle.

Exodus 25 - Moses and the golden calf. When Aaron and Miriam rebel against Moses, Miriam contracts leprosy. Twelve spies sent into Canaan report back. Moses see the Promised Land then dies and Joshua takes command. Joshua sending two spies into Jericho and the part Rahab played in helping them. Joshua follows God's battle plan for taking the city of Jericho.

Achan disobeys and the army are defeated at Ai. Joshua sets an ambush to conquer Ai. Joshua is deceived into making a treaty with the Gibeonites. Joshua prays for more daylight to win the battle. When the tribes east of the River Jordan build an altar it nearly causes war. Before he dies, Joshua challenges the 12 tribes to obey God Joshua Gideon asks for a sign that God will help him fight the Midianites. Gideon takes on the Midianites with just men. Gideon persues the fleeing Midianites.

Samson sets a riddle for his wedding guests. Samson shows his strength against the Philistines. Samson in a moment of weakness shares the secret of his strength. Boaz takes on the responsibility of a guardian-redeemer and marries Ruth. Ruth 3 - 4. When Hannah prays for a child she promises she will give him back to God. Young Samuel thinks Eli is calling him but it is God's voice he hears in the night.

Samuel anoints Saul as the first King of Israel. King Saul defeats the Amalekites but disobeys God's command. The young David, believing God will bring him victory, takes on the Philistine giant Goliath. Jonathan and David promise loyalty and friendship. David spares King Saul's life. Saul disobeys God and foolishly consults a witch before his final battle. David shows kindness to Mephibosheth the disabled son of Jonathan.

When David's messengers are humiliated by the Ammonites battle commences. Nathan the prophet confronts David after he commits adultery and murder. Absalom leads a rebellion against King David. Adonijah plots to become king but David chooses Solomon to succeed him. Solomon shows God-given wisdom in a dispute where two mothers claim the same baby. King Solomon builds the temple that King David had planned. When Rehoboam becomes King, ten tribes rebel and choose Jeroboam to rule over them.

King Asa asks God for help when the Cushites attack. King Asa tries to buy support instead of trusting God. Ravens feed Elijah as he hides from King Ahab in the Kerith ravine. Elijah invites the prophets of Baal to a contest on Mount Carmel.

Elijah prays seven times for God to send rain. King Ahab wants Naboth's vineyard and his wife Jezebel schemes to get it for him. Jehoshaphat acts on the advice of false prophets rather than the warning from a prophet of God. King Jehoshaphat encourages the nation to live by God's laws. Elijah is taken up to heaven in a fiery chariot and his mantle falls to Elisha. Elisha prays and a dead boy comes back to life. Joash becomes king of Judah at the age of seven with the help of Jehoiada the priest.

The events leading up to the people of Israel being taken into captivity by the Assyrians. King Hezekiah turns people back to God and prays for deliverance when the Assyrians invade. Evil King Manasseh is imprisoned, humbles himself before God, repents and is restored. The book of God's laws is found in the temple and read to King Josiah. King Abijar is outnumbered by Jeroboam's army but trusts God for victory. King Jehoshaphat turns to God for help and wins the battle without having to fight.

The prophet Oded warns against the capture of women and children prisoners. The Jews return to Jerusalem and lay the foundations to rebuild the Temple. The Temple is rebuilt despite opposition and delays. Ezra returns to Jerusalem to encourage people to obey God's laws. Job is afflicted by adversity and his friends comment on his suffering. An introduction to the Psalms of David.

Ezekiel has a vision and is called to be God's messenger to the captive Jews in Babylon. God shows Ezekiel a vision in which a valley of dry bones comes to life. Daniel and his friends refuse to eat foods that God had forbidden.

God reveals Nebuchadnezzar's dream and its meaning to Daniel. God writes on the wall His judgement of King Belshazzar.

Daniel is thrown into the lions' den after refusing to stop praying to God. Jonah runs away and is rescued before he is willing to take God's message to Nineveh. God promises Zechariah and Elizabeth a son but Zechariah's doubts result in him becoming dumb. Wise Men from the East follow a star to find Jesus. Angels announce the birth of Jesus to shepherds. Simeon and Anna meet baby Jesus and rejoice they have seen the Saviour God promised.

Jesus, aged 12, is found in the Temple asking and answering questions. Jesus delivers a demon possessed man then heals Peter's mother-in-law and others in Capernaum.

Jesus heals a man with a withered hand on the Sabbath day. A paralysed man is forgiven and healed by Jesus after being lowered through the roof. Jesus performs his first miracle, changing water to wine, at a wedding in Cana. Jesus heals the servant of a Centurion. Jesus calms a storm on Lake Galilee.

Jesus feeds more than people with five loaves and two fish. Jesus walks on water and Peter attempts to do the same. Jesus heals a man in Jerusalem who was born blind. Jesus heals a boy who has been made dumb by an evil-spirit. Jesus heals 10 men with leprosy but only one returns to say 'Thank You'. Jesus raises Lazarus to life. Jesus faces temptation by Satan. Jesus invites Matthew the Tax Collector to be His disciple.

Jesus is rejected in Nazareth after claiming to be the Messiah. Andrew introduces Peter to Jesus. Philip and Nathanael meet Jesus. Jesus talks with a Samaritan woman at Sychar who comes to draw water from the well.

Jesus changes a troubled man who self-harmed and lived among the tombs. The parable of the sower that Jesus taught. Herod Antipas executes John the Baptist. Peter, James and John witness Jesus being transfigured. Jesus's parable of the unforgiving servant. Jesus sends out his disciples to preach, deliver and heal. After a rich man questions Jesus about eternal life he walks away feeling sad. Jesus cleanses the Temple of moneychangers and traders. When John and James ask for prominence, Jesus teaches about serving with humility.

A son is deeply resentful when his father welcomes home his wayward younger brother. Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey while the crowds shout, 'Hosanna'.

The Pharisees try to trap Jesus with a question about taxes. Jesus talks with his disciples about the destruction of Jerusalem and future events. The widow who gave everything she had. Mary anoints Jesus with a very expensive oil. Jesus celebrates the Last Supper with His disciples. Jesus arrested in Gethsemane and Peter denies Jesus. Jesus faces trial before Herod Antipas and Pilate. Jesus is crucified and buried in a tomb.

Jesus appears to His disciples. Jesus ascends to heaven from the Mount of Olives. The Holy Spirit comes in power on the Day of Pentecost. The Apostles continue to tell others about Jesus despite being imprisoned and beaten. Stephen is chosen as one of seven deacons and is later stoned to death for speaking about Jesus. Philip preaching in Samaria and the conversion of Simon the sorceror.

Philip explains the prophecy of Isaiah to an Ethiopian official who asks to be baptised. Jesus appears to Saul Paul as he travels to Damascus to arrest the Christians there. Peter meets Aeneas, who had been bedridden for 8 years, and heals him in the name of Jesus. Paul's first missionary journey. Paul and Barnabas visit Cyprus. Paul and Barnabas visit Antioch and Iconium. Paul and Barnabas visit Lystra and Derbe. The council of Jerusalem decide how the Gentile Christians should view Jewish laws.

Paul and Silas are guided to Philippi where they meet Lydia. Paul and Silas praise God in prison and an earthquake strikes. Paul and Silas are forced out of Thessalonica by a mob but the people in Berea listen carefully.

Paul talks with the people of Athens about an 'Unknown God'. Paul works with Priscilla and Aquila as a tent-maker while sharing the gospel in Corinth. Paul returns to Antioch via Ephesus and Jerusalem. Paul arrives in Ephesus. Those who become Christians burn their books on the occult. Silversmiths in Ephesus riot as people turn to Christ. As Paul speaks, Eutychus gets drowsy and falls from a third storey window.

The prophet Agabus warns Paul not to go to Jerusalem. Paul is falsely accused and arrested in Jerusalem. Paul faces trial before Roman Governor Felix.

Paul's trial before Festus and Agrippa. Paul is shipwrecked on his way to Rome. Paul is bitten by a snake but survives and gets to Rome. The final events in Paul's life pulled together from the clues in letters to Timothy and Titus. Bible story illustrations with accompanying videos. John Stanley started teaching children's church when his boys were young. As an artist he saw the enhanced communication benefits of connecting the Bible stories with visuals.

He has developed a one-year curriculum comprised of 48 video enhanced lessons available at YoMinistry. It has had a positive impact on children with different learning styles. He has kindly contributed images from his Bible story videos. Deborah the judge God raises a woman judge, Deborah, to lead His people to victory.

Four friends lower a paralysed man through the roof to Jesus. The disciples show fear, not faith, during a severe storm at sea. Jesus heals a man who has been paralysed for 38 years. A young lad gives five loaves and two fish to Jesus who feeds over 5, people with them. Jesus tells Peter to go fishing for Temple tax money. When Jesus heals a blind man on the Sabbath day the Pharisees are outraged.

Jesus delays to getting to Lazarus but brings Him back to life. Jesus spends 40 days in the wilderness and is tempted by the Devil. Matthew 3 - 4: Jesus delivers a wild demon-possessed man on the other side of Galilee. Jesus is betrayed, faces injustice and is crucified for our sin. Jesus teaches His Disciples how to remember Him.

The tomb is empty and Jesus has risen to life. God calls Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary trip. Paul and Barnabas visit Iconium, Lystra and Derbe. Paul preaches in Ephesus and many repent and burn their books on magic. God rescues Paul from a shipwreck and a snake bite.

Bible Pathway Adventures 12 image sets. Bible story illustrations with accompanying video and teaching resources. Curtis Reid has studied and taught the Bible for 25 years and Pip Reid writes educational materials for children.

They are the founders of Bible Pathway Adventures, a ministry dedicated to helping parents disciple their children and teach them the foundation of their faith. Alongside illustrator Thomas Barnett, Curtis and Pip have created discipleship resources to support parents worldwide with this important job.

These resources are provided free of charge via the Bible Pathway Adventures' website and Bible storybook app. The Great Flood Can Noah and his family survive the biggest flood the world has ever seen? Sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, Joseph keeps trusting God.

God chooses Moses to lead His people out of Egypt. Will this unfaithful prophet curse the people of Israel? Or does God have other plans? Can Samson fulfill God's plan to save the Israelites from the Philistines?

A nation in danger. A challenge he can't refuse. Can David slay the mighty giant, Goliath? Even kings need to listen to God.

Jonah and God's warning to the people of Nineveh. The Messiah is born! Jesus is welcomed as King then betrayed, put on trial and sentenced to death. Jesus rises from the dead and appears to His disciples. Moody Publishers 18 image sets. Artwork from the Moody Bible Institute filmstrip series.

Moody Publishing have kindly donated these timeless Bible story scenes from their filmstrip series for teaching purposes only. Noah and the Great Flood Noah is instructed by God to build an ark to escape the great flood. Joseph is sold as a slave in Egypt, then put in prison, but God is with him.

Exodus 5 - God announces the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. Moses erects a serpent of brass to save the rebellious Israelites dying from snake bites.

God tests Joshua's faith with His battle instructions for taking the city of Jericho. Gideon trusts in God and defeats the Midianites with just men. Judges 6 - 7. God chooses to speak to the nation of Israel through a young boy. David spares the life of the King Saul who is trying to kill him. Solomon asks God for wisdom. Elijah has a contest with the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel. When Elisha is surrounded by the Syrian army, God's army comes to his rescue.

Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego obey God and are thrown into a fiery furnace. When Belshazzar uses the cups from the Temple at his drunken feast the writing is on the wall.

When Daniel refuses to stop praying to God he is thrown into a den of lions. When Jonah runs away rather than go to Nineveh he is swallowed by a great fish. Jonah 1 - 3. Fine art illustrations of Bible characters by two highly accredited artists. These multi-purpose illustrations of Bible characters, with space to add your own text, are ideal for use in any Bible teaching presentation. Women Multi-purpose illustrations of woman from the Bible with space to add your teaching points or verses.

Multi-purpose illustrations of young men in the Bible with space to add your own text. A collection of Bible characters that can represent almost any older man in the Bible. Henry Martin 15 image sets. Cartoon style artwork of Bible stories. Henry Martin works in the Diocese of Manchester in England and in free moments he enjoys sketching and painting. He has kindly donated his artwork to help you tell Bible stories and share the good news of Jesus. When God asks Jonah to preach in Nineveh he heads off in the opposite direction.

A Roman Centurion belives Jesus can heal his paralysed servant. Jesus feeds over men plus women and children with five loaves and two fish. Peter tries to walk on water but when his faith fails and he sinks, Jesus rescues him. One of ten men healed of leprosy returns to thank Jesus. Nicodemus visits Jesus and they talk about eternal life. A parable Jesus taught to challenge our thinking about our care for others. Jesus tells a parable about a loving father who forgives his wayward son who repents.

When a dishonest tax collector meets Jesus his life is changed. Jesus clears the Temple of the dishonest traders. Jesus tells a parable about the wicked tenants of a vineyard who murder the owner's son.

The widow who gave everything she had to God. He spent seven years drawing for Walt Disney Animation in Sydney before joining the Anglican ministry full time. Abraham is called God calls Abraham to go and live in Canaan. God promises a land for Abraham and his descendants. Elijah challenges the false prophets of Baal and Asherah to a contest.

Jesus tells a parable about a man who finds treasure hidden in a field. A modern day adaptation of the parable of the persistent widow. Running the race of faith with our eyes on Jesus. Edge Group — Lion Hudson 9 image sets. The Edge Group and Lion Hudson Ltd have kindly contributed them to be freely used for teaching purposes only.

Joshua and the longest day Joshua prays for more daylight to finish the battle. Ruth, the Moabite, arrives in Bethlehem to look after her mother-in-law, Naomi. King Solomon asks for wisdom then has to use it in a dispute over a baby. Elijah hears God speaking to him on Mount Horeb. An angel tells Mary she has been chosen to be the mother of God's Son.

Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem. Shepherds hear angels announce the birth of Jesus. Wise men from the east bring gifts for the new King. Paul and Silas are rescued from prison. Manga art from Siku and the Edge Group. Manga is a Japanese word meaning 'impromptu pictures' and is a comic book art form with many genres. The Edge Group are a Creative Concept Agency with several Christian illustrators who have produced many best-selling graphic novels and over 80 publications.

The prodigal son Jesus tells a parable about two sons. Jesus is arrested and put on trial before the Jewish and Roman authorities. Jesus is put to death, buried in a tomb but rises from the dead. Paul tells his story before two Roman governors. Lambsongs 86 image sets. An extensive collection of illustrations of Bible stories for young children.

The Lambsongs web site in New Zealand has many free Bible story resources for young children. They have a heart to share their resources and have kindly contributed Jill Kemp's words and Richard Gunther's artwork for us to assemble into Bible story presentation sets. You can also download free black and white versions for colouring plus Bible story take-home leaflets and booklets to aid further learning.

Creation Days A set of seven pictures showing the stages of God's creation. God warns Noah of a flood and gives instructions to build a large boat. God promises to make Abram the father of a great nation. God tests Abraham's faith and provides a sacrifice. Jacob exploits Esau's hunger to get his birthright. Jacob flees from Esau and has a dream about the future of his family. Jacob deceives Isaac into giving him his blessing instead of Esau.

Jacob has 12 sons and one daughter. Rachel steals Laban's idols and hides them. Jacob reunites with his twin brother Esau.

Jacob wrestles with an angel. Baby Moses is hidden in a basket in the bulrushes but is discovered by an Egyptian Princess.

God gives instructions to the Hebrew slaves how they can be saved from the coming destruction. Deborah has the faith to trust God for victory over the invading enemy army lead by Sisera. Ruth decides to trust God and look after her mother-in-law Naomi.

Boaz is kind to Ruth and makes arrangements for them to get married. Samuel anoints David as King. David trusts in God and goes out to fight the giant Goliath. David protects his sheep from wild animals.

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