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Retrieved February 5, This is easily the lowest price I can find for a 49" TV that has Smart functionality built-in. Retrieved August 5, Retrieved March 29, The framework will be cross-platform and cross-device, which is what Sony calls "hardware-neutral". According to lead system architect, Mark Cerny, development on the PlayStation 4 began as early as

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Users can play using a DualShock 3 controller, although due to the difference in features between the controller and the handheld, certain games are not compatible with PS TV, such as those that are dependent on the system's touch-screen, rear touchpad, microphone or camera. It features a 5. Each console has a variety of games. Games released on the PlayStation 2 can currently only be played on the original console as well as the PSX and the early models of the PlayStation 3 which are backwards compatible.

It is dedicated to developing video games exclusively for the PlayStation series of consoles. The series has produced several best-selling franchises such as the Gran Turismo series of racing video games as well as critically acclaimed titles such as the Uncharted series.

Each region has its own qualifications to enter the re-release program. Initially, during the PlayStation era, a game had to sell at least , copies later , [] and be on the market for at least a year [] to enter the Greatest Hits range. During the PlayStation 2 era, the requirements increased with the minimum number of copies sold increasing to , and the game had to be on the market for at least 9 months.

Classics HD are compilations of PlayStation 2 games that have been remastered for the PlayStation 3 on a single disc with additional features such as upscaled graphics, PlayStation Move support, 3D support and PlayStation Network trophies. Online gaming on PlayStation consoles first started in July with the release of PlayStation 2's unnamed online service in Japan.

Later in August saw its release in North America, followed by the European release in June This service was shut down on March 31, Released in , the PlayStation Network is an online service [] focusing on online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery.

The store uses both physical currency and PlayStation Network Cards. The PlayStation Store's gaming content is updated every Tuesday and offers a range of downloadable content both for purchase and available free of charge.

Available content includes full games, add-on content, playable demos , themes and game and movie trailers. As of September 24, , there have been over million downloads from the PlayStation Store worldwide. Research made by the project may eventually contribute to the creation of vital cures. Subscribers also gain early or exclusive access to some betas , game demos, premium downloadable content such as full game trials of retail games like Infamous and LittleBigPlanet and other PlayStation Store items, as well as a free subscription to Qore.

It was launched on June 11, [] and since its launch, has featured in numerous interviews with third-party companies such as Square Enix. The PlayStation App is an application that was released on January 11, in several European countries for iOS version 4 and above and for Android version 1. The framework will be cross-platform and cross-device, which is what Sony calls "hardware-neutral".

It was set to release before the end of calendar year In addition, Android devices that have been certified to be able to play back PlayStation Suite content smoothly will be certified with the PlayStation Certified certification. Ascension, Puppeteer and Beyond: Membership is free, and only requires a PSN account. Home has been in development since early and started an open public beta test on December 11, They can travel throughout the Home world except cross region , which is constantly updated by Sony and partners.

Each part of the world is known as a space. Public spaces can just be for display, fun, or for meeting people. Home features many mini-games which can be single player or multiplayer.

Users can shop for new items to express themselves more through their avatars or HomeSpace. Home plays host to a variety of special events which range from prize-giving events to entertaining events. Users can also use Home to connect with friends and customize content. Development of Room has been halted on April 15, due to negative feedback from the community. The interface features icons that are spread horizontally across the screen.

Navigation moves the icons instead of a cursor. These icons are used as categories to organize the options available to the user. When an icon is selected on the horizontal bar, several more appear vertically, above and below it selectable by the up and down directions on a directional pad.

LiveArea, designed to be used on the PlayStation Vita , is a graphical user interface set to incorporate various social networking features via the PlayStation Network.

It has been designed specifically as a touchscreen user interface for users. In , Sony released the first useful and fully functioning operating system for a video game console, after the Net Yaroze experiment for the original PlayStation. The kit, which included an internal hard disk drive and the necessary software tools, turned the PlayStation 2 into a full-fledged computer system running Linux. Users can utilize a network adapter to connect the PlayStation 2 to the internet, a monitor cable adaptor to connect the PlayStation 2 to computer monitors as well as a USB Keyboard and Mouse which can be used to control Linux on the PlayStation 2.

Yellow Dog Linux provides an official distribution that can be downloaded, and other distributions such as Fedora , Gentoo and Ubuntu have been successfully installed and operated on the console. The feature to install a second operating system on a PlayStation 3 was removed in a firmware update released in Released in , the PlayStation control pad was the first controller made for the original PlayStation. Released in , the DualShock controller for the PlayStation succeeded its predecessor, the Dual Analog, and would go on to become the longest running series of controllers for the PlayStation brand.

In addition to the inputs of the original, digital, controller , , , , L1, L2, R1, R2, Start, Select and a D-pad , the DualShock featured two analog sticks in a similar fashion to the previous Dual Analog controller, which can also be depressed to activate the L3 and R3 buttons.

The DualShock series consists of four controllers: The Sixaxis was the first official controller for the PlayStation 3, and is based on the same design as the DualShock series but lacking the vibration motors of the DualShock series of controllers.

Like the Dual Analog, the DualShock and DualShock 2 feature an "Analog" button between the analog sticks that toggles the analog sticks on and off for use with games which support only the digital input of the original controller. Beginning with the Sixaxis, a 'PlayStation button' which featured the incorporated PS logo and is similar in function to the Xbox "Guide" button was included on controllers. Pressing the PS button on the PS3 brings up the XMB , while holding it down brings up system options such as quit the game, change controller settings, turn off the system, and turn off the controller.

Based on the handheld motion controller wand, PlayStation Move uses the PlayStation Eye webcam to track the wand's position and the inertial sensors in the wand to detect its motion. Hardware available at launch included the main PlayStation Move motion controller and an optional PlayStation Move sub-controller. The PlayStation brand has a wide series of magazines, from across different continents, covering PlayStation related articles and stories.

Many of these magazines work closely with Sony and thus often come with demo discs for PlayStation games. Currently there are three magazines still in circulation namely PlayStation: PlayStation Underground was a non-traditional magazine that Sony Computer Entertainment America produced and published between Spring to Spring Subscribers received two PlayStation CDs, along with a booklet and colorful packaging every quarter. Several issues showed how a game was created from basic design to final product.

Since the CDs could only be run on a PlayStation, it proved a useful marketing tool which spawned a line of PlayStation Underground JamPacks Demo CDs and which contained highlights from recent issues of PlayStation Underground , along with seemingly as many game demos that could be packed on a single CD. PlayStation Underground CDs are mainly in the hands of collectors these days. These commercials usually advertise the PlayStation 3 and its games through a series of comedic answers to "Dear PlayStation" queries.

Sony issued an apology and a new version of the advert with the offending line changed was produced. A spin-off of the campaign has been created for the PlayStation Portable which features similar campaign commercials called the "Step Your Game Up" campaign featuring a fictional teenage character named Marcus Rivers acting in a similar fashion to Kevin Butler but answering the "Dear PlayStation" queries about the PSP.

In July , an advertising campaign in the Netherlands was released in which a white model dressed entirely in white and a black model dressed entirely in black was used to compare Sony's new Ceramic White PSP and the original Piano Black PSP. This series of ads depicted both models fighting with each other [] and drew criticism from the media for being racist, though Sony maintains that the ad did not feature any racist message. The site contained a blog which was purportedly written by "Charlie", a teenage boy attempting to get his friend Jeremy's parents to buy him a PSP, and providing a "music video" of either Charlie or Jeremy "rapping" about the PSP.

Visitors to the website quickly recognized that the website was registered to a marketing company, exposing the campaign on sites such as YouTube and digg. Sony was forced to admit that the site was in fact a marketing campaign and in an interview with next-gen. Among the numerous interviews conducted with various people in the industry was an interview with Dr Jeffrey Brand, associate professor in communication and media at Bond University who said, "PlayStation re-ignited our imagination with video games".

In , ViTrue, Inc. Top Social Brands of ". The ranking was based on various aspects mainly dealing with popular social media sites in aspects such as Social Networking, Video Sharing, Photo Sharing and Blogs. In , Gizmodo stated that the PlayStation brand was one of the last Sony products to completely stand apart from its competitors, stating that "If you ask the average person on the street what their favorite Sony product is, more often than not you'll hear PlayStation".

A study by Greenlight's Entertainment Retail has also shown that the PlayStation brand is the most interactive making posts and tweets on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. As of [update] , PlayStation is the strongest selling console brand worldwide. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 19 September This article is about the PlayStation brand.

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Retrieved August 26, Retrieved September 11, Retrieved August 9, Archived from the original on September 16, Retrieved June 3, Archived from the original on February 6, Uncharted 4 Sold 8.

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This Philips Hue screws into any standard light bulb and allows you to choose from over 16 million colors. For max functionality, a Philips hub is preferred but it will also work paired to a smart hub like a SmartThings. This is a legacy coop strategy game with a variable storyline that will take hours and hours to complete. The new Ryzen laptops are definitely making waves. They offer quad-core processors and Radeon Vega graphics considerably superior to Intel onboard graphics at very reasonable prices.

This laptop also boasts a 15" display and 16GB of memory. HDR, or high dynamic range, gives you blacker blacks and whiter whites, creating a more realistic image on your screen.

The P series is Vizio's gold standard and today's price is the absolute lowest I've seen. The Vizio E-series TVs offer great image quality at a superb price. Well, today, the price has dropped even more. This is easily the lowest price I can find for a 49" TV that has Smart functionality built-in.

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