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Change to an adequate and preferred location. To allow torrent inbound and outbound communication flow freely, you might have to adjust your port default settings. If your upload speed is more than Kbps set your values to 15, 10, and 15 and so on…. It is unable, by default, to stream media files while a download is in progress. It will be in the following format:

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The client is grayed out because you are installing the client itself, but if you have another torrent client, such as uTorrent and want to leave that client to handle all. In the next steps, choose your install location and click Install.

You might be faced with the following Windows Security Alert from the Firewall. It is recommended as Windows suggests to leave Deluge client to operate in trusted networks. It will be in the following format: In next step, Connection Manager will open, select your localhost and click on button Connect like in the picture below.

One of the first things to notice is a menu bar. We will explain step by step what is the purpose of every button. With this button, we can delete single or multiple torrents. Click this button to access official Deluge support page.

You can load torrents via two ways, via URL link or via the. We will explain both ways. When you select a particular torrent like on the picture , you can notice down below all info related to that torrent.

The Bottom menu bar is very practical for getting quick information. Also, shows remaining free HDD space on your server. The left side menu is designed to provide a quick info about loaded torrents. It provides the information about the current state of loaded torrents. Your Downloads folder might be starting to get messy after many downloads.

It is perhaps time to organize it and direct Deluge to keep it that way. Change to an adequate and preferred location. You might want to change it to keep things organized.

It could be media, stuff, movies folder or whatever. To install a plugin, go into the official Deluge plugin website. You can browse through their immense library of, 3rd party, browsers, and application plugins. In this example, you will learn how to allow Streaming video and audio directly from Deluge client while downloading something impossible with the original client with the help of a 3rd party plugin. Make sure you download the correct version for your Operative System. It will take a second, and then it will be shown in the left-hand side menu as below.

To improve anonymity with Deluge, the torrents can be downloaded to a remote computer server , not to your local computer or device. This will hide most of the demon functionality on your local computer. You have to prepare your remote Deluge machine to accept remote connections, so please follow this tutorial carefully.

The Reason for this is because Deluge is configured for the unprivileged account like users account. We need to find info about our Deluge. Login remotely via SSH. If you are logged via SSH as a root account, you need to switch to user account first, or to a user for which Deluge is configured. We need to disable Classic mode. We need to add actual remote connection now. Press Add, then Connect. After this step, you should be able to initiate a remote connection with Deluge.

Provide the default password and proceed by clicking Login. On this page, spaces are provided for updating the WebUI password. Old password is the password you used to log in previously, a new password for the one you intend to create right now. Once done, click change and a confirmation prompt will appear confirming the change. A unique feature of this plugin is the ability to place limits on bandwidth usage throughout the day.

Check or tick Scheduler and hit Apply then OK. Close this splash screen first and refresh the page. The next time you go to Preferences, Scheduler should be available at the bottom as a Category. Frist thing you need to do is to connect to your Deluge WebUI. When you finish all that click Save button. Now you will notice that your torrents will begin downloading. To keep up with the latest torrent extensions, ltconfig is a plugin used in Deluge that allows direct modification to libtorrent settings.

If you are using Windows, start by downloading a. You can get the. Execute the Windows installer. The following settings are just suggestions. You might have the fastest bandwidth and best computer, but your ISP might be doing a great job blocking torrent protocols.

These recommendations should not be taken as the ultimate settings. But, most users that applied some of these settings are satisfied with them, so you will probably be as well. To allow torrent inbound and outbound communication flow freely, you might have to adjust your port default settings. The reason is that lower ports tend to be blocked by ISPs and they also tend to conflict with other application ports.

Change to the port number to any number between 50, and 65,, especially avoid ports within range , as they tend to be blocked by ISPs.

If you are using public trackers with your client, it is recommended to leave the Network Extras default settings all on. DHT and Peer Exchange will help you find more peers and seeds to download your torrent faster. To allow maximum connectivity, you may want to make sure that your client is able to connect to other peers that have protocol encryption enabled. If you opt for maximum security, you can Force encryption. This option will refuse to connect to other peers that do not have encryption enabled on their end.

If your Deluge ports are being blocked by either a firewall or router, your communication with other peers will be limited or will not even be possible. First, check your software antivirus and firewall and make sure that an exception is made to allow Deluge connectivity.

Of course, to make this work, the router will also need to be UPnP enabled. Most new routers have UPnP enabled by default. But too little can also waste precious bandwidth resources. So how can you find the right queuing settings? It all depends on the measured bandwidth values found before.

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