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What you need to know about early primary voting in Minnesota
Audience expecting fair game by all candidates. I think show was going like this if BB 3 is going to be no most worest super dooper utterplap. Sharma said it is not only the numbers that make the candidate formidable and claimed theirs is a "better candidate". Minnesota hip-hop star Dessa breaks into NYC publishing with new memoir. Shiv Balaji is good and nice. You can check the elimiantion Page for weekly Summary. Tejeswani very bad character….


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Absentee ballots will be mailed out beginning on June Completed ballots must be received by Aug. You can watch this video for more information about absentee voting, or click here for additional details.

Some counties may not offer one at all, or they may not open until closer to primary day. Beginning on June 29, it will be open every weekday between 8 a. It will also be open between 9 a. More info about early voting in Minneapolis here. Things are a bit different in Ramsey County, which includes St. There will be a handful of early voting centers around the county, but in-person early voting will not begin until Tuesday, Aug. You can find information about early voting locations and hours of operation in Ramsey County here.

If your voter registration is current and active, you do not need to show identification to vote. However, if you are registering to vote at your polling place, you need to bring proof of residence.

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Minnesota hip-hop star Dessa breaks into NYC publishing with new memoir. On Yes Day, Minnesota millennial parents let kids be 'the boss of the family'. I really like Teju honesty she may be hyper active once she is out of game show will loose the TRP. Memu ippudu season 2 lo patispate chyyyalanukuntunnanu chyylantay ela wild card entry mammalni pampincha galaraa. Plz eliminate tejaswini she only angry not any other good quality her….

Evariki enni votes vachao batata pettandi Leka pote maku ela telustundi Me istam vachina vallani eleminate chestunnavu. Dear bigg boss, eliminating shyamala is not fair. Wanted my given Deepthi tough task to Deepthi when compared to samrat, babu and few others. I think biggboss is having your favourites are tejaswi, samrat, sunaina, babu. Meeru votes ni baita cheppinchandi lekapothe maku ela telusthundhi plz eliminate teju she spoke vulgarly. Big boss2 — Nani gaaru thou Ares doing good hosting.

But as I felt you can talk to the individuals and control their emotions and temperament. Last week I thought you might warn Geeta and Nuthan due to their loose tongues. You warned Tanish, Sunaina but not this guys which is not fair. Yes even i also think nani should warn them and in the 3rd week geetha played politics for nomination. Yes nani is always saving koushal and deepthi and this week he warned tejaswi ,deepthi sunina and babu gogineni. They are doing their job in the biggboss house perfectly.

Uneducated peoples la behave chesthunaru. Manchi chedu task has proved there actual personalities. Though they shown there sacrifice in before task. I think putting Teja in jail is the best thing. No control to both of there mouths. I pity on Kaushal. I respect Geetha Madhuri for her boldness. Banu had shown 2 tounges yesterday. Sameer and Mumaith should go as they are creating difference in every one. Sameer has to Go this week.

I know Nani sir very well I acted in his new film along with him I am so happy for that he is doing very well in biggboss. Mumaith is lot better than Sameer. She has to stay. Without her house will be boring. Todays show Mumaith really touched my heart. You can simply vote her to save from elimination.

Make sure that you are voting mumaith once a day. You can find Google voting link on the home page and now this page is being updated.

You can check this page within 30min to find the working links to vote. Too selfish and too much acting. Archana is completely overacting and messing with Deeksha. Shiva and Adarsh are the best contenders for the show.

Dhanraj does comedy but he is fake. He is trying to get the emotional pulse of public with his love for family. Every contestant loves their family but if you see only dhanraj takes to next level Over action and too much of fake love for Mumaith is very visible to the audience.

Kalpana and Sameer should should stay. They are the drama twisters in the show. All gossips on them makes show much interesting and the rivalry too. Prince is the real GOPI as they call in the show.. Rachana and Diksha rivalry just started so they should stay too to make things more exciting in the house. All contestants are playing well we wear enjoying everyday by seeing big boss. We want auto ram Prasad and hyper adhi in big boss. Kalpana is matured, loving respecting and she is the person with kind heart and sensitive.

House mates should be ashamed of themselves by commenting on her. She lost herself from the day when everyone voted as her affection is fake not real. Especially few people are jealous and mean. Please lift her spirit up and bring her back. Miss her smile so much. Dhanraj is doing very much over about his family.. Eliminate dhanraj and prince actually they are playing games in the house,kalpana garu is good hearted and natural she is well playing in house i.

He is playing Like a kid. He is playing like a cheating game. Reasons For Momaith 1. If momaith feels comfortable with another person , she do friendship with them only. If any participating is not supporting fr him he will make a torchure on them 2. In the task When momith did hhunghama on the luxary budget task 2. So eliminate the momaith , mahedh kathi , prince , save the kalpana and kalpana and siva balaji.

Votes from house mates are only considered for nomination. Elimination depends upon people voting only. Irrespective of numerous requests Mumaith is speaking in English. Remove her from the show. We need someone who can speak in Telugu.

She had already got punishment in the last episodes. She will be punished for sure if she continues the same. I was so disappointed of this week task. Meru audience votes ki importance echivunte ela kalpana ni eliminate cheyaru y becz chala votes kalpanake vachai audience nunchi aina kuda eliminate chesaru.

Hariteja garu good person but not playing truth game she is created problems she is not honest to every participant. Why wild card entries are getting royal hotel treatment. Archaea was emotionally cornered but she is playing good. My vote to save archana. Royal guest got two days to finish only 3task and Hotel staff got less time to finish 9task not fair. Try the links from the article. Is the voting available only for india. Im from US and not bale to vote. If someone says she is weak.

Eliminate Archana, here behavior is not good. To cover up her mistakes she is trying to manipulate others. Scratching, pull cloths and sitting in a washroom winning task its only possible by wild card candidates. Dear Friend I think its like movie everything is fixed by big b. Winner is already decided by big b. Navdeep and Diksha played for self defence and remain players played for luxury budget. Hotel staff is eligible for captain task.

Last five days navdeep and diksha done nothing even though they got a chance to become caption. Take captain task Diksha and Navdeep play flow game. But warning not given by Big B. Hiding in a Toilet is also a game. Poor guys not understanding that winner is already fixed. Navdeep and Diksha played the task for self and Other played task for luxury budget. Only hotel staff is eligible for caption task.

Why Big Boss given chance for Royal Guest which is consists only two members. While playing wild card candidates scratching, pulling? They played foal game even though they won the task. Meru A vandii namste menu big boss apudu chustanu bb valla contestants character telusa poyindhi and bb fame apudu high range lo unthadhi kani. Tejaswini lantii stupid guys chala bad words use chestanaru and teju gharu task kuda antha preference ivvara make up medha lekspotha noora vesakona pedhipotharu avidda matram over action ki rani antaru..

Archana is good, save her, she is entertaining , her attire is good and only beauty in the house…. I think google voting is not reaching to people.. Its better to Star Maa to provide a direct link.

Like me their are many people from USA trying to vote. True we are also trying from USA and nothing opening. If a TV show got this much popular they should have their own website opened to collect public vote. Archana is emotionally cornered and anybody will react if they are cornered.

Shiva balaji may have anger but never burst to scold bad words like mumaith. Karthika initially said she never talk behind people, at first few weeks she is very calm and neutral and now selected few people to play back biting.

In between to get good TRP you never need karthika. Even if possible pls eliminate mumaith also. She is shouting at everyone. May be shiv balaji has anger issue problem. For all those commenting that voting via google is not working from US, use some common sense and first go to google. Mumaith is center of attraction in house,we are all happy for not eliminating her eliminate dhanraj save karthika and archana. I was very glad when Jr NTR asked for explanations.

The sanitary napkin issue: No girl will go and ask a boy prince regarding changing a napkin when she could have solved her issue with hari teja. She wanted to show prince that she is playing the task so well that she is thinking if she should waste money for using the bathroom. Sameer and group were too generous in that issue. It is as simple as that. She talked to kalpana in the night after everyone slept saying that you are great because she was jealous that Deeksha and kalpana were getting close.

Deeksha was right next to kalpana when this incident happened. She misbehaved with deeksha in the bathroom which was very evident by the way camera captured the issue. Archana narrated it totally opposite to sameer while deeksha narrated the actual situation to mumaith.

If archana wanted to solve the issue between adarsh and mumaith then all she should have done was to ask adarsh his version of story regarding mahesh. But she started talking about the issue saying that mumaith thinks about you like this. This is very obvious that she is telling adarsh how mumaith is upset with him.

In any situation she tries to budge in to solve the problem and take credit for solving the issue. Shiv Balaji is good and nice. Others like Adarsh, Karthika and Prince are grouping and planning to win. Adarsh is insecure abt himself and raising issues silently. I live in US. When and where to vote? My fav is Shiv Balaji. He is nice and straightforward. Plz eliminate dhanraj we cant bear his overaction and cheating audience to get votes from public acting so much love on his wife and crying this all fake we dont like his overaction this is the decision of our 16 families and our classmates and friends.

It is irritating to see mumaith khan in bigg boss house. Aadarsh enduku hariteja ni nominate cheyala tane annadu ga nuvvu phone vishayam lo double game aadav annadu mari nominations roju aa point gurthuku raaleda. Avunu bro 3 members 1 prince 2 aadharsh 3 hariteja villu muguru archana nu target chesukunaru endhukante e muguru chala maind game players this game is won dont make a mistakes in house survival and displayed family emotions and problem faced the first they are 3 members pre planning andhuke okkariki thyeliyakunda inko okkariki ranga cheppadhu idhi chala problems create chesthundhi dhine cheppudu matalu antaru okkaru manchiga unnte nachu andhuke mana mundhu manchiga unnatu natisthu okkari pai okkariki chadilo chepputhari chudaleka atlani e 3 members ani chepoadam ledhu andharu anthy kani center point archana nu chesthunaru.

Hai…this is sulthana…I think its better to eliminate sanjana anne…because she is creating some unnecessary arguments and creating a disturbance between the housemets…. Sanjana anne and tejaswini and sonaina ne eliminate chyandi Bigg boss plz anduku ante sanjana anne mumaith Khan kana behavior darunam ga undi tejaswini over acting sonaina worst so vela ne eliminate chyandi Bigg boss. Hoping good entertainer will join soon in wild card entry..

All the best Bigg Boss! Tejaswini,tanish,babu gogineni Ni please eliminate cheyyandi bigg boss please valla valla show antha padipothundi.. Bigg boss …mi show vijaya vanthamgaa konasagalante.. Main tejaswini thomdaraga eliminate cheyyandi…. Endurance…oka sari niluvuna narikesthanani cheapi. Than q Bigg boss. Bigg boss 2- Boss I think.. Final top 3 position lo 1.

I feel kaushal is a good and jenuine person and playing well. Plz save kaushal garu biggboss…. Deepthi Shunia is waray intelligent and big boss shunana over ection in big boss program please element. Nani in last week informed to Tejaswini and Samrat to change their behaving with each other but they are continuing in the same way. Please eliminate kirreti he is playing double game and babu also he is doing so brain human right and connect with all and Ganesh also he is a silent he is danger and he is tension sorry Ganesh.

Nani Garu kasta tejeswi nee kasta noru control lo petukomanandi. E varam kirite eliminate cheyandi chalu. Deepti ,tanish,tejaswi,kireeti elago e varam vellipotadu le So please save ganesh and Geeta madhuri We all people support ganesh and have to show our common strength.

Sir andaru k teams maintain chesthunnaru and saradaga assalu undatldu entertainment main adi ldu ani naku anipinchindi sir. Please vote geetamaduri and ganesh be-se geeta does not behave like a celebrity she supported common men. Bigboss show is a family show but tejasw isamrat tanish are mak-g it ugly disgusting be-se show adds back ground love tune. Tejaswi behaviour is very bad. Her timantic moves are against BB environment. Better she be removed on moral grounds.

Police filed cases on Gogineni Babu and he is not eligible for BB. Please remove him as police have to wait ling time to interrogate him. Tuesday, October 9 is the last day to register to vote for the November 6, General Election. Am I Registered to Vote? What's on the Ballot? What do you want to know about voting Thank you for visiting VoteTexas.

Where do I go to vote? I am registered to vote, but I moved this past year. Is there anything I need to do to make sure that I won't have a problem voting in November? What kind of identification is required to qualify to vote in person?

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