50 Important Facts About North Korea

Flag of North Korea

Most things there are restricted. No Autoslide Autoslide every 3 secs Autoslide every 5 secs Autoslide every 7 secs Autoslide every 10 secs Autoslide every 15 secs Autoslide every 20 secs Autoslide every 30 secs Autoslide every 1 min Autoslide every 3 min Autoslide every 5 min. This stadium is used for football, athletics and mass games. Statue of Liberty Facts. In the 50s, North Korea built Kijong-dong, a "nice" city visible from the border , to encourage South Koreans in. Below are 50 important facts about North Korea , its uniqueness, history, economy, education, government, leaders, and strategies.

50 Important facts about North Korea

North Korea hosts the World's Largest Stadium seating , people. Cuba was caught sending Weapons to North Korea in Even blogging can land you in jail. A defector used balloons to air drop thousands of copies of the film "The Interview" into North Korea. The 'de-militarized' zone between North and South Korea is the world's most militarized zone. When a single anti Kim Jong Il graffiti was found in Pyongyang, North Korea, in , they locked down the entire city for 3 days.

The Chollima , a mythical winged horse, is the national animal of North Korea. In , North Korea kidnapped two famous South Korean filmmakers , a director and a leading actress, and forced them to work on propaganda films. Only 4 modern countries were never colonized by Europe: Japan, Korea, Thailand and Liberia.

In comparison, there are 10 million ". Malaysia and Singapore are the only two countries on earth that are allowed Visa-free travel to North Korea. One of North Korea's largest exports is giant statues of foreign dictators. Bill Gates' net worth is 4. In , a drunk Richard Nixon ordered a nuclear strike on North Korea for shooting down a spy plane. Henry Kissinger intervened and made him sober up before deciding. In , North Korean researchers concluded that North Korea is the second happiest country in the world.

The happiest is China. It is mandatory for all North Koreans to vote , even though there is only one candidate for each office on the ballot. One of the main attractions in Pyongyang's Zoo, in North Korea, is a chimpanzee that smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. When a North Korean merchant vessel was attacked by Somali pirates in , an American destroyer came to their aid. This event led to rare pro U. North Korea accidentally hit one of its own cities during a failed missile test in Golden Gate Bridge Facts.

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Log In With Facebook. Sign Up With Facebook. They have their own computer operating system: Death penalties can be levied for distributing pornography, watching South Korean movies and possessing Bibles. There is only one candidate to vote for in the North Korean elections, which take place every five years. It is a ritual to not celebrate birthdays on July 8 and December It still operates under the rules of a dead leader. On average, North Koreans are shorter than South Koreans by one to three inches.

North Korea has only three TV channels. Two of these only broadcast during the weekends. South Korean soap operas are smuggled in for entertainment. Pyongyang is only for elite groups of people. Only loyal, trustworthy and healthy citizens can live there. To this day in North Korea, about 12 million people suffer from poverty and lack of basic human needs.

North Korea has one of the largest armies in the world. It is estimated by the U. State Department that they have an active-duty military force of up to 1.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il never flew on an airplane. He was reportedly so afraid of flying that the only way he would travel is in custom-armored trains specifically built for him. Four invasion tunnels have been found so far, leading from North Korea to South Korea.

It is believed that there are 20 more tunnels of this kind. It is estimated that any one of these tunnels could allow rapid movement of at least 30, soldiers. North Korean soldiers are highly trained and are frighteningly deadly.

You can just estimate the amount of damage these troops could do in the event of a successful invasion of the southern land.