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How can I reset my QNAP Admin password?
Everything was done via phone and email and the experience was truly quite gratifying. Monday, February 12, 3: Simply visit the register page. Ease of Use applies to how simple a VPN is to use on any device. Please note that if the branch you want to pick up from doesn't have stock of one or more of the items in your order, it may take working days to transfer the stock to the branch so your order can be fulfilled. Our RA4W review unveils that you can only gain access to the download center, upon creating an account with the service regardless of whether you pay for a plan. Hy Dominik, habe schon vor ca.

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QNAP fails to reveal data corruption bug that affects all 4 bay and higher NAS devices

Remove From My Forums. Windows 10 IT Pro. Sign in to vote. After re-boot it works again. Prior to this update it was all working fine. Sunday, February 11, 6: Hi, Please check if "SMB 1.

SMB is a feature for file sharing. So, newer version of Windows will stop SMB 1. NAS requires it for sharing files with Windows. Sunday, February 11, 7: Hello, Also make sure these services are running: Sunday, February 11, 8: Hi Michael, Or in general Symptoms.

Assume that you try to turn on Network Discovery on a computer that is running Windows. To do this, you change the Advanced sharing settings in Network and Sharing Center. However, the changes are not saved. Therefore, you cannot turn on Network Discovery, and you experience the following issues: You cannot browse or find any network share.

You cannot view shared folders on a local network. This issue occurs for one of the following reasons: The dependency services for Network Discovery are not running. The Windows firewall or other firewalls do not allow Network Discovery. To resolve the issue, follow these steps: Make sure that the following dependency services are started: To do this, follow these steps: All in all we spent over hours investigating, proving and fixing this issue over the last 6 months, without even a thank you from them for the efforts expended.

However they have not done so and had not responded now for over a month until we prompted them a week ago, and now have gone silent again. I fear that they are too worried about public perception of their NAS to release what I see is critical information.

In short, if you have any QNAP running a version before 4. No amount of data scrubbing will recover the data if you have a disk failure and have not upgraded to these versions at a minimum.

Please share this message with other resellers and end users so they can protect their data too. Read more about it here. While this is a none-official reply, I thank you for your team to have time investigate and highlight the issue to us.

I also apology if you did not have a satisfied experience with our related support processes. As I have checked, we have already reviewing our release note draft with you, and we will improve and release it as soon as possible. It is confirmed that our storage system does cause hidden data integrity issue on parity block.

After the issue can be reproduced in our lab and is confirmed can cause data corruption along with Storage Craft Shadow Copy, we have now disabled it in all our released 4. Despite we have only received officially support request related to this issue from user that uses Storage Craft, we do agree with you that this option can potentially cause hidden data corruption under more general conditions when a RAID is in degraded mode, and should receive a higher level of attention and be addressed in the release note when fixed.

I thank you again for having this post, please kindly let me know if you have any further suggestion or find any other storage issue, and free feel to contact me directly by ripplewu qnap. We use ShadowProtect and have been fighting unexplained data corruption reported in ImageManager. I would upgrade either way to be sure. To be clear however, with my testing, the data is fine right up until a disk failure occurs, and it is at that point that the corruption occurs as the RAID software needs to recalc the missing data my terminology and it does so incorrectly.

If you have a QNAP and do not have a disk failure then the data is for the moment good. Thanks for taking the time to reply! I appreciate your insight as well as that of the QNAP manager. End result is everyone wins. I am of the understanding that this bug would not affect RAID scrubbing process.

I did not have any hdd failure during that period, but i did have stuff like — raid scrubbing — file system check after powercut. Glad to have helped.

Will post in next 24 hours. Jon — I have not yet completed it — will do so hopefully tonight. Work has been a bit crazy the last few days. Similarly to yours, they were not good.

I created a case with QNAP first case online and second case from the NAS itself and support requested remote support to be enabled on the device. After about a week they came back to me requesting access to be extended as it had expired.

No other follow up emails or phone calls. Tired of waiting on them, and having to get it working again, I migrated the data off and destroyed the pool to get it fixed. The second case was exactly like the first one — same issue, but this time I decided to wait a bit longer before fixing it myself, as I wanted to find the root cause for the error. After about two or three weeks I had no choice but workaround the issue myself and this time disable snapshot on the volumes. I had the opportunity to express my dissatisfaction on the survey after closing the case, but again never heard back from QNAP.

As you mentioned QNAP support is really bad, and they do not care about the customer data. I have had the pleasure of doing work with them and like your case, it took months to get correct information not a resolution because of lack of response and responsibility from QNAP support. I too have concerns about their support, but want to work with them to make it better if they are willing to do so.

After continued verification and discussions, the team has now not only updated the release note to include this important fix:. Such advice will include all the detail of an identified issue such affected products range, summary and suggested solutions and be announced on our website, sent to related distributors and promoted to related users as soon as released.

Since it is our job to do in-depth research regarding all VPN providers, we could not help to dig a little deeper into the service. Our RA4W review found many Reddit users being completely dissatisfied with the provider. One concerned customer has been facing a tough time reaching support regarding issues concerning server unavailability. Another customer seems to be pissed off at the slow speeds of the servers, demanding a refund only after two months of usage. Although RA4W has not mentioned it offers any refunds, it still seems to avoid responding.

The customer has not received any response from the team and goes on reporting the provider as a fraud service. In another thread , a shocking revelation is uncovered. A Reddit user wants to learn more about the service due to its exceptional pricing. The user claims that RA4W keeps connection and ports detected logs and further proves it by posting a link.

Seems like the user spent a lot of time gathering this information by exploiting weak points in the service. There is also a taunt directed to RA4W, telling them not to use open-source software. Our RA4W review establishes that the provider is only suitable for those individuals who need a budget VPN at their disposal and will not be bothered by inconsistent connection speeds. The low pricing is definitely an attractive trait. However, the service fails to compete with other VPNs in the marketplace.

With its limited selection of protocols, lack of encryption choices, average customer support, and DNS leaks, it is highly unlikely you will receive top security and anonymity. Combine these flaws with the Reddit impressions; you may want to think twice before subscribing to the VPN.

Hamza Shahid is a tech-geek, who adores creativity and innovation. When he is not watching TV and stuffing himself with munchies, he loves sharing his expert knowledge regarding the latest trends in user privacy and copyright infringement.

On the sidelines, he is an avid car-enthusiast and music-addict. Nothing can beat his love for muscle cars and EDM. It meets my needs and does it very well. Plus, you even have the capability of purchasing a lifetime subscription. Avoid them at all costs!! Nothing works — and when I tried to get a refund via paypal they said they were experiencing technical difficulty blah blah… honestly they are useless! Hi Tam Lee, thanks for sharing your experience. However, the company is actually not being dishonest.

The VPN provider makes no claims of offering a money back guarantee. Could you share a screenshot of their reply to you? Hi Brandon, you will find the configuration files on the main RA4W website. Log in to your account to gain access to the dashboard. I use the ra4w program but want to switch to openvpn, I have the software installed but cannot find the config file for open vpn to add the dns leak fix dll and I am not sure if it should go in the server info.

I use the london server …. Your email address will not be published. Hamza Shahid June 25, Variable server performance 2. Basic Windows Client 3. No free trial 5. Make sure to follow the steps below: If that does not work: RA4W VPN Tracker Test Since we live in a fast-paced world dominated by digital information, every single click we make online could result in our internet activity being traceable to unknown authorities — thanks to the use of cookies.

Follow the steps below for connecting to RA4W servers on your Android device: Final Verdict Our RA4W review establishes that the provider is only suitable for those individuals who need a budget VPN at their disposal and will not be bothered by inconsistent connection speeds. August 31, at 3: September 5, at 6: August 31, at August 7, at 2: August 5, at 3: I use the london server … this is an ok vpn and the price was right.

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