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The Login for DD-WRT Routers
It always great to hear nice feedback. Jun 29, - 9: Dec 9, - 4: Jan 26, - 1: Shutdown the router step 2:

Before we begin …

Let us know how it goes …. I received the message: This firmware file is incorrect! Please get the firmware file again and make sure it is the correct firmware for this product.

You first tried the initial firmware for the R, right? I mean this one: I know when you enable beamforming that certain computers with intel based WiFi experience issues. If it was possible to install Transmission BT in the stock firmware, I would love to do this…. Are you using 2. Any clues — I have already tried the settings above and have tried lots of other configuration setting changes, but nothing seems to work.

I only need dd wrt so that I can connect to overplay vpn, else the stock firmware was fine for me. I initially plugged my new router in with the netgear firmware and everything was working with default settings — not sure what I have to do with dd wrt though.

Version is now available at http: Hey bro i just did everything great tutorial!! I honestly have not even tried this. I will be trying this this weekend. Thanks for the very nice feedback — makes it all worthwhile to put time in my website! There is a new version of the Kong firmware available, , which can be found here. Seems that new version can be expected at ftp: Does any have the latest version still available?

I did not have a chance to update the downloads at Tweaking4All yet …. Hans you are trying in the wrong ftp — you are looking in beta — this is the link you need http: It is the folder where Kong puts all file now. May I say that would be better for you than than which was just released to test some log files nine minutes after the one I suggest. Thank you for the correct link. Your milage may vary. The best way to find out is by experimenting. After testing enable the other radio again and see how it affects the transfer rate and interference.

Please let us know what your findings are …. Channel Width will potentially increase data throughput, but might also contribute to interference with the other radio. Then test each individual option enabled, to see potential impact.

Try again, changing the channel extension, and so on. Good additional info considering recent changes and Verizon specifics …! But you can go to Not sure what you mean with AC power …? Hey guys, something really strange hapenned to me today when I was flashing the DD firmware. As soon as the procedure was completed everything looked ok, but I could not connect to the internet.

It said I has limited connectivity and would let me surf the the web. Thinking it might have been the firmware, I rolled back to the original firmware, but still can connect to the internet.

I called my ISP to see if it was something outsise of my house or anything, but they are sending someone over. Has anyone had this problem before? Has anyone solved it? On the myopenrouter website, there are 2 downloads available. If I am flashing from stock for the first time, which file should I use? Do not forget that you need to flash a base DD-WRT version first see above — near the 3 big green download boxes before flashing a new version.

As of on the myopenrouter link in step2 all the way in the beginning of the article there are two different firmwares to download;. On Kongs homepage there is a v firmware as well. When coming from NetGear firmware, flash first the so called. A chk contains a header that identifies the build as suitable for the specific router model, oem firmware check this header.

So I carefully assume you will not need these values? Which can be a challenge, so sometimes Mr. Thank you for your reply! They never mention anything about using another modem, so I just assumed that it was just adding another router and using the existing modem. In that case your modem is just dumb and only handles the DSL handshake, but nothing else. This is the preferred method, but this can be challenging though.

You might want o see if you can find anything for your modem by using Google. A short read that I found might be worth looking at: When to put modem into bridge mode. And I ran into this mini tutorial as well. Been there, Done it …. It can be a little complex to read, I agree. Just take your time and rethink every step before executing them. The modem wil have an IP address that you cannot connect to from your network. Write it down, maybe on a post-it and stick it under the modem.

At a later time you might need to connect your computer directly to the modem, for this the computer needs a manual IP address, with gateway set to the IP address of the modem, and sub-netmask set to DNS is not required.

I hope this is helpful. This gives the hability to setup more than one guest network per band. Installed it and love it. Same here … I would say that the real hard work was done by Kong — so he is the one who deserves the donation. You could also try to locate him through his MyOpenRouter. Now, I bought this router hoping I could increase my VPN speed, my old router drops any speed to 5mbps, I had a mbps and now 20mbps, no difference between those 2 scenarios.

So, currently I have 20mbps and after configuring the VPN on the netgear router, I cannot get more than 6. I would discard directly c because it is supposed to be a high-end router but I would like to know any clues, hints, tips or facts that could solve my speed problem or get a solid explanation to my scenario. The next point of speed bumps is indeed your VPN Provider.

I have seen fast ones Astril for example and horribly slow ones the free ones. I suggest trying another VPN provider. Astril proved to be good, but there are others, and most offer a free trial.

Thanks for posting your findings — that looks very good! Did you try any other providers? Might not be best option outside US, speed drops significantly Money-back guarantee is 7 days You can only switch servers 15 times per month Only 1 device per account is allowed at a time Activity logging. Thanks for the info!

The latter might become too cumbersome although it would serve a lot of people, looking for independent reviews. I doubt Kong would remove 5Ghz, as it is one of the strengths of the Netgear router to have both 2. Are you sure you took the right version? Do we still need to flash the Initial chk, when the current Kong build is already being delivered as a chk? Every time I highlight one of the options in the drop down menu I instantly get kicked off the page. Any ideas on what I should do?

I will be honest with you. I am new to all this. Did you set the proper WAN connection type under: What always seems to go wrong when I do this: Just a few suggestions …. I have deactivated its wifi and connected it with my new R router via Ethernet cable. Before starting the flashing process I deactivated my laptops wifi and connected it to R using an Ethernet cable. I uploaded the latest dd-wrt.

After the first dd-wrt login and changing the login and password I changed the settings to factory default. Internet wifi connection should automatically be on or do I need to do more tweaking? Once that is running, you can start experimenting with the other settings …. Hoep this helps …. I seem to have another problem now. After flashing the router to dd-wrt, when I try to upload the. I tried to reload it but in vain.

Is the router bricked? If yes then is there a way to restore it. Your router does not necessarily need to be bricked. With flashing and such always give it plenty of time — it might take a while. So let it really sit for hours to make sure , wait 10 seconds and switch it on again.

After a few minutes give it a chance to boot , try if you can access it. Maybe this topic at NetGear might help. You could consider doing a hard-reset also known as a reset link. I have never tried it though:. With the unit powered on, press and hold the reset button on back of unit for 30 seconds Without releasing the reset button, unplug the unit and hold reset for another 30 seconds Plug the unit back in STILL holding the reset button a final 30 seconds.

Some great places to look for more info: Thank you for your replies. Admin page loading problem was due to browser. I was using IE and when I switched to Firefox everything went okay. Thank you for the settings. Now there is something else I want your advice on.

My 4G router IP address is As for your IP conflict, the easiest way to solve this is to temporary disconnect your 4G modem, then go to http: After changing that reboot might be needed , simply reconnect your 4G modem, and now you should be able to access both individualy.

Bridging a modem strongly depends on the brand and model of the modem. For example this article at PCWorld. Do you have an idea of what the problem might be. Are you noticing this with the 5Ghz WiFi? Or also the 2. The flickering signal issue happens to both the 2. Any joy with the update to the version ? Do you happen to see those drops when using a Mac? With the introduction of El Capitan, it appears my 2. Reading all this, it sounds like the needed firmware is in beta, but functional.

Thanks for your kindly reply.. Hi there, thanks heaps for the guide — but I am having the same problem as a couple of other users. My current Netgear firmware is V1. See also the Kong ReadMe. I just did mine with chrome and all worked perfect. I have found that certain browsers will download a file and it looks ok but if is a compressed or some sort of zip file, the browser may mess it up during download.

Thanks Lancer for jumping in! In the meanwhile, for more info, you could check out the MyOpenRouter R forum topic, unless someone here has a good tip how to address this issue. It tries to summarize tips, tricks and best practices. I would be surprised to see a difference with the R, meaning: The version numbering is indeed very confusing and seems inconsistent, or at least the info concerning the releases is.

Just reading some more, and in folks seem to be jumping back to build because of VPN issues. Worth a try I suppose, even though your version should be newer. I did find some newer versions here as well FTP root folder. The overal performance of the AsusWRT firmware is very goed as well. Hard reset to the router returns access to router admin site, but the version remains r Or use another webbrowser — For example: I have Chrome and Safari on my Mac, where I usually use Chrome, sometimes I jump back to Safari when things do not seem to go the way I expect them to go.

I am repeatedly getting stuck at the white page http: Any idea on what to do? Or, and this is what I typically do, use a different browser. I have the flash on my nighthawk , but I am hearing about the Big or Mega Ver of flash now … does anyone know where I can find them?

I have never heard of a Big or Mega version … could you provide a link where you found that? There are however alternatives: The file I used: See also Xwrt-Vortex for details about this particular firmware. Interesting, before testing, is it possible to configure the OpenVPN service in this firmware or is that about to be tested?

So to answer your question: OpenVPN is included in the firmware … As for testing, well, my lack of experience could use some guidance on how to test this best. So that might require some extra trickery to do it right testing. A good source with some of the features described: There are a lot of nifty features, the ability to work with Cron jobs and scripts for example: I had installed Kong while writing the original article and updated to a newer version of Kong Aug14 With this firmware I could simply upgrade with the ,chk file.

Newer versions of King might need a. Everything was great up till basic configurations. Can you connect to the WiFi? Did you clear the browser cache just in case? Or try another browser? Do I need to change the LAN and wifi settings as instructions above? Or just the way i connect to the internet? I initially did the settings with the router wired to my computer, but when i hit save in the LAN settings, the Connection has been reset message appeared. Or leave it in auto configuration?

What time zone do I select? Should I check it or leave it blank? In the wifi, I have the option to choose Optimize Multicast Traffic. Also have Airtime Fairness as an option. Check it or leave blank? Should stop the process after step 7? Do I need to go back to stock netgear R firmware? You can do this connected over Ethernet recommended or WiFi. Not to connect your computer to the router.

As for the other settings: If you do not need port forwarding step 8 then you can indeed stop after step 7. I would leave all settings ot mentioned in this article to their default values.

I never needed them. As far as I know: I finally got it working. Only issue is that the internet connection drops once in a while. Especially after starting to use the computer after being off. It connects to the VPN, but it says no internet connection. I have reboot the router to start working. In the past, without the VPN internet worked perfectly. So it literally drops Internet? Yes it drops and cannot reconnect. I had to reset everything back to stock settings.

I have not seen this behavior before with 2. Something must be wrong obviously with either your WiFi settings, your router, the connected device can you test another WiFi device? Firstly, thanks very much for providing this information… You are all very helpful. I stumbled across this page when I was looking for a way to connect to VPN and, based on what I have read, the Netgear R seems to be one of the best routers to use for this.

However, we are using a router at the entrance to our building to feed the LAN connections throughout the flat and it is really not in the best location for wifi.

We would also like the option of keeping the local wifi, so if I flash the Netgear as described above, will I then be able to plug it into one of the LAN sockets therefore keeping the local wifi via the first router, and the LAN cables or will I need to change additional settings? Is there any reason this will not work? I hope this makes sense! And yes, you could pull an Ethernet wire from the first router to another router or computer.

If you decide to use another router, connect both ends of the Ethernet cable to the LAN port of both routers. This way the second router just becomes kind off a repeater. Thanks for your very quick reply. By plugging in offline I only receive error messages, even if I manually type At least that tells me I should be able to do what I want to do, eventually, but right now there seems to be no way to access the R settings.

How can I actually access the settings to set up the router and install the firmware? I would first connect to the NetGear directly without having the router connected to anything else. The advantage is that everything is still handled by the main router, you just get a signal boost by having a second WiFi running. The downside being that accessing the admin pages of the NetGear might be problematic. The advantage there is that you can access the admin pages, but the downside would be that specific settings for example port forwarding might not work as expected since the main router still remains in control of that.

Hello again,Sorry for the delay but it feels like I have been trying to get this thing set up for the last week… With very limited results. So firstly, the good news. I managed to install the firmware without any real problem. The menu appears as expected. However, I have a couple of problems that I am hoping you may be able to help with.

This means I am only able to access the menu once. This was also the problem I mentioned above, which existed before changing the firmware. Is there something I am doing wrong or is there a problem with the router? I really am stuck! Could this be a bug or is there something else I should know? I have now got almost everything set up. The dashboard is showing as connected to the internet my VPN settings are showing as accepted in the settings area.

I have set up port forwarding NAT on the primary router. However, web pages are not loading on my computer. Is there another setting that I may need to change? I have played about with everything I can think of, but to no avail…. But not every modem will support that. If the latter is the case: If webpages are not loading, I usually first try if DNS works properly. If you see something like this, then all is OK and the problem has to be found somewhere else. An error with your DNS might look something like this:.

I need to establish a gateway to gateway VPN tunnel rather than client-gateway. I would like to use this router for the wireless capability but also have the VPN tunnel to a secondary location for my business traffic. Unfortunately, at this moment I cannot reach their website connection time out.

Some of the links Google mentions: I was hoping I could help find an answer for you by Googling it … but since the pages do not load, I have no idea how useful it would be for your question. I decided to try option 2 as it was the one that looked the most suitable to keep the local and VPN connections. So, I think I am going around in circles. Do I also need to set up access rules? A couple of things are a little unclear. My option says Automatic IP. Exactly where do I check that?

You also mention a fixed IP address. Or can you tell me where to select that too? Sorry for being difficult! They only provide support for the others, which require the riskier router flashing… Typical, as they sell those on routers pre-loaded for extortionate prices….

Make sure you main router is fully function, and that any connected computer will work just fine and have Internet access. You will need to enable VPN traffic allowing it or use port forwarding on the main router so the NetGear can actually send and receive traffic for VPN.

I hope that made more sense. Yes, all of that makes sense. I have done it, just to check that there are no issues, and I have local internet access exactly as required. I think my problem is getting the first router to tell the Netgear to allow the VPN connection, or maybe messing up a setting on the Netgear to not accept the connection properly. So, my first router is a Zyxel Keenetic Ultra.

I have tried several different ways of doing this with no success. Am I in the right area? You mentioned that I may need to assign a static IP address to the second router. How do I do this? I tried Google but it only showed Russian explanations, and I do not speak Russian. This way none of the special ports are being blocked, and VPN should go through just fine. After doing a reset to return to the Negear original firmware I cannot longer log-in to my router. What should I do? How can I access my router?

An alternative is doing a factory reset by using the reset button on the back of the router. As far as I can see, it will not revert back to the original firmware, but should go back the initial settings. I believe keeping it pressed for about 9 or 10 seconds until the power LED starts blinking , should do the trick. Yes Default IP address: When the unit is powered on, hold down its reset button for 30 seconds. While still holding down the reset button, unplug the router from power and hold it for an additional 30 seconds.

Still holding down the reset button, turn on power to the router again and hold for 30 more seconds. Hope this helps … start with clearing the browser cache though. Thanks Boomerbsg for the tip! I bought a new R, and I just uploaded the newest http: Once I have uploaded this to the router, all connections has been lost. I also tried reset by using , and just holding it between second. Nothing is currently working, and the router is brand new from the box.

Could you offer some advice? Second point; are you connecting over WiFi or an Ethernet cable? If WiFi, then check if your computer can find the wireless network at all once the router is running. Hi Hans, Thanks for your prompt reply. I went to Thanks for your help. Appreciate your prompt reply. I noticed your page site url links to timeanddate.

Would you consider adding a link to a more accessible version like http: Also, if you ever want to see how accessible a page is, I recommend http: It is really helpful. Forgive me if I missed it a link to that will be fine in that case. It went very well, but I am not able to connect to the internet through an ethernet cable.

Logging in the router goes just fine through both WifI en Ethernet and surfing the internet through Wifi also. I want to use LAN, as the connection is a lot faster than Wifi still have to figure out the best channels for optimizing that.

Any advice on why this is happening? I always see the lights that reflect the status of the LAN ports on the router being orange instead of white. Here are the instructions that I used to configure the VPN: And the other question: As for your VPN question; interesting problem.

This sound like either a bug or a misconfiguration of VPN. I did however found another guide for the same VPN provider here. They do mention different versions of the firmware and you might want to double check the settings there as well. But I do recall from some of my testing that you can define exceptions or rules when to apply VPN.

For example only use VPN for certain targets, or by certain machines in your network. Thanks for the response Hans! Somehow the problem is solved now. I am not sure, but I think it is because an earlier mistake in de DNS adresses.

Or maybe the router needed time to adjust to all the devices and VPN config? I noticed that it can realy mess things up if you change just one wrong thing, without being able to undo it. So long live backups, which I now make of every working state after I change just one thing one at a time. I still see orange lights instead of white for two of three machines connected through ethernet, but as long as they work I am fine with it for now. I probably should get my feet wet with VPN as well though … argh.

On top of that: ZIP in you instruction page is this ok. I must afterwards flash the. You can find here: I bought a R a few month back. It was working really great, so I bought another one, but this time I accidently bought the R Is the same to R? You guys are super! It seems that with trickery that you can flash R firmware see this link , but I would not recommend that for beginners. Hey Hans, You are super!

I went back to get the R and returned the R Save myself some headache! Thanks so much for your reply! Glad to hear that you could return it! Has anyone managed to install new firmware on the netgear R recently. The 4th green box the 3rd download box — link should provide an older NetGear firmware.

You have to follow the entire process, including rebooting etc. The problem with the steps is that they have changed netgear genie. I suggest your first clear the browser cache, then reset the NetGear to factory settings, and then try again. Google Chrome or FireFox and see if you still encounter the same problem.

Another thing you could try: Thanks for the help. The old support adage of turn it off and turn it on again worked. I reset the router as you suggested and disconnected it from everything except the laptop which i took off the net too.

Bought the second R and forgot how I tweet it in the first place. Could any share with me a link to download? There is no R bin on the index. Initially you install the dd-wrt. Next you will need to upgrade that older version using dd-wrt. Thank you very much for taking the time to post a thank you! I flashed dd-wrt to my R using your very helpful instructions a few years back, but have decided I want to return to stock Netgear firmware.

I downloaded the latest firmware from Netgear and flashed it from the dd-wrt web interface, but when I did the hard reset on the router, it came back with a reset version of dd-wrt. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to connect to the router via a wired connection? Any help or guidance you can provide is greatly appreciated!

I can get on the internet now but cannot get back to the router to finish setting it up. Reset router, factory reset, cleared cashe — nothing. Shutdown the router step 2: Open your browser and clear cache or use another browser step 3: Start router step 4: I have no idea why.

Once you stop the session, all data will be removed — so there is no caching or storing data which a new session may pick up. Thanks for the great tip! Support us by doing your shopping at Amazon. Content may not be reproduced without explicit permission of the author s. You can contact us through the "Contact Us" form. Linking to our page s however is very much appreciated. Moderate - The average user should be able to do this, but read the details!

Related Articles - Jump straight to an overview of related articles if any Google Plus - Share this page A few advantages I really liked: Proceed at your own risk! Disable WiFi on the computer desktop or laptop that you use for flashing your router.

Make sure the power source of your router and computer are reliable. Clear the browser cache before and after flashing. Reset the router always to default settings after flashing. Kong 3 Size: NetGear R Stock V1. NetGear R — Firmware versions compared. NetGear R — Rebooting …. NetGear R — Reset button. NetGear R — restore previously saved settings. May 2, - 2: Oct 1, - 2: Need to change vpn ip than it works again. Could it be related to your provider? Oct 1, - 4: Oct 2, - 3: Oct 3, - Oct 4, - 2: Oct 4, - 9: Oct 4, - Jun 6, - 2: Jun 6, - 3: Jun 21, - 3: Jun 21, - 7: Jun 9, - 7: Jun 8, - 8: Jun 8, - 6: Thanks for the info PG!

Do you have Tomato running on your R? Jun 29, - 9: Jun 29, - Mar 19, - 4: Mar 20, - 2: Jun 9, - 8: Jul 23, - Jul 24, - 8: And I I noticed in the Changelog that the latest build is …. Jul 24, - Hans, I set the explicit beamforming disabled. Jul 24, - 1: If you encounter password issues or you misplaced your password, you can still use the default password issued with the router you purchased.

If you changed your password and do not remember it, you can reset the router to factory settings. You will be prompted for a username and password. Type in "root" for the username and "admin" for the password. If this default password does not work, you will need to reset your modem. Visit the website of the manufacturer of your router. For example, Netgear and Linksys are two routers that are common on the market. Both routers have a password of "admin" by default.

Click on "support and documentation" in your router's manufacturer's website to find out their default password. Press and hold the reset button of your modem for 30 seconds.

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