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WoT Mac Wrapper Support
Your arsenal includes more than armored vehicles from America, Germany, and the Soviet Union, carefully detailed with historical accuracy. Game Center Challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements. You8What Mar 24 Will WoT Update 1. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Connect with:. TrevzorFTW Mar 28 In the first few years of the game this was not the case and standard tanks were equal to any premium tank with rare exceptions, some due to mistakes rather than a culture of "buy better tanks".

Step By Step Guide To Play World of Tanks Blitz on PC & Mac

World of Tanks for MacOS

Any ways to increase fps? The launcher wont open Started by sookeslayer44, Aug 05 Crickxus May 29 Game suddenly won't launch! Started by Rikki, May 14 Rikki May 14 Duaner02 May 14 GadgetHackwrench May 11 Intel hd performance?

Started by gacl, Dec 07 1 2. Lethalhavoc May 05 You see, there are different reasons and in fact, a big part play World of Tanks Blitz primarily on a PC! Well, most have the same problems:. The deal is, if you do it right like I show you below in this guide , you will not have any problems. But that will also get you banned when playing on Android or iOS devices…. The way to do it is not that difficult — you download an emulator on your Windows PC or Mac which will simulate an Android device.

No fear of getting banned and full game support. To give you the background, Bluestacks was initially developed to be a tool for app developers to test out their apps without loading it to their mobile devices — that was back in the ish years.

It wasn't even a gaming computer in its time. I did not mean for it to sound like I was saying that Macs were better for gaming because they weren't even built for that ; I was talking about how it was a big step up from the bad computer I used to have.

It also, in general, has more professional software for music production and video editing. I wasn't saying it was better for gaming though.

But there's nothing inherent about Macs other than operating system; I'm pretty sure you can install Mac OS on random machines and likewise for Windows on Mac, too.

As for installing OSX on any random machine, that is sometimes possible and other times not. The installer needs components that are within certain constraints or else the OS won't be installed. That's not a counterargument. Just an interesting thing.

I'm not blaming anything for the hardware; I'm pleased with how it performs considering everyone gives Apple hate for not making gaming computers. I just like the OS and how it operates. It's good for me because I'm in college and need something to do my homework on, and MacBooks are great for that. I don't understand why people are hating on it, honestly. I was just making a comment about how my computer performs well, which isn't what people think when someone says Mac.

Youre the type of person that compares a thousand dollar mac to a dollar windows and says pcs suck arent you I built my own PC so I could play games.

I use my MacBook for school because they're generally better for that sort of thing. I use my MacBook when I'm at school and have a break to play. Yeah, I have vert. If the Mac version is not an official release, you can't really blame Wargaming for screwing up. Heyyo, eh ultimately CodeWeavers can easily fix this by removing all traces of dxgi. The login issues seems to be more with some other part of the wrapper though.. Heyyo, err it should be working just fine on Mac though Apparently if you just leave it for a long time until it times out and then click "reconnect" it works.

Heyyo, glad to hear it for you and FrothyPeach96! I'm jelly lol I'm on lunch break at work so I still have yet a few more hours before I can enjoy patch 9. Thankfully I used a low tier tank. Hopefully this will be fixed as I don't want to invest in a PC for the sole purpose of gaming.

Will try the Boot Camp option next. You will tank me later on. Codeweavers posted a new wrapper that worked perfectly for me on El Capitan. Of course, now that I've run it, I'm seeing issues in-game - white screen but not frozen, as it responded to a Command-Q , freeze upon battle loading - but at least I can get to the garage now.

Hopefully I'll be able to find a combination of settings that will prove stable. For those of us like me who can launch the game the first and play, but then have it freeze every subsequent time - there is a workaround.

Remove the WoT files from the "Application Support" directory before starting the game back up. You'll lose some of your preferences like saved credentials, window size, and graphics prefs , but it's worked reliably for me. Open Terminal and run:. This just removes some settings, etc. It's a little annoying to have to re-set my graphics preferences, but at least I can play reliably.

Two months later and the Mac wrapper still hardly works. Tabbing out and back into the game results in a white screen which you must force quit the game and restart.

Then there's even a slight chance you might get into the battle without it crashing or even better, completing the match but crashing loading back into the garage. The comments discussing software compatibility are only somewhat accurate.

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