[Official] Install Kodi on Apple TV 4/3/2/1- Without Jailbreak

How to install Kodi(XBMC) on Apple TV without Jailbreaking:

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Install Kodi on Apple TV- Table of Contents:

Once the installation is done then Kodi is installed on Apple TV 4. We have alternate method. Kindly scroll down for more methods to download and install kodi on Apple TV 4. This method will be the simplest method to install kodi on Apple TV without Jailbreak. Kindly follow the below steps. Select the Destination path and Click on Extract. Kodi will be installed on your Apple fourth generation. Enjoy Kodi on Apple TV 4. This method is similar to installing Kodi on Raspberry Pi 3.

We are going to follow the same steps with little modifications. In the first step, the installer will prompt you where the File has to be installed. In the next step, it will ask you where the OSMC to be installed.

Configure your internet connection. Choose whether you use Wired or Wireless connection. Once the installation is done then that is it Friends. Kodi is installed on Apple TV 4 fourth generation. This section of article will clearly explain you on How to download and install kodi on Apple TV 3 third generation. Download Latest Version Kodi using this method. Friends we are sorry to inform you that you cannot able to use Kodi on Apple TV 3 as it does not allow access for Third Party applications other than Apple applications.

There is always a way. But the problem with above method is that you can use specify only one job at a time if you use mirror option. To overcome the above difficulty you can use Air parrot so that you can specify number of jobs when you are using mirror option. Installing Kodi on Apple TV is really a simple thing. But you can able to download only the older version of kodi as latest version of kodi is not available for Apple TV 2.

Once you enter the above command then your Apple TV 2 will restart. Once the restart is done then you can find Kodi installed on Apple TV 2. Let us get into the Steps Friends. Now Kindly wait for few minutes. Now you will get an error message like Disk is unreadable. Now unplug the USB drive. Now you will find the logo OpenElec. Make sure your Apple TV 1 is connected to the internet. Once you click on that logo then it will download latest version Kodi on your Apple TV 1.

Once the installation is done then Kodi is ready for use in your Apple TV 1. Ignore any warning messages you get after this. Now we get to know how to download and install Kodi on Apple TV 1 using simple steps. One of the main advantage of Kodi is that it is available for various devices and platforms. The following are the ones. We also provided various information on How to Download and install Kodi for Different devices and Platformed.

If you have any Query or if you face any difficulty with the above methods then kindly comment us so that we will revert with a solution.

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