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Internet connects but doesn't work on WiFi, ethernet works fine
Blessings to you with Love. Unknown February 15, at 4: Perhaps it will spark an interesting conversation. But the spyware that isn't optional you can't even use the host file to get around it they have hard coded the IP's into Windows It is now connecting to WiFi. Right-drag it onto the desktop and choose Create shortcut s here when you drop it. George I did have a suspicion about blue-tooth.

But My Current Computer Is Fine, Right?


Enjoying the tutorials, having a problem though, whenever I try to crack my wifi with the packets captured file, it asks me to specify dictionary with -w. Tried searching but couldn't find an answer.

But both times I try to crack it with Aircrack and Wifite it asks for a dictionary. I had Kali Linux but the file was became too big so I had to delete it: Now I wanna downlaod it again but it doesn't work. Plz add me on Skype: Just download the iso, use poweriso google it to make a bootable usb. Follow this link to dualboot kali-windows http: Hello, I have large amount of csv file, which is generated by Airodump-ng.

How would i do that? Actually I have used this online service which will provide me to filter all the things. I have also shared my sample file of csv, Please have a look, and let me know if you know any other sources for filtration process.

You can use wireshark for filtering, but it will need some knowledge of how to use filters in wireshark.

You can look it up on the internet, I'm sure you'll find plenty of tutorials about wireshark. If airodump-ng, aireplay-ng or airtun-ng stops working after a short period of time, you may want to kill some of them! No such device root kali: Why is it giving me an error? First of all make sure you have the latest version of kali installed!

This would probably fix your wireless driver. Then go a head and use these commands " "not a comand, details to help you: Hi , I am using kali linux 2. I tried the solutions given at the other comments yet none worked , so I am still seeing No Such Device.

I will be glad if someone gives me a solution. Sir, Whenever i use to want to capture the network traffic by using airodump-ng mon0 , it is not at all capturing any data instead i have some access points surrounded!

Make sure you got the right interface. In my case it ain't mon0, it changes to wlan0mon. Do me a favor and follow these commands, i hope it helps not a command but details to help you! Ifconfig if your wlan0 isn't there reinstall kali with vs 2. I have Kali on my cell phone will it alow me to do this? WEP , probably, wpa or wpa-2 probably not unless you got a high end smarthphone galaxy, oneplus, Hi, first of all, thanks you for your extraordinary work on this website.

All is clear and nice. I jsut have one question about hacking WEP wifi: WEP is very weak this should work, try a little longer, but aircrack-ng is one of the best ways to hack wep.

A quick tip here To instantly kill all processes that may cause issues. Type Airmon-ng check kill. Then to be sure the processes are no longer there just type Airmon-ng check It will help u while cracking so u don't get errors.

With more than ivs the capture was decrypted by aircrack but it shows me the with 26 hex digits what should i do to find the ascii key to tape in password field. Just remove the colons and that's it.

The password field takes the hex password itself. This means all dependencies for airmon-ng aren't installed in Kali 2. You need to install Isusb using apt-get, aptitude, or by compiling the source or some other way. I suggest you do a install the complete version of Kali instead, that would be simpler, since this is not the last missing dependency issue you'll encounter. Password retrieval, breaching of bank accounts: Hey been trying this method, but im running Kali of one of my hard drives and using a wired connection so wlan0 doesnt show, is there a way to do this with a wired connection?

This is the error i get. I am using linux in android by using software Debian. Please tell me how to use airmon-ng command in this matter by using my cell phone's internal wifi adapter. Hey man Just going to say great tutorial I faced a problem when I came to capturing the packets step it was because of currently using Kali-Linux 2. With the new version, the monitor is wlan0mon, and the monitor isn't working.

A solution is the commands: The wireless network you are trying to hack is WPA secured. This tutorial is valid for WEP. I unfortunately didn't run the write command until a few hours after I started capturing packets, I lost all that time didn't I? Hi, i had some problems with the handshake, i figured it out tho, so as you guys probably know your network card sends package using I have a question. I'm trying to understand how exactly the airmon-ng and aircrack-ng tools work.

I understand that it is illegal to crack a wifi password that is not your own using aircrack-ng. My question is this: Is the mere collection of these packets illegal or are there any legal implications in this? Additionally, are network administrators or security suites able to detect the use of airmon-ng nearby?

I followed this tutorial to the letter but i still cant get it to work. I have three problems i think 1. No packets are being collected 3. No connected clients are showing up on any of the networks around me Yes it is in monitor mode, i have checked and double checked. Was wondering if someone could help me out. Hey bhai, Im having a problem with my network adapter.. Hi, when I airodump on a bssid, I don't get any data to retrieve.

Don't no what the prob is Does the same bssid get data when you run airodump without specifying bssid? Try doing ARP request replay attack. Should speed up the inflow of data. Hey actually one of my neighbor is continuously using my WiFi without my permission. I want to taught him a lesson. Can you suggest any way I have its mac Address Is there any sort of back attack possible. This is a simple thing you can do - www. I currently have nothing straight-forward which works for FB, but if I do have something concrete, I'll certainly write about it on the blog, and probably mention it here on the comment thread as well.

I don't think its because my laptop isn't compatible because it used to be there. I really want to learn but cant ever figure this out. First i am connected with my own wifi thats nice i quess. Also i have Kali installed on my pc not on a vm. On your first screenshot you have monitor mode enabled mon0. I have no idea why i dont have that on my screen. With the next command i enter airodump-ng mon0. Then i get this output: Has someone a idea how i can fix this? Maybe its interesting to know that i also tryed the easier version with wifite.

This dosent work to. When I type in the command 'airodump-ng wlan0mon' I am able to see all of the networks but I am not able to see the the packets nor am I able to type another line of code. I have a problem. First of all I'm using kali Linux 2. Can i make it via external wifi router with dd-wrt? Index number of target network? I am getting this on giving index no. I followed every step, but I'm stuck at point 5.

When I type in monitor-data. I know what this means, but I thought the whole point was, that you don't need to do a dictionary attack, no? I guess u forgot the AP injection aireplay-ng for handshake or the aircrack command will not work error Must read Okayish guides: Evil Twin Attack Cheating your way into hacking that third wifi again - Fluxion: Hollywood Style Hack this time A little detour from the script kiddie route: Let's get ourselves some new exploits from Exploit-DB: I cover a few vulnerabilites in the OS, after that you should explore further yourself Encrypting Your Payloads so that antiviruses don't raise hell - Bypassing AV detection using Veil Evasion Bonus How not to hack Facebook - This post would help you realize that 'actually hacking' Facebook is basically impossible How to hack Facebook accounts over LAN: Extend the above method to work over the internet using port-forwarding Video tutorials.

Monday, August 5, Wifi Hacking - WEP - Kali Linux Aircrack-ng suite By Shashwat Chaudhary August 05, beginner , hacking , kali , linux , real , terminal , tutorial , wep , wifi , wireless hacking tutorials Disclaimer - TLDR; some stuff here can be used to carry out illegal activity, our intention is, however, to educate.

Alright, this post is written assuming you have Kali Linux up and running on your computer. If not, here is a post on hacking with kali linux. It will tell you about what Kali Linux is, and how to use it. It will guide you through installation process. So if you are still following, then just follow these simple steps- Firstly, create a wireless network to crack.

Don't use this method on others. Then proceed with the steps below. Find out the name of your wireless adapter. Alright, now, your computer has many network adapters, so to scan one, you need to know its name.

So there are basically the following things that you need to know-. Note the suffix associated. Now, to see all the adapters, type ifconfig on a terminal. Now, we'll use airodump-ng to capture the packets in the air. This tool gathers data from the wireless packets in the air. You'll see the name of the wifi you want to hack. This can be achieved by giving some more parameters with the airodump command.

A solution is the commands:. Marshall March 10, at 2: Win 10 is also very weird to use with desktop machines because it's designed for mobiles first. All this in one word, the operating system is just a plain shit.

And now they want to force everybody to use this shit to get everybody's data. You know, somebody in the future can get their fingers to that data and that will be a very very bad thing. Linux or Mac seem's to be a far more better solution if there is no use for special Windows based software that you have to use with your desktop.

I work for a corporation, and we have yet to deploy a Windows 10 machine, we are receiving computers with 10 loaded on them, I think it is a good move, the biggest issue is to get the older generation users into windows Lets face it how ever much people say they are going to change to linux or mac. This is going on for 10 years We all will always use windows. People called Vista bad and said would move to linux or mac and same with 8.

I am not happy with Windows 10 because it looks too ugly for me and all these automatic updates seem annoying. Wow, this site just lost all credibility.

This is nothing but a marketing piece for Microsoft. The author shows a complete amount of ignorance and too much MS Kool-Aid drinking. I am sure of it. There is no technical reason they cannot have chipset drivers for Win7. This is all a Microsoft move to move people to controlled windows on a service where you have zero say about what your computer can and cannot do.

Forced updates, Forced telemetry, zero privacy. Here is a patch to continue getting updates, because your right the author is a shill for Microsoft. The author is clearly being paid for by Microsoft. Although painful, but start learning "Linux" Ubuntu or something like that. It is far more better and reliable.

As consumers we need to upgrade our technical understanding of these computing machines. Otherwise, these monopolistic companies like Microsoft and Intel will erode our savings fast and will be duping us every now or then. Microsoft has no VALID excuse for refusing to support processors that are being sold while their product is still in mainstream release.

I made the mistake of trying WIndows 10 on one machine. This isn't an article, this is a Microsoft Shill trying to justify Microsoft shafting people over AGAIN so they can try to make even more obscene profits.

I'm surprised no-one is looking into this stitch-up. It's so laughably obvious that no amount of techno-spiel will hide what they are trying to do from anyone with a working brain.

Security, security, and more security? I'm going to grab a 6th gen i7, while they are still available, and continue using Win 7 until I can get to grips with Linux.

This article is disappointing in that it does nothing to answer its "purpose". It states instead only opinions of why it is "better" to go to Win10 and mentions build technology of the newest CPUs as a factor with some security concerns thrown in. But nothing related to what would be classified as exactly "WHY". Much like not having USB ports would mean no benefit of the fact that your chipset supports it.

Or having a basic video card can drastically limit your OS performance for its display just try safe mode. Win10 requirements are generally lighter than Win7 and Win10 can run quite effectively on some older devices.

To now say that a more powerful CPU - or its build technology - is a limitation for running an older OS is rubbish. And as for security? CPUs can certainly support better features that get integrated into the OS. But typical security issues are identified and released by the software vendors and are a function of whether they decide to release them - nothing to do with the CPU manufacturer.

This would therefore all seem to be simply manipulation by "someone". Holding on to Windows 7 professional for the clock and calendar gadgets sitting in the upper right corner of my second display, where they're always visible. I'll consider upgrading to windows 10 when Microsoft comes up with an identical solution, or certifies one of the 3rd party gadget replacements as safe. Strange you saying that, specially since Microsoft discontinued the gadgets due to a design flaw that make them insecure This is the stupidest article I have ever read.

There is a reason engineers and IT experts are avoiding Win 10 like the plague. Windows 10 is NOT an operating system. It is a vending machine. It is an insidious information data pipe between Microsoft and YOUR computer with the narrow purpose to steal your information, to spy on your every activity, to sell and profit from your personal and intellectual secrets and to convert your computer into a relentless vending machine which will eventually make you pay for every click on your keyboard!!!

Microsoft's new windows 10 license strips you of all privacy and consumer rights. It gives Microsoft the unlimited right to update and remotely alter your computer's most fundamental functionality, any time they feel like it. They can kill software you own.

They can disable your or destroy your media files at will. They can re-enable and hardware enforce digital rights management on files you have had for years. They can index and upload your private files without permission. Yes they CAN listen to your pillow talk. Yes they can silently activate the camera on your computer if you have one. So can any decent hacker and government agencies.

Windows 10 is not only ugly, it very bad news. It is the least secure windows since NT. Windows 10 is spyware and will never run on any of my PCs or harddisks: I will keep using windows 7 at home as long as possible and then - when the hardware is ageing or finally giving up - rather move to linux and use wine for windows emulation whenever needed.

Linux is great, some versions e. I bought new pc with 7th gen cpu,after readin post about this i understud that this might be right,because on that new pc i could not install windows 7 from usb only DVD drive that i putted in from old pc,but windows 10 usb worked like a charm,ok dealed with it,but there was another problem,couldnt normally install updates,pc just wont sturp up with after restart,than i decidec to turn off updates and now my pc running great,but without explorer 11 because of failed updates.

So maybe this is the way how MS forcing us to move to ten,and i think they will have luck with it,compabality will be removed for programs,games etc.

There are no reasons to oblige users to give up about win 7 at this moment. I couldn't care less about the cloud or the app store and so on.. I built a new computer some weeks ago and I told the dealer, that I want to continue to use Windows 7. I don't want this virus-like spy- and adware loaded Win Unfortunately he did not tell me this when there was the question of Skylake or Kabylake and I opted for the newest generation of CPU. Just now I got this messages about "unsupported" hardware.

I am really angry about this but I will continue with Win 7 as long as possible, be it with any reasonable hack. The fabrication process has improved to the point where each transistor measures around 14 nano meters". First of all, Kaby Lake is the exact opposite of a remarkable leap forward, it is simply an optimisation of Skylake to enable higher clock speeds. Hardly revolutionary or remarkable. Secondly, 14nm is not the size of the transistor itself, it is the size of the smallest feature on the chip.

Which could be, for example, the gate of one transistor. The transistors themselves are necessarily larger than 14nm if your process node is 14nm. Whoever wrote this article seems to lack technical knowhow. Like the guy that wrote the above comment. Gates are made of transistors, not the other way around. I was referring to transistor gates, not logic gates.

A transistor is constructed out of a gate, a drain, and a source all different materials. Here's a labelled electron microscope image of a few transistors to illustrate:. Cloud services, app store, and touch screen means nothing to many, many computer users. Some battery saving and performance enhancements are good, but not at the cost of the ethical lines of forced patches, built-in advertisements, and unavoidable privacy issues that Microsoft is crossing with Windows This site ends up sounding like a Microsoft shill, not addressing any concerns about the new version of Windows.

There's plenty of reasons to not transition to Windows 10, and Microsoft could have just made their enhancements without implementing terrible systemic changes. These are now built into Windows 10, and if it's indeed the 'last version' of Windows, chances are they'll never go away. I'm glad Valve invested so much into bringing games and software to Linux, as games were the last reason I had need of Windows.

Unfortunately I got a Gen. But I will definitely go without updates instead going with Windows Touchscreen support means nothing for me on a desktop. No, it doesn't make sense as there is no real technical reason. So, we've now learned how MS is even pushing actual ads into its Win10 explorer software!

And you dare advertise for this being a good move by MS and Intel? I will never stop running Win7 x It's a fine OS, a stable workhorse. And found out Intel keeps making some of them too, probably because they too realize Win10 is a disaster OS waiting to crumble into oblivion. If I ever need faster hardware, I'll run the latest linux kernel on it.

Microsoft has just played itself out of the game here. And their weak excuses to make Win7 x64 last forever are absolutely disgraceful for a company with such humongous financial backing. THAT is what counts. All the featuritis is making us puke.

Still remains the worst argument ever coming from a billion dollar cash in the bank business like MicroSoft; "It's too much work to upgrade Win7 to new hardware standards! You don't want to work for your money then?

And how do you reckon the linux kernel can do it just fine then? You don't care about user-demand. Freakin' waste of our precious time. You're too stupid to not try and fix what isn't broken. New hardware comes out and suddenly you're all too lazy and stubborn to go and upgrade drivers for it. Why did I even pay for a license?

Windows 10 is an attempt to "appify" the OS. I want a PC operating system that is not doing its best to imitate smart phones; if I wanted a smart phone OS, I'd get a smart phone. I don't really care about the security aspect anymore, not since it's become a thinly veiled way to turn users into a commodity with mandatory telemetry and so forth, along with taking away control of how updates are applied, etc.

It's possible to run Win7 with Kaby Lake; you just have to be a little clever about it--and since MS can't force me to install updates fyu very much! You absolutely and exactly brought it to the point. Your heading is quite wrong Windows 7 works perfectly on Kaby Lake I tried installing windows 7 on a kaby lake machine. I type this on a Kaby Lake machine. Although installation did need some technical knowledge because of USB drivers - no mouse no keyboard at first.

But luckily I had an old PS2 keyboard. If they didn't make automatic updates a thing on Windows 10, I would happily use it on my main desktop. I do have some machines running it and it's a decent OS, but it's not gonna be my main machine. I regularly update my PC, but I'm a control freak about when I choose to do it. I'm a big fan of user choice, even if that choice is "bad" for the user such as delaying security.

Quite frankly, I wish Microsoft will just honor the promise of supporting the OS like they did as opposed to using loopholes to getting out of their own commitments. Don't make promises you can't keep. But my problem is there are quite a number of software I use won't work on Windows I know that's normal as time passes but if I wanted the latest and greatest stuff. Remember that Windows' strength has always been as a legacy machine.

The new software is fine and all but it's comparability is one of its great strengths. Some of us would like to use older software with patched systems. At the very least, I think Windows 10 needs to work on an emulator or something that can help with that. I have older software that doesn't work in Windows 10 as well. From a security standpoint I use my legacy IS off network for the sole purpose of those softwares. One thing you could do is create a VM to run your dated OS on your Windows 10 if you desire to have everything together.

I didn't check up on this before buying but I installed Windows 7 on iK last night with no problem at all. Used tethering from my phone to get internet and used Windows Updates and that finally worked. I've even received plenty of security updates today, but maybe those are "Pre Kaby Lake", I don't know. Yes but do You have a Z motherboard. That is all about. Z and Skylake Are totaly fine. All this article is a bit wrong. Although I am sure we will find a way to crack them another hole.

Be cause this is just forcing us to upgrade to the most Spyware friendly OS ever. Well the choices are between building your own PC and running Windows and having most things work fairly well, building your own PC and running Linux and having some things work really well and other things become a pain in the arse going through lines upon lines of terminal entries, or buying an Apple computer at twice the usual markup for the components because of supposed build quality and OS stability, both things I've personally had issues with.

It's not us that has allowed the monopoly to happen, it's developers not making their software work on all major operating systems, forcing people to pick OS based on the software they wish to use.

It's Linux still having a user-unfriendly approach with a thousand different distros and options of which some function better than others, it's Apple having a huge barrier to entry, it's the lack of competition against Microsoft's monolith of an OS that, due to developer support, most people run just to run certain software and, mainly, play games. You don't have to build your own Linux system. If I didn't prefer to build my own computer, I would buy a System 76 computer without a doubt. There are numerous vendors with competitive prices, but just a couple of options:.

No terminal commands needed either. Linux has made leaps and bounds in user friendliness in the past few years. There aren't many reasons not to use Linux on the desktop for most of the population anymore. Businesses too; Linux is use cases include DreamWorks' animation artists' desktops, many Hollywood movie graphic studios use Linux movies e. Other organizations as well: Chances are a large majority of the people using the above Linux computers didn't know how to use them before they had to for work.

I find it hard to believe that there are use cases that home consumers have that are more demanding than those listed above, or that they would deploy that many Linux computers if the employees had many issues using it. Next time you need a new computer, buy a System 76 machine.

Avoid Windows, get stuff done. Agreed that "that" company has monopoly on PC. They can use a "good" reason to force you to Windows The upgrade is smooth, but there is no driver for the embedded graphic controller resulting in an ugly non-transparent taskbar. As I am a freelance developer, I can live with the current situation. Will we still be able to activate our retail versions of Windows in order to upgrade to Windows 10? If not, I will be pretty angry given that I purchased my retail version to transfer to my new computer as I upgraded.

At least that was my understanding of the primary advantage of purchasing retail vs. There is only a little difference between "not supported" and deliberately crippled. I'm holding fire to my upgrade plans until i find out for sure how Win 7 and 8. I like them BOTH much more than It is possible to make it work. But if you install at least one of this updates: I don't know about future "CPU detection" mechanisms. AMD is going to kick Intel's arse with its Zen family. So yes "I remember them" as you asked.

I am hesitant to deploy Windows 10 to my business clients. This truly a Microsoft sales brochure, not even close to legitimate journalism, and now I have to question the credibility of makeuseof as an organization. It may be factual as to what Microsoft is doing we all know this , but it is in no way good for the public; it is purely planned obsolescence.

Force obsolescence, really, in the name of making more money for both chipmakers and Microsoft. As for "security", F-U-D strikes again. OS-level flaws are rarely an issue on end-user machines.

Virtually all malware is either installed by the user willfully, or by exploiting holes in high-level applications such as browsers and addons like Flash.

Professionally, I can count on one hand the number of OS flaws I've seen exploited, and those all occurred after one of the above allowed the malware onto the network in the first place. Kinda Firewalls stuff here - something the OS wouldn't have stopped since there was no lockout policy and it was doing what it was configured to do.

Also, consider that, if you're really so worried about your data being safe, consider running offline or on a private LAN, something which is all-but-impossible with Windows I do most of my business outside my IT job and personal stuff offline, but I have better security than a million-dollar network is capable of providing, simply because I'm using the right tool for the job. Your comment should be the main article and the article should be under comments and marked as advertising spam.

Ah good ol' Metrosoft -- as it continues with its one step forward, two steps back approach. Microsoft is taking another step to modify its cut-off support date for Intel Skylake-based devices. Instead of halting support for Skylake-based Windows 7 and 8. For Windows 7, extended support ends on January 14, Extended support means the period during which users will get regular security updates from Microsoft for free. Matthew Hughes, unabashed Metrosoft bootlicker par excellence.

Congrats on the intended snow job. Amazing some of the things you've professed in this article. You must think we're all gullible lemmings out here in Computerland. So here's a dose of reality for you my man: Nadella and ham-fisted shills like you aren't fooling anyone in the know.

All this highlights is Redmond's continued strong-arming of any perceived opposition in their path, a history of abuse which blithely continues unabated to this day. If by the end of this perioud no better windows version has been released that isn't a huge POS like windows 10 I will either switch to MAC, or Linux like everyone else. No one wants this privacy invasive, unusable junkware, spyware called windows Its the present NO one asked for.

We just want a normal desktop OS and we will go elsewhere to get it if thats what it takes. Just install Linux today and start finding alternative software for your needs.

Don't wait until support ends and you have to rush it. And try different distros if the first thing you try doesn't work for you. This article was written by a hack who absolutely does not understand the views of the individuals he seeks to capture in his audience It was so poorly written I couldn't even finish it, I'm not getting paid to grade this garbage or take him to school What a lot of bull.

Your article how much did MS pay you for it has convinced me to exactly opposite, do not touch that shite with a barge pole.

As for better security, we all know how reliable MS is with their brokenware that is always pushed on customers without it really being fit for purpose and how it takes years to try to sort out various cock-ups. MS only think about MS and profit, customer only being a captive audience. I have always done the same thing when first installing new OS, blocked anything MS in firewall, and have always taken care of my own security as MS could not be relied on.

I, for one, will no longer be upgrading my hardware or software as I have just bought Skylake and have incredible difficulty installing W7 due to MS and Intel collusion to force us to go W10 route. The whole thing is a rip-off, we are paying for things we do not want just so MS and Intel can further secure domination of the market.

Just look at it, built in sound and graphics which no gamer wants, cloud services — gimmick, touch screen — gimmick, apps that try to sell you things that you can get lot cheaper elsewhere, etc. However, MS will most likely do well as vast majority of sheeple out there are not even aware how big brother is watching them and ripping them off. I have stopped buying games when I could no longer play single player without having Steam account and I know at least a dozen others in my area who did the same.

If I could do that then I sure can live without windows as well. Linux here I come. I'm not saying XP should still be used, but having cloud services and the store integrated instead of being a seperate APP and all the garbage and control taken away from the end use is exactly why I'd like to use Windows 7 for as long as possible.

How in the hell are you supporting this? Windows 10, no thank you. The horizontal battery meter creeps me out and the control panel being phased out by an 'app' is just disgusting. I can always keep a build of windows 10 and not update it disable the Windows Update service, work even on Home edition to stop updates , but I'd rather just cloner over my Windows 8 system onto a new Coffee Lake, Ice Lake, whatever I may get laptop from my old laptop and install the drivers to get the hardware working.

Granted I'll get more power consumption and no updates but it's not a big deal for me. I disabled updates on my Windows 8 install for years and when I run a portable virus scanner, nothing is found.

I understand vulnerabilities having been exploited on my machine can be undetectable but I am not worried.

If I can't install, I'll look up on the web how to hack the. If it's really impossble by the internet community, I won't upgrade my hardware. This really is an insulting article. It would be less so if it didn't read like the ad copy from their PR department.

There's a reason why sometimes people don't want to "keep updating" their systems. Because Microsoft releases broken software.

Over and over and over and over and over and over and over. There is a reason why sometimes we want to postpone updates until we feel we might be willing to take the risks. Or why sometimes we don't even update something at all fearing what will happen. That's before we get into things like privacy violations, and forced EULA's "oh we will just update this software for you - oh we have some new features you dont even want - oh now you cant shut them off - click here to legally accept total responsibility for what you didn't want even if it screws up your marriage, career, investments, or anything else".

Microsoft has never been about user choice, user freedom, or even basic respect. What other things will be rammed down our throats in the future? Maybe they'll decide everyone should be policed for their online speech so they'll put in a backdoor watching you as you type.

Or they'll decide to break your old software an old Microsoft trick going back to the Windows 3. Not to worry, here's Microsoft with a sledgehammer, ready to make that square peg fit the round hole whether it wants to or not. So stop trying to sell me on it. I still use Win 7 Prof on my older laptop and bought a new one earlier this year that runs Win 7. I prefer it because it allows me to use Virtual XP which runs my old graphics programs like a charm.

I do not want to have to go to the expense of buying all new programs for the bit of graphics I do, or have to learn to use all new programs for the bit of graphics I do. The only other use I have for my computers is email, researching family genealogy and using a genealogy program to document, and some online games and internet search. It rankles me to feel forced to change what I have when it suits me just fine because a company decides something like this.

Is this a joke article? The line about Windows XP not being that good because it didn't have an app store sealed the deal for me. Wow, could this clown be any more of a shill for Windows 10 if he tried? It's practically self-parody at this point. Win7 is the last good desktop OS Microsoft made, and since we've been burdened with these ever worse touch focused, user distrusting piles of poo.

This site seems to be a complete shill in order to sell everyone on win This sounds like a horrible idea. Windows 7 will still run on Skylake and I assume Kaby Lake processors, but will merely stop getting security upgrades?

So people using these systems will be unwittingly put in danger? Will there be warnings sent to them telling them they need to upgrade their software, or will they simply stop receiving updates years before other Win7 users?

Gaming is really the only thing stopping me from going Linux now, and I think that market is only growing. Are we allowed to say "horseshit" on here?

Want to try an easier method?