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What is the best alternative to Vuze?
This client is very popular with Russian users, but has a few issues. Both will be continued to be developed. Like Deluge, this is a worthy alternative client to uTorrent. This interactive and well-designed BitTorrent client and torrent downloader is known for splitting the torrent files first into multiple parts and then assigning the multi-threading system so that…. If we really wanted to force the Vuze interface on everyone, then we could have done. For tens of millions of BitTorrent users, uTorrent is the immediate client of choice.

BitLord v2.1.1

BiglyBT, new Vuze-based torrent client without ads

Has issues with large torrent numbers. Torrent downloads can freeze. Needs to be reinstalled from time to time. Search engine requires installing Python. Allows share ratio limiting. Enables streaming media while it's downloading. In-Program torrent search via various search-engines. Can be used to create torrents embedded tracker. Has a command line interface and a daemon. Missing some more advanced controls. Includes minor UI issues.

Does not preload magnet data. No web seeding suport. Functionality can be extended with a variety of plugins. Can't "force start" downloads.

Demon not lightweight as expected. No built-in search engine. No super-seeding support out of the box. No built-in broadcatching support. Very minimalistic, straightforward design philosophy.

No preload magnet metadata. If data is corrupted, torrent file has to be re-added. The app is hiding too much information. Works great on a seedbox with its web interface. Pre-installed on multiple Linux distributions, including Ubuntu. Written in Python, uses a lot of CPU on fast downloads. No proxy server support. Clean and easy to navigate user interface. Easy to make your own skin. Additional features with the purchase of BitTorrent Pro. Sometimes downloads start automatically.

Sometimes it doesn't complete the schedule. Splitting of downloads in up to 20 threads. Difficult to uninstall browser addons. Remember login and password for websites. Does not quickly close after download completes. There is also a plus version available that does away with the advertisement that is displayed in the client, and ships wiht add-on features such as built-in antivirus protection, DVD burning, or media playback while downloading.

It comes with an integrated Java Runtime Environment so that Java does not need to be installed globally on the system to use the torrent client. Vuze users will notice the similarities to the client. Basically, BiglyBT's first version is just like Vuze, but without the advertisement that Vuze displays in the free version of the client, and some tacked on features according to Torrentfreak. The features that were removed are the content network, game promotions, DVD burning, and the offers in the installer.

Another difference between Vuze and BiglyBT is that the latter is strictly open source, while the former includes proprietary code. Here is a short list of features that BiglyBT supports besides the obvious such as downloading and seeding torrents:.

The developers have big plans for the program while Vuze's development seems to have stalled in recent time. Advertising revenue is falling fast across the Internet, and independently-run sites like Ghacks are hit hardest by it.

The advertising model in its current form is coming to an end, and we have to find other ways to continue operating this site. We are committed to keeping our content free and independent, which means no paywalls, no sponsored posts, no annoying ad formats or subscription fees.

I use to have for many years installed Azureus Vuze before it became bloatware. In the first few years before Vuze became bloated, like nothing before I could tune it and than it was still ferry usable.

And could I also mention the ferry underpraised download program eMulev0. I know that the EMulev0. Deluge is also good, but a bit resources-hungry for my taste. Mind you I only use it too download. Any way I was aware it is bloatware. So I thought why not give this offshoot a whirl. Just keep in mind I am not really tech savy. When I installed BB Avira came up with this message: MS Firewall gave me this message: When once its fine tuned you can forget about it , it automates all. Fun was to read who needs dvd burning, pirates?

LOL …this kind of comment from torrent user is just too funny to even comment on. But…tell me little one, WHY do you use torrents then? To download books and cooking recipes? Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Please click on the following link to open the newsletter signup page: Ghacks Newsletter Sign up.

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BiglyBT Vuze users will notice the similarities to the client. Here is a short list of features that BiglyBT supports besides the obvious such as downloading and seeding torrents: Swarm merging across torrents that share the common files. BiglyBT detects similar files in multiple torrents automatically, and merges swarms to download files faster and, if possible, fix incomplete torrents. Rate limiting to limit rates globally, by download, by tag, peer-set e.

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