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11 Best Free VPN Services of 2018 for Safe & Secure Streaming
Passwords, bank information, emails: This might suit you better. After downloading the apps on your preferred platforms, you can install the app through user-friendly installation guides straightaway. It means you can still use VPN that do not need any payment on your behalf to explore the true benefits of anonymous online surfing. To download the Android version, please click here:.

How to Set Up the SaferVPN Android App

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Love it, or leave it and get your money back. Free the internet with Hotspot Shield for Android with a day money-back guarantee. Hotspot Shield for Android Android users love that their sensitive, personal data is protected as they browse and stream online with Hotspot Shield. Anonymous browsing from anywhere Your information is so safe, it's anonymous to us. No-limit browsing Bypass internet censorship, restrictions from ISPs, throttling, public Wi-Fi filters on campuses, and more. Catapult Hydra VPN technology With over 30 patents, our unique VPN technology optimizes multiple server connections that are stronger and faster over long distances.

Military-grade encryption Stronger security and encryption keeps your network activity away from thieves who want your private data. Connect up to 5 devices Many of us have more than one device, so there's no reason to leave any out.

Dedicated, live tech support We're here to help Premium users with any question or issue. Why do Android users choose Hotspot Shield? Preserve your anonymity We never track, log, or store any of your personally identifiable information, including you IP address. Keep personal information private Passwords, bank information, emails: Best for streaming, shopping, and social Our dedicated, global servers are optimized for your favorite online activities so you can stream seamlessly and as much as you want.

Secure public Wi-Fi connections Airports, cafes, campuses, entertainment venues, and more are safe when you connect with Hotspot Shield for Android. The software is very simplistic which is not necessarily a negative aspect, just that it can throw you off if you are used to applications that have buttons or menus like most of us are. There is only a possibility to turn the service on or off and by default the free service connects you to the USA-NY server.

Once you have exceeded the MB monthly traffic limit, you have to sign up for the premium service which has the following pricing plans. There are no features to speak about. We contacted the company to see if the option list or application settings would change if we opted for the premium package but 48 hours later there was no answer. Moreover, we could not find any forum, post, tutorial, review, video or any information that would indicate this.

Apparently the software does block ads once the premium feature is enabled, but this would be a bit hard to determine without going premium, and we would like to focus on the free aspects of these services for the time being.

Here are the speed test results. The speed was above average and we were able to browse and stream media content without any interruptions. In short, we feel that the service is incomplete and with only two possibilities of pricing plans 12 and 24 months we think that more features should be available to the general public to test out. We understand that not all VPN services offer free trials, but they do offer a shorter period of sign-up which allows you to test it out thoroughly.

After those 5 days expire you will have to sign-up for the premium service that has the following pricing plans. Although they are very transparent about the information they collect, we feel that they collect a bit too much.

Your e-mail address and even name or phone number might be required in order to set up your account and they clearly state that this information can be used to protect about fraudulent use such as copyright infringement issues.

You can find more information about their privacy policy here if you are interested. F-Secure offers a very attractive application that has a very small learning curve. We only experienced small issues with the application throughout the testing period and we found it complete and enjoyable. The application offers several features such as tracking protection, app security and browsing protection.

We sent them an e-mail but there was no response and the chat function was offline most likely due to the schedule and timezone difference. We will update if we receive more information on the encryption they use to protect your data.

We tested out the ad blocked and it did a good job blocking annoying pop-ups, even from well-known sources such as major news sites and media streaming services. YouTube ads were only blocked if accessed through the browser, the mobile application is not affected by the included ad blocker. The system also showed that sever tracking attempts were blocked and we appreciate that they took the time to have a real-time reporting tool built in the app. We did find an issue with the application.

If you swipe the application away or try to minimize it, it will disconnect you from the VPN server without notice. This can be an issue depending on the running processes at the time of the disconnect.

Another aspect worth mentioning is that F-Secure VPN allows 5 simultaneous connections, which is a bit more than the other services we tested for this review generally limited at 3 simultaneous connections by other providers.

We were rather surprised to see the poor results for Canada, but we have to say that the speed test results were not reflected in the overall performance. Browsing was smooth and even on the server with the lowest scores Canada we were able to stream media content without interruptions. After that period expires, you would have to sign up for one of the offered plans. There is an e-mail verification required, so keep that in mind when signing up for the free 7 day period.

ZenMate VPN does collect information for analysis and marketing purposes, and although transparent, the privacy policy does inform of a lot of information collected. You can find more information about their privacy policy here. The settings option allows you to customize your experience quite a bit and the account page allows you to access several account management features directly from the app.

There were no issues or interruptions while using the application and we rate the overall experience as great. There are several features that ZenMate VPN provides such as malware blocking, tracking protection, connection notifications and more.

The ad blocker actually works. I would like to thank her for the patience she had even if it was very late time in the evening. Thank you again Mia and I really wish you all the best.

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain with our intuitive Android VPN app and day money-back guarantee. At SaferVPN, our mission is to provide secure, private and uncensored Internet access to anyone, anywhere. To do so, we are pushing the boundaries to deliver the simplest, fastest and safest Virtual Private Network experience. Toronto America Your Status: Fastest Connection Speeds Browse with the fastest connection speeds possible. Bank-Level Encryption bit level encryption ensures your data protection over any connection, on any Android device.

Automatic Public Wi-Fi Security Protect all of your valuable data over any unsecured hotspot — automatically. Single-Click Connection Connect with just one click. Very nice and fast customer service!

Public Wi-Fi isn’t always safe. Use our VPN when you need it for extra privacy online.