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Frontier Communications Speed Test
Very likely congestion as with stats like these you shouldn't be seeing issues. The Good Alberta […] Share: This speed test is useful if you feel a connection slow down or want to see how your Internet is performing. That could be because your Internet speed depends on a lot of things — including the devices you use and what you do online. This only happens at night. Check for conflicting signals.

Tips and tricks for faster Internet

Tips and tricks for faster Internet Reset your network. It sounds simple, but sometimes resetting your network is all you need to do to boost your Internet speeds.

Just power off or unplug your modem and router, wait 30 seconds, and then restart your network. Check for conflicting signals. Check the frequency that your wireless devices run on — if multiple devices run on the same frequency, using them at the same time will lead to slow Internet speeds.

See what devices are on your network. The more devices that are on your network — including computers, laptops, tablets, game consoles and smartphones — the slower your speeds will be. And some activities, like streaming video, gaming and downloading movies, take up more bandwidth, resulting in slower Internet speed.

Wireless Internet speeds depend on how far your devices are from your router. To boost your Internet performance, move your router to a more central location — or invest in a router with stronger signals. Slow Internet speed may not be a result of your Internet connection. It could be a result of an old, cluttered or outdated browser. Keep your Web browser updated with the latest version. I also have my transceiver statistics here if that will help: Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Very likely congestion as with stats like these you shouldn't be seeing issues. If it's not congestion and you're sure the computer isn't the problem, I can only ask if these speeds are through a VPN. I had a mbit fiber connection at school and only got around 5mbps over the VPN and at least 70mbps without it. Check with neighbors when your speeds are slow to determine if it's congestion.

If they're always slow, check to see if you're getting a lot of errors. If you are, it could be what's slowing down your connection. Your Modem stats look fine.

Looks like you're still using the Westell though. I'd be giving tech support a call and have an in home check made on your lines as well as have them bump you up to the more current, Netgear N. From what I read on your Review, your area is undergoing some substantial upgrades, so you may want to check into what is going on and what is available to you in Sylvania, OH. I'd still see about an in home tech visit, check your external lines as well as internal setup. Swap out the for the and see what that does for you.

When was the last time you reset your modem? Do you know of anyone close by using Frontier and having similar problems? You may also want to e-mail or call a local area manager to see if this is an isolated problem, or more wide spread. I went through 3 of them that just went bad for no particular reason in less than 2 years. I'm no fan of mass produced, Chinese manufactured products. The Netgear N isn't much better, but it at least has wireless N instead of the 's wireless G.

Hopefully, between a tech visit, modem upgrade and contacting your regional manager, your problem can be found and resolved. I agree with Strider. When did you power cycle your modem last. Are you sure your computer is clean. What I could see from your modem stats your modem looks good.

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