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Please remember that this method was patched in iOS 8 and may no longer work, however bit devices running on iOS 9 definitely seem to work for some unexplained reason! Soluseek central server type of P2P file sharing application. If the folder contains a "Theme. If you still have access to the previous Vuze e. Questi sono i parametri che devono essere inviati al tracker in grassetto quelli richiesti dal protocollo standard:. For my Windows XP I chose Shareaza and Deluge because Deluge is lighter than Azureus and open source compared to utorrent and Shareaza can connect to emule server and gnutella.

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To begin the NMT installation process, select Next. For more information, see Chapter 6. Firmware updates will ensure that your Popcorn Hour is compatible with the latest hardware and software available today. Refer to Chapter 6. Maintenance section below for a guide See Video Mode Options for more information Chosen song is played repeatedly.

Playback will restart at the top of the list once the final song on the list is done playing. Disables the Repeat modes. Switches the camera or viewing angle during DVD playback only applicable for supported multiangle DVD playback formats. The four media filter buttons may have extra functions depending on the applications used, such as third-party HTML servers and when browsing MSP portals. The extra functions will be displayed onscreen for easier reference when available.

This option will only accessible when one or more hard disk drives are installed and formatted in A description of the available options on the Setup screen is listed below. Home Returns to the Media Source screen or the media list of the current media source. Preferences Allows you to configure general settings for your NMT. Subtitle Language Allows you to select the default subtitle language if available during video playback.

To use the quick-access buttons, press and release the TV Mode button, followed by pressing and releasing the corresponding numeric button. Kindly refer to your TV or projector user manual to determine the best output resolution for the video display. There are three video modes available: This screen also allows you to stop or start an application that has been installed and configured on your NMT. Options Description Parental Control Allows you to turn the parental control on or off.

Choose one of the procedures below. Do NOT attempt to turn off or restart your NMT when the unit is performing a firmware update, as doing so will damage your unit. Both the firmware and NMT Applications updates are included in the firmware update file.

On your NMT, stop all torrents from uploading and downloading. Using your PC and an Internet connection, download the latest firmware updates from the link below. Once the download is complete, unzip the files into the root folder of a USB flash memory device.

Please ensure that the file usbupdate-firmware release date. Using your PC and an Internet connection, download the latest update file from the link below. Please ensure that the file apps.

Scheduler Setting Torrent Free space: Use the following settings and credentials: SMB can be used for streaming your media files as well. Use the following credentials: Once the torrent file is selected, click on Upload to add the torrent file to the torrent list on your NMT.

To enable or disable the BitTorrent service, follow the steps below: Your ISP may have a news server that you can access, or you can have a separate Usenet account on a pay-server. Inside this folder you will find two files: Some FTP clients may hide this folder because it begins with a dot.. On UNIX systems, files or folders that begin with a dot are hidden from normal directory listings. If you cannot see the folder, find an option on your client that will show hidden files or try to type in the folder name.

You may adjust the safety interval in nzbget. The progress of the download is displayed on the web GUI for your convenience. After a download is finished and the NZB file set contains par2 files, your download will be checked and repaired if necessary. The unpack script in. Restart the NMT and wait for the loading screen to appear 3. Help, my video files are not playing.

Not all codec and encoding formats are compatible with your NMT. None, as this will disable all subtitles. Remember to save the setting when done.

The DVD has to be saved into the. For an updated list of compatible HDDs, please refer to: Mine has gone out. I have re-down loaded drivers and switched the wireless chip out but it still does not work. I dont want to send in my laptop in the chance to be replaced with a used one. Thank you very much for these instructions,on removing keyboard: I was able to replace my old keyboard with a shiny new one: Does anyone know if there is a step by step guide for cleaning the dv I have had mine for about 2 years and have yet to crack it open and give it a nice clean.

I think its about time now since the warranty is up. If someone had some advice for me please email me at matthewsb87 gmail.

Thanks alot for your help! You are the best! I will definitly hook you up with some cash as soon as I get payed. I have an HP Pavilion dvnr laptop. When I got it all put back together, the unit turned on, but the display had lins and fuzz going across constantly but it was readable , must be a different display chip, and then is began shutting itself down in quicker and quicker intervals.

I took this to mean the CPU was overheating. Unfortunately the first motherboard I received was faulty, so it was nearly two weeks between when I disassembled the unit and now when I am trying to get it all back together.

Your information on other issues looks fantastic. I hope you can help me as well. Thank you for this information. I have noticed this laptop model has a problem in the motherboard and also pavilion dv Came back from hp like this and I have no external sound. Not sure where it is connected to. I think it will solve problem. Came back from hp like this. I think all these three cables are wireless antennas and HP just forgot to connect one of them.

Do you have one more available connector on the wireless card. Connect the white wire to that connector. I really doubt that will fix your sound problem. Spray compressed air into the grill and it will remove most of the dust. Thank you SO much for the keyboard replacement guide! On the keyboard bezel, there are several blue lights. I will pull it all apart this weekend to make sure all the connectors are plugged in properly, but sure seems like there might be a cable running under the keyboard that runs up to the keyboard bezel that could be damaged?

Any an all solutions offered will be looked in to. Are the bezel and keyboard connected by a common connector? Could be bad cable, bad media button board or even motherboard. Remove the keyboard and start the laptop. Now press genteelly like you are typing on the top cover under the keyboard. Does it make the media lights to flash?

If it does, most likely your problem is not related to the keyboard. You are so absolutely correct about the cables. Followed your instructions to a tee, ran the computer with the keyboard OUT of the laptop. All lights, including volume control were lit! I did blow out the inside of the laptop, re-assembled it, and the lights were out again! Took it all back apart, and noticed that the little ribbon cable that runs from the bezel to the laptop has two bends in it from factory, was the way they routed it starting pushing lightly on the cable, and found a short or break in it at one of the 45 degree bends.

Now that I have that sorted out, got any of those mini ribbon cables for sale? If not, any suggestions as to where I might pick one up? Radio shack, Tiger direct? Your help was greatly appreaciated, and let me know where to send donations bud. Awesome web site, and will be sure to steer people your way. Have a great day, you certainly made mine! You will not find this cable in regular electronics store. Take a look at the maintenance guide again.

I think you need the switch cover includes LED board and cable. There are three different covers listed in the manual. Figure out which one you need and search on the Internet by the part number. Update on cable situation. Hey, found this cable on ebay, should be a direct replacement for the original. Power seller, good reviews and should someone need a replacement cable, either go to google and look for this part I unscrewed the screw needed but It wont budge. Could you help me out? I have the HP Paviliion ….

I am going to replace my hard drive and add another in the other spot, per your tutorial. Is there anything else i need to do to get my laptop working? Like reinstall windows, vista, drivers? The notebook comes standard with 2 meg modules, I inserted 1 2GB module and all I get is 4 beeps, black screen and a flashing led power light. Memory is not compatible with board check mfg. Also you say you replace two chips with one bigger one.

Try replacing the 1 2GB with 2 1GB and this may solve the issue. Also Check the Max amount of memory the board can handle. My sons DV with W7 suddenly only shows a curtain of pixel stripes all over the display.

At some occasions there has for a short while been a working display but not any more. As soon he played one short web-TV movie the display went wacko.

Is this possibly related to the graphics card? We can hear W7 booting allright but not see it. Test your laptop with an external monitor attached to the VGA port. If the laptop works fine with an external monitor, but video on the laptop LCD is corrupted, most likely you have either bad LCD screen or video cable. If both screens do not work properly, there is a problem with the graphics card.

My Pavilion laptop was recently diagnosed with having a bad video card ie. I need a new motherboard. Can I install the other motherboard without any performance issues? Any chance the memory upgrade caused the video card to go bad? More video ram will boost the laptop performance. I just need some help with my problem. My post is number on this site. I would really appreciate some help if anyone has any ideas.

I just cannot keep up with all incoming questions. I need to find the risers that go on the board and come up to meet the arm of the screws to the heat sink assembly. I have a notebook hp dv with a problem similar to the others cases, but in my case, the video not works in the laptop LCD and works corrupted when I plug an external monitor. Besides, I can start the windows with the external monitor, but only in safe mode.

I think that can be a problem with the graphics card, but I would like to know if in this notebooks the video card is integrated in the motherboard or I can replace only this part. I would like to know if in this notebooks the video card is integrated in the motherboard or I can replace only this part. I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I have a HP Pavilion dv laptop.

It is not showing in my computer or in device manager. None of these fixed the issue. I have tried removing the drive blowing the inside of the laptop and re-inserting the drive with no luck either.

I am starting to think it is a bad drive. But why would it just not show up anywhere in Windows? I have a pavillion us I called HP, they told me I need to do a system restore on it, and see if it helps. I did that, but still getting the blue screen.

Some one said I might need a hard drive or might be the mother board, is there a way to check these out before I go buy a hard drive? About 3 weeks ago, vertical pixel strips appeared on the monitor, and later tha monitor turned black. The Windows was starting, but there was no image. I tried restrating the laptop, and after many times of doing that, I managed to get the image back, so i tried reinstalling the Windows.

Now I have 2 chices: Either a use the services of an HP affiliated company in witch case only the motherboard will cost me about euros, or 2. I buy the motherboard my self and let the local change it.

Is it the problem caused by teh video card? If it is, how I can find the part number of my matherbord? And, those motherbord that I cadn find on the internet, are they reliable? Is it posible ther are used motherbords, rather the new ones? Sounds like a problem with the video chip. The video chip is integrated into the motherboard and cannot be removed or replaced separately.

Is it the problem caused by the video card? The best way to find a new motherboard is searching by the HP spare part number.

In most cases HP places a sticker in the memory compartment and the motherboard part number can be found on that sticker. The part number will look similar to this: Depends on where you buy the motherboard. Thank you very match! I took today from the assistantance center guys witch forgot to reconnect the keyboard flat cable: To repair the dv would have cost me far more than buying a new PC but this own thing made me feeling very strange, other people with the same Laptop reported very similar problems and many of the machines were send back to HP for this reason, just 3 months after the warranty was run out.

To be quite honest HP has lost me as a customer I have my nose full. I really doubt that you can buy this clip separately. I guess you can search for a dead motherboard on eBay if you can find any and pull this clip from the bad board.

I am going to sell my broken laptopwhich does not turn on anymore, but I want to take out all the personally information. I want to physically remove the drive that contains personal information.

What do i need to do in order to remove all my personal information from my laptop before I sell it as a broken laptop. I am just nervous if I sell it for someone to use as parts they will be able to access my personal info. So, all I need to do is just remove the hard drive as shown above correct? Also, The computer no longer turns on. Yep, but instead of destroying the hard drive you can use it with another computer. Buy an external USB enclosure and install the hard drive into this enclosure.

After that connect the enclosure to any other working computer and you get an external hard drive. Why would you destroy the hard drive if you still can use it? I may do that. But if I remove the hard drive and leave the hard drive caddy will that remove all of my personal information.

Also, I can do this by following your instrauctions above, correct? All personal information is written on the hard drive. If you remove the hard drive you can safely sell the laptop. I had to remove the HDD from my dvus, and it had the same setup up as the dv Everything was very easy to follow.

Again, thanks a bunch! So I followed your guide as far as hard drive removal, and i removed both drives, after replacing each the bios wouldnt detect them one after the other. Connections are clean, hard drives are where they need to be, tried resetting bios and memory to no luck. Drives work good thru usb on another computer, get mbr error when I try to boot on the dv Make sure both hard drives are properly connected.

Did you upgrade hard drives or what? Please see the hard drive installation manual for more information, most likely this is your issue. Josh, They are Sata drives, no jumpers, no cables.

Therefore, I am going to post on every web site I can. My son bought an HP DV, which is a lot of money for him as he is 23 years old. The CDCA was the only agency that replied. I encouraged her to go public with the information she has to help others rather than just to pursue my complaint. My wireless quit working. The wireless switch stays orange and my laptop doesnt recieve any wireless conections. In memory area I have 1 2 wire connected to Wi-Fi and a 3 wire white that is not connected Sent to hp and they replaced motherboard and came back with no sound.

I think the 3 just need to be hooked up but where? I have the same problem with hp. Their parts are cheap, your only paying for the name.

I am going to replace the hard drive that I have with a name brand one and the same thing with the memory.

I never heard of memory from Korea!!!! I hate windows vista with a passion. Thank you so much for this! In the summer my laptop started to die and I followed your instructions and somehow managed to accidentally fix the CD drive at the same time that was a surprise and the laptop started working again, long enough for me to backup a load of files on USB memory sticks before it finally expired.

Thanks for the guide on replacing the keyboard. Just did it, and all went perfectly. My wife was shocked! Thank you for these excelent instructions I was able to replace my KB in less than 10 min and all works well. I am an experianced Tech on other types of equipment but I have been afraid to tear into a laptop until I found your instructions.

The Photos help a lot. I bought my computer 1,5 year ago. I recently found a crack in the right hinge. I have ordered a new hinge and my father will fix it. Thanks a lot for this article. Some weeks ago my Ethernet wireless is still working stopped working. It could have been caused by that I often plug and unplug cables to the computer, when I arrive from school to home.

I wonder if dv has any free slot, in which it is possible to plug in a network card? Otherwise I think I will buy a wireless router, to be able to surf on wireless instead. Take a look inside the network port. Maybe you accidentally damaged pins inside.

In some cases you can straighten bent pins with a needle. You should check laptop specifications. Your instructions on keyboard replacement were great. Unfortunately I busted the little plastic piece that holds the keyboard ribbon in. Any suggestions as to what its called or how to get another one? Did the keyboard replacement job in 15 minutes. That said, I would have to echo the negative sentiments about HP quality in general.

Gone are the good old days of the s and early s when they built things to last forever. What they have been building in the last 10 years is absysmal. My new desktop is a Dell XPS with the Intel i7 chip — only two words for this machine — simply awesome!

Started off by computer will run fine for about 20 to 30 minutes then lock up. Then after repeating a couple of times will stay on and run fine. Sometimes it will work fine the first time. Ran a hard drive diagnosis and it said the hard drive was bad. Also when I would run a a virus scan it would get so far then lockup.

Now this week it will run then lock up but when I try and restart the DOS screen will come up but when it goes to the login screen its large flat pixels white and blue and they scroll.

Know I am hoping it just the hard drive. Now a few questions. Can I take both out and put the second in the first slot and see if that will fix it. I have backed up everything to and external HD when things started messing up so file loss is really of no concern.

Also I have worked on internals before just never done a HD swap myself just graphics boards, power supplies, and memory sticks. I read the steps above and it seems pretty simple but what do you do after you go start the computer back up.

Do format and load the operating system back and reinstall all your software? And would this be a good time to upgrade to windows 7 Thanks for any help. I have a that I sat down a little hard one day and the screen moved a little and the colors on the monitor went wonky. I figured it must be a loose or broken cable. Any ideas what I can try next? Was just wondering, do you have a site or know of a site to where I can go to find instructions on how to replace my DV Motherboard?

Perhaps it is a defect in the particular unit he received. In my case, it did a very fine job recognizing the data on a large variety of business cards. Very fast, and easy to use. I did not activate the integration with Outlook, but did set it up to make the Cardscan contact list available in Outlook, and that worked just fine. My only quibble is with the free online backup that they offer: Installed Xp on my laptop, updated it and everything because the laptop was online.

About 2 days later it just stopped going online. The wireless internet is not reading anything. Took it to a repair man and he said the wireless internet needs to be replaced but I have to contact HP because they are the only ones who can do it. First of all, I would try reinstalling XP again. Maybe you got a virus or some files got corrupted somehow. If he was talking about replacing the wireless card, than yes, you can use this guide.

My hp dv appears to have some serious hardware issues. I turn it on and just get a black screen with a blinking cursor. I tried to do a system recovery from my recovery disks. If I click ok, my pc shuts down. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I think this could be either bad hard drive or memory. Enter the BIOS setup menu and search for hard drive and memory diagnostic tools. Test memory and hard drive. The laptop has two memory modules installed. You can try removing them one by one and run the recovery process with each module individually. If one of the modules is bad, the recovery process will run successfully when the bad memory module is removed.

Good detailed instructions on how to take apart my laptop, thanks! Was wondering if maybe replacing my CD drive with a new one would fix my problem? If I have any disc in my CD drive I have about a 1 in 20 chance of my laptop even starting up beyond a blinking cursor. If I pop it open then it miraculously starts about 2 seconds later percent of the time. Also if the laptop is already on and I insert a CD it rarely runs it, just makes a very loud whirring sound.

Darn laptop is only 2 months out of warranty…. However, my device manager still does not recognize the drive. THe device manager does not even show or list DVD drives at all. Pls let me know if you have posted a thought as to what may be the problem. I have ordered the restore discs from HP. I have a dvus HP. When I hit the num lock button, the numeral keys on the keypad act as a backspace button, and the bottom rows of the keyboard type incorrect characters.

A USB keyboard acts normally. I will definitely make a donation if you can help me with this….. Check to make sure that your laptop keyboard layout is in US nto UK settings.

Look under control panel for keyboard, then look for settings. Try replacing the keyboard. His laptop works fine with external keyboard and it tells me that settings are correct. When you have wrong settings, it should affect both, the internal and external keyboards. I have recently bought a second dv laptop to experiment with.

But the more I thought about it the more leary I got about tinkering around inside a perfectly good laptop. So I just hit Ebay, and found one that had a burned out motherboard. For the most part everything went together nicely. Is there another kind of connector I can order to remedy this? Question 13 was never answered and now I am seeing that there are Will these cards work in the DV series laptops? I have a DVus model, does it have either of these card types.

Make sure the keyboard cable is seated correctly in the connector on the motherboard. Try reconnecting the keyboard cable. I bought my girlfriend an HP G71 laptop it looks similar to the dv , and unfortunately one of her lame cousins spilled chocolate milk on the right side of it. I was able to pop the keys and clean out most of the crap, but it seemed to have shorted out the DVD drive. I can see thanks to your blog post how easy it is to replace, but my question is, can I replace it with any slim DVD or Bluray drive?

Or does it have to be specific to my HP? I know it has to be a SATA connection. I just figure that if HP wants bucks to replace the drive, that I might as well upgrade it with a Bluray player.

Thanks for your help! I was stuck on some parts but then i came across this helpful video which i am sure many like me will find it very useful asset, so i encourage everyone who is still having this issue to have a peek at the below video.

I have a hp pavilion dv, and the disk drive wont open and its not appearing on the hardware manager, any ideas on how to fix it? First of all, test your laptop with an external monitor. If external video works fine and this problem appear only on the laptop screen, most likely this is LCD screen failure. The GPU is integrated into the motherboard and the whole motherboard has to be replaced or repaired. This looks really helpful and useful — I may yet need it! Have attempted re-boot from WXP boot disc — blue screen tells me Setup is loading files from CD, then a message appears which says windows is not installed, followed by another which says there is no hard drive installed, so I am now baffled and wondering what to do next.

First of all, the part number is incorrect. There should be six digits in the first part of the number, not five. Find the right part number and google it or search on eBay. Could be memory problem. You have two memory modules installed, right? Try removing them one by one and start the laptop with only one memory module installed. If one of the modules is bad, the laptop will start properly when the bad module is removed. You can use same instructions for replacing the right hinge I guess.

Unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery. Let it dry for a couple of weeks days. Thank you very much on the keyboard replacement instructions. Worked great and computers scare the hell out of me. I have one more problem now, darn kids! The wireless switch in the front is very touchy. It all depends on how you have the computer tilted or if you lean on it.

My Hp dvz cannot boot windows. I see the HP invent screen, Then nothing happens. After a while I see a message: I can access BIOS. I tested the HDD on my desktop and it is working fine. I tried a bootdisc but my optical drive does not seem to work either. I am thinking of replacing the MB but I want to make sure it is the source of the problem. My HP is less than 2 years old and out of warranty. It does not qualify for the recall, so I am on my own.

I removed the hard drive as shown. Trying to recover data. My HP Pavillion dv had a 80 gig drive and a 9 gig recovery drive. The other Hard Drive bay was empty. Plug the enclosure again. Windows will detect the drive and run file scan.

Do not cancel this scan, let Windows to scan all files on the hard drive. Hi, I have lap top hp pavilion I problem with my laptop, if i press the power buttom my lap top can not log into the windows.

What should I do? I replaced my hard drive and used the system recovery discs and it keeps telling me I have a corrupt file, mind you I get a differnt response of how it tells me each time I do a recovery.

I like my computer and would hate to just bag it. Could you tell me how to solve this problem? Hi, I have a similar problem as ellyn BIOS did not detect a hard disk in drive1 during boot up. I initially thought that the hard disk went bad. I took it from drive1 and placed it in drive2. I used a bootable USB and found that the hard disk was pretty good. Nothing wrong with it. It was the disk controller 1. But the problem now is that the system would not boot from drive2.

Is there a solution? But it would be nice to boot directly from the hard disk. I have a similar problem as ellyn You just cannot boot from it but you can see the content when booted from a flash drive. Did you try another hard drive connected to the controller 1 just in case? Much appreciation for the detailed information!!! Your very clear pictures really make the difference. I will soon need to replace the touch pad on my dv I was actually hoping that you might show how it comes out, along with the keyboard, on this page.

Thank you in advance. Turn on the Wi-Fi switch. Does the LED light turns from orange to blue? If not, this could be one of the known HP Pavilion dv failures. A while ago HP was replacing motherboards.

Also you should try: Could be just faulty Wi-Fi card. Try replacing the card. I have a question, not sure where to get an answer. I have an HPdv that is included under the nvidia litigation. While it was under warranty, it experienced video failure and I had to send it to HP for repair. The repair ticket said they replaced the Mobo. Nine months later, same problem, still under warranty. This time, when I got it back, they had underclocked the Video card. This was a CTO custom build desktop replacement to the tune of When I got it back, it was so underpowered, all I could use it for was web browsing…needless to say, I was not a happy camper, lol.

I hope I can ask that question to someone. Any help you may be able to provide, I appreciate it. When I got it back, it was so underpowered, all I could use it for was web browsing…. HP has records about all repairs done on your laptop. Hi, I have a HP dvea laptop running vista 32bit 2gig ram. I would like to install windows 7 64bit with 4 gig of ram. The processor is a Core 2 Duo T so it will take a 64bit os but will the laptop take more than 2 gig of ram?

I have a HP dvea laptop running vista 32bit 2gig ram. I just checked different sources and they all say your laptop can handle only 2GB RAM max but… you never know until you try.

I will say a big big thank you for your tutorial with change the keyboard. Ok I have a question I have one of the HP dv laptops that they will be replacing BUT since the time I first filed for replacement the darn thing wil bot power up and one of the hinges must have broke.

Question is since it will not power up can I hook it to another computer to retrieve all the data off it? Or should I have a techie remove the hard drive and see if he can get the data off it? Buy an external USB enclosure for 2. Remove hard drive from your laptop and install into the enclosure.

Connect enclosure to any other working PC and access your files. I posted more details instructions in this data recovery guide. Ive tried to get it to boot by holding the power button down for 45 seconds while the AC and the Battery were removed, replaced the AC and turned it back on.

Tried holding the power button with the f1-f12 keys, function key and and all the other keys with function, control etc. Nothing seems to get it past lighting the displays and running the CD player.

The screen is just solid black. Ive read that by disconnecting some internal parts that might allow the computer to start once again? Try turning it on without hard drive installed. Can you get video on the screen? Try reseating memory modules.

Try removing memory modules one by one. Can you get video when only one either one memory module installed? My dv video just went out.

I believe its due to the overheating issue, Do you know if they have recalled motherboard due to over heating? I have had this laptop since July and spent a pretty penny on it and enjoy it very much other then the problem that just occured.

I have read and heard that hp was replacing the motherboards but that was back in and just wondering if they would still do that. Any information would be helpful. Is there any way i can fix this problem manually without going to a technician? Are you sure this is motherboard related problem? Could it be OS related problem? Try booting your laptop form Ubuntu Live CD. Will it start and boot to the desktop? Also check memory modules.

Could be memory failure. I found a total disassembly guide for dv7-series http: Do you have an equal fro dvseries? Mine is a dvea if it matters. A large text book fell and hit laptop on the upper part of the key bored. What should I do to fix it? Remove the hard drive and start the laptop. Listen for the cooling fan noises. I want to clean the heat sink, and the fan as well, it goes on high speed all day long.

You can try cleaning the cooling module without taking it apart. Buy a can of compressed air and blow air into the fan grill on the bottom and side of the laptop. It should be enough. I gave it hard reset. I login with the external monitor see that the computer operators normally, internet and all; but no sound.

No more HP for me…. I powered off windows normally and three hours later I tried to turn laptop on again. I pressed the power button. The blue lights came on for a second and nothing happened. I changed power supply and battery and still get the same thing. I tried holding the power button for 30 sec without battery and power supply.

I connected power supply and pressed power button and still got the same thing. Laptop will not power on. First of all, try removing memory modules one by one. Test your laptop with each memory module separately, try different slots. My HP dv is going in the garbage. The mother board was replaced in , months after I purchased it. Began not booting up, with black screen a month or so ago.

Trick to re-booting is to keep screwing with it. Pull battery, hard shut downs, etc. Today that process took almost 5 hours. YUP… I pulled all my photos and files I needed from it and transfered or printed. Heck, I am typing on it right now! Email does not synchronize with the rest of the computer. HINGE on left has been broken for over a year. One other user on this site, posted same hinge problem.

Next time I am getting a Macintosh. Basically, I almost hate this computer. I have done quite alot of family genealogy on this computer, and have stored passwords, SS numbers, banking information, etc. So, donating it is out of the question. I do not know what to do with this computer and the information stored on it, without risking personal family information from being stolen should I donate it to a recycle place.

Do I take the hard drives out, and memory too? If so, how do I dispose of those? I simply want rid of this thing, but need to dispose of all parts properly without putting information at risk of being stolen identity theft.

How do I do this. My spouse has an identical computer that was purchased at the same time, that has been mostly stored as spouse has a company computer. So, I get to use another identical one when I dispose of this.

Yipee…I am so excited. All personal information stored on the hard drive. Just remove the hard drive and smash it with a hammer a few times. Now shake the hard drive and listen. Can you hear rattling noise inside the drive?

All your data is destroyed permanently. Take your laptop and crashed hard drive to the donation place. They will gladly take the laptop and dispose of your hard drive properly.

Alternatively, you can buy an external USB enclosure and install the hard drive into this enclosure. Take a look at this post. This guide is so useful and I want to use it to replace my laptop speakers.

I installed a second hard drive in my HP pavilion dv laptop ,but it can not display on my computer,could you help my how to set it up! Right click on Computer and go to Manage. Click on Disk Management. Find your new hard drive listed in there. Create a partition and format it. Hi, Can i use my HP pavillion dv as a chassis and build a totally new laptop withh motherboard, graphics card and everything.

My HP Pavilion dvnr. Suddenly stopped working, I get these funny faint colors in lines or small dots on the screen. It wont start most of the time, it goes to the repair screen and all of that. I did a system restore, did not help. I even reformated and same thing. I then noticed a sort of burning smell, it was coming from the top of the keyboard.

I saw your pic here on how to remove the bezel, the part that is attached to the motherboard with a flat ribbon cable. There is a little black bump thing just next to the part that the ribbon plugs into. It had melted a hole in the black tape that was over it. I reached up to pull off the tape and it burnt my finger.

Is it supposed to get that hot? I have had the laptop for 4 years, but you can tell the tape was just melted it seemed like just few hrs. I was trying to fix it. If you can offer any advice I would very much appreciate it. I have a HP Pavilion dv and had the hard drive replace in April and now the computer will not boot up, could it be the hard drive again?

Hi, I am very much computer illiterate, so this may be a dumb question. I am ready to throw my hp dv in the garbage as it has been giving me problems for a long time now, but today it will not turn on at all.

I tried every piece of advice I could find, but it still will not turn on. I have some very important files, plus sentimental pictures on there that I really want to save from the computer before I take it to be recycled. Is there any way at all that I can do this? Can I take the hard drive out of an hp and put it in a different brand there is no way I am getting another hp!

Now my pc looks and works like brand new. Hello, my DV motherboard died infamous power shuts off seconds after turning it on. I need to take the HD out of my dv, so thanks for the instructions above.

However, I need to backup all the data on that HD once it is removed. What is the easiet way to do that? Put it into an external drive housing? I explained how to backup data in the following post: I have a recent problem with my DV The computer underwent an automatic update. I conducted a system restore to a point prior to the update with no luck. To date the computer has undergone numerous unsuccessful attempts at installing the SP 1.

I conducted a system check and its stated there was an undisclosed hardware malfunction. I think the drive may have just gone bad and want to replace it with a blu-ray drive instead of the old HD-DVD.

Got any help for me or should I just get a hammer? Can you see the DVD drive listed in there? Install this disc into the drive and try booting the laptop from it. Before you replace the drive I would suggest you figure out if this is hardware or software related problem. So I started up the computer today and lo-and behold the DVD drive started working again with me doing anything.

So Im not sure if it would do it again. From the specs i found, it was the same size and same connections.

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