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Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Proxy
However Hotspot Shield didn't work on my computer. On the other, with Closest Tunnel feature, you can connect with a nearest available server for ultimate browsing and streaming speed. IPVanish Paid Unlimited 3. You can get these features with HMA: Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 18 comments. Use our product with unlimited bandwidth!

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Top 12 Best Alternative of Hotspot Shield 2018

Only can change IP to one country. Make sure to avoid all the "extra features" in the installation process. If you want security then I would recommend TOR, but for breaking geo-blocking HS is relatively good, taking in mind that it is a free service!

The program does starts adds in the top of your browser, but these can be filtered by for example AdBlock for Google Chrome and properly other add-blockers as well.. HS does slow down the speed and response, but the connection seems stable.

If you are going to use a malware removing software or a kernel fixing software like ComboFix, then get rid of this before you do so because you will be in a world of hurt if it stays. Hotspot shield takes your IP, country of origin, browsing history and gives it to advertisers who put a persistent cookie that follow us everywhere, including back to your originating IP.

You are not protecting your IP with this. You are providing all your computer data to anybody who wants to take a look: This is not for free. It will cost you your freedom. Beware of the facts behind this scam.

Eset detects it as a virus! However Hotspot Shield didn't work on my computer. My experience with Hotspot Shield has been all good. I use it at work for a couple reasons: But contains a lot of ads.. And change the search results in Google refer you to the ask. It is very simple to use with an own self opening Firefox Explorer, if you start the Tor button. In this special Firefox Explorer I set http: Hotspot Shield is listed in VPN. Pricing Information One time purchase perpetual license.

Secure your personal data whenever you're online. Anonymous proxy servers don't keep your data secure. Many free online proxies leave you vulnerable to hackers who want to steal your passwords, financial data, and other sensitive information. Alternatively, Hotspot Shield VPN services secure your web session while providing fast internet access and privacy. If you want to keep your personal information safe online, a VPN proxy service from Hotspot Shield is the best option.

Hotspot Shield's free VPN proxy establishes a secure, virtual tunnel around your internet traffic. This tunnel ensures your security by encrypting your data and blocking all potential threats coming from outside the network.

Its software client is the simplest one and comes with a user friendly interface. You can boost your bandwidth by purchasing paid packages.

They also offer free web proxy but to use their software client you have to buy a paid plan. It offers several services to consumers like Pro VPN, web proxy, IP port proxies, anonymous email, privacy softwares and files uploading, etc.

With all of these numbers, you have options to surf the internet through more than 1. Ultrasurf is made by Ultrareach Internet Corp. They launched this application in ; Ultrasurf is one of the best Pro privacy, freedom and anti-censorship software. Ultrareach also offers UltraProxy to unblock geographically restricted content and censored websites. Millions of users from more than countries use UltraSurf to protect their online privacy.

You just have to download its client and install on your PC to take benefits. However, with the help of Google Chrome extension, you can take the same benefits. Keep in mind, UltraSurf keeps a log of your online activities for 30 days to improve their service. And the basic purpose of collecting this info is just for anti-blocking purpose as they mentioned on their website.

AlwaysVPN required registration for taking benefits from their service, so you have to sign up first. AlwaysVPN is very simple to use. This VPN protects you with strong encryption and authentication. PrivateTunnel also a convenient and reliable software similar to Cyberghost. With over 50 million downloads so far, it shields the users against IP address leak, encrypts online activities, browsing traffic, and also avoid DDoS attacks. The company has 12 worldwide server locations which can be chosen to connect virtually.

This VPN protects your internet connection through secure encryption. You can access sites banned in your country as well as can enjoy favorite TV shows. When enabled, you can surf more securely and anonymously with OkayFreedom.

Top 12 Best Hotspot Shield Alternative and Similar VPN Apps 2018