Top 5 Best Tomato Routers to Run a VPN

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Top 5 DD-WRT & Tomato Routers for 2018
The design speaks for itself! Although there are other versions of open source firmware, Tomato and DD-WRT are two of the most popular offering stability, great feature sets and a large community of online support and developers. Josh on August 10, 3: Voxel has recently updated both the R and R firmware. AdvancedTomato enables you to keep all of the features of Tomato by Shibby and also upgrade your router's GUI to a clean and contemporary flat design. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you are in the market for a top shelf router for video calls, streaming, video or to max the speed of your VPN use, this is a router that will future proof your purchase.

Three of the Best for a Flash of DD-WRT

Tomato (firmware)

With MU-MIMO technology, the router can communicate with multiple devices simultaneously increasing the speed of your WiFi network by limiting the interference between connected devices. If you are in the market for a top shelf router for video calls, streaming, video or to max the speed of your VPN use, this is a router that will future proof your purchase.

It offers eight antennas for an excellent large wifi footprint and with extra RAM and a 1. Processing power is key to high performance routing, and the RT-AC by Asus offers extra capacity for growth as streaming video and other network intensive demands grow. Only one USB 3. It's one of the fastest routers for media streaming. And with Ethernet Port Aggregation, which allows combining two LAN ports, it can accelerate file transfer speeds making large file transfers that much faster; back-ups to the cloud will be that much more efficient.

There are less expensive routers available, however this router will deliver ultra-smooth lag free streaming with plenty of processing power as increasing demands on networks will become greater over the next few years. Robust hardware with excellent speeds and coverage. Ultrafast wired connections for high-end servers and fast network storage.

Built-in Plex server for media streaming. Priced on the expensive side. Configure QoS on your router to prevent choppy broken voice and improve the quality of your VoIP connection. Prioritize voice RTP and VoIP signaling traffic though your router and prevent other applications from grabbing bandwidth and slowing down your connection. Assigning the highest level of service to VoIP will prevent bad calls and maintain better data flow and a better voice connection.

Installing firmware like Tomato or DD-WRT can be done by yourself or you can get these routers already flashed with the best stable version of the appropriate firmware. Firms that sell flashed routers also offer support and other services, like VPN setup that make their services a very good value.

The cost of a good Wi-Fi router, one able to handle numerous connections at high speeds, pass traffic without bottlenecking, offer security, and offer QoS has come down to very reasonable levels. As one of the primary components of any office network, having a good late model router will pay dividends with performance and stability. Deciding on the best router depends on your needs, not only now but for some time to come.

However, each of these routers come straight from the factory ready to go with the manufacturer's software and can be used right away with the knowledge that you can step them up as future needs demand.

Each of these top router choices will greatly improve your network over older less advanced routers and offer better VoIP connections, online streaming and wireless connectivity. All in all, both DD-WRT and Tomato are possibly the best open source firmware for those that want a router with advanced features, increased security, more control, VPN and better performance.

Two of the Best for a Flash of Tomato 1 Netgear R Nighthawk AC Tomato Router The Nighthawk AC has been a top list stalwart for its exceptional ratings in all measured categories for some time now and has earned its reputation as one of the best.

Well established dual-band router, proven reliability, many flashed installs, excellent combined throughput, excellent range, now very affordable. Plenty of users run this router with Tomato, so there's a large online community for support. The rock solid device is a powerhouse and can handle hours of intensive bandwidth sessions with zero hiccups, even when paired with a reliable VPN service.

When we received our router it was out-of-the-box plug and play, we then went ahead and added our VPN to the router and were set.

This device is a must have for any bandwidth hog looking for a fast and reliable Tomato router. The R comes packed with a blazing fast dual core 1 GHz MHz processor, one of fastest dual core routers offered with Tomato support. The R comes packed with some of the fastest home routing speeds available, capping at Mbps Wireless-AC 2. Not only does this Cadillac of routers contain all the great hardware aspects, it has a high-end version of Tomato installed, making the device even more powerful on the software side.

The Nighthawk is the definition of a powerhouse and not for the feint of heart. Accompanied by all the great features as the N66U the AC66U contains extremely powerful technology along with the ability to easily tweak and schedule maintenance on the router.

The router is so powerful its processing power caps at Mbps total 2. The N16 is a powerful single band router with a speed cap at Mbps accompanied by its MHz processor. While the RT-N16 may not provide you with nearly as much power as its competitors listed above, the N16 is optimal for a home without a sizable amount of active devices.

While yes this router can handle power, it may not have the necessary power to fulfill several active devices while trying to serve bandwidth equally across the line. However, at its fair price point the router can still handle long hours of streaming and HD content. The RT16 is a powerful little device that can serve a multitude of devices at one time for a fraction of the cost!

As the router is a bit smaller its speeds cap at around 2. The E may not be the most appealing, but for its price and speed it puts this router as the 1 economy VPN router.

Again, this little thing will be far more powerful than any current stock router from big telecoms, remember that! Due to its small and compact size, the device is great for a couple device home not looking for too much.

We highly recommend grabbing a pre-flashed Tomato router as that will be your safest option, as sometimes complications occur during the flashing process that could leave the entire router dead. The firmware is extremely easy to use and totally flexible, even for the non-technical savvy! Stosh is a cyber security researcher and professional consultant who enjoys sharing his knowledge with the world!

Personally I have never owned or tinkered with an Apple Time Machine nor do I know their level of security. Let me do a little research and get back to you in a couple of days on this. Hey Joe, this version of Tomato is only built into the R because it has such a powerful hardware.

Hey Josh thanks for the mention. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Tomato router… what is it? So what is a Tomato router?

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