The original Popcorn Time is back from the dead — but nobody knows who’s running it

2. The Owner Sold the Domain and It’s Back Up, At Least For Now

Is Popcorn Time Back? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
TorrentFreak noted that the MPA emailed them, saying the lawsuits are part of a strategy to encourage consumers to use legal sources and to cut down on copyright infringement. Meanwhile, the original developer of Popcorn Time has plans to revive the site eventually. The owner of Popa. A new alternative, Popa. The film studio listed numerous IP addresses that had streamed the movie in its lawsuit. The original Popcorn Time developer says he plans on reviving the site. Since then, Popcorn Time alternatives have been popped up and then are quickly taken back down after receiving warnings from the Motion Picture Association.

1., a Popcorn Time Alternative, Received an MPA Notice Hours After Going Online

Popcorn Time Torrent Site Is Back Up and Running

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