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It allows you to text and call right from the app. WhatsApp has been more convenient for me simply because so many people I message already have the app installed but there are many free messaging apps out there. Ever since MucroSucks bought out Skype, they've managed to screw-up everthing they put their hands on. Since mine is already in Microsoft's database, they won't accept it , and suggest I join Outlook to get a new one. It allows you to make calls for free or very cheap depending on the type of call. All you need to do is turn on airplane mode, then manually go to your WiFi settings and turn it back on. I had to ask the client to end the call because I could not figure out how to get the call window back with hang up icon.

There Is A Lot More To Skype


This means you must be texting someone who uses an iPhone with iMessage. For myself, this is easy because over half the people I text have iPhones and free WiFi is easy to find in most cities. You may not be able to text at any given moment but at most restaurants or cafes you will be able to connect. Just ask if you are a customer. I always do and the server is happy to provide it to me.

Another great thing about iMessage is you can use it with the iPod touch and iPad as well. There are many texting apps that are free alternatives to iMessage you can use as well. Any apple device such as an iPad or iPhone can be used to text using iMessage. All you need to do is login with the same Apple ID that you are currently using on your iPhone. This way all of you contacts will still receive texts from you as the sender and your devices will be synced.

You can send an iMessage from your iPhone or iPad and they will all work together. This is handy if you share an Apple ID on multiple devices but do not want your iMessages showing up on each device. You can set up how you receive your iMessages on each device.

Choosing from your Apple ID, email, or number. Choose one or as many as you would like people to be able to reach you at through iMessage. Just look at the status bar of your at the top of your iPhone. If you see WiFi bars you are connected and it is free to text away.

See below as an example. You can even turn off the cellular signal of your phone and data to be sure you will not be charged. You do not need to be in airplane mode to use your device for free. Simply being connected to WiFi will ensure all of your iMessages and web browsing are free. If you are texting over WiFi abroad your message will be sent as an iMessage. Or if you purchased a small data plan to text using data not SMS you will also only want to text using iMessage to avoid texting charges.

In both situations it is key to not text using SMS green texts , however if the iMessage cannot be sent it will attempt to send using SMS by default. You can disable this feature while abroad to avoid charges.

If you have have a smart phone and the recipient also has a smart phone there are plenty of apps out there that are just like iMessage. For example, WhatsApp Messenger is 99 cents in the app store and is a great way to text overseas.

As long as both parties have the app and are you are using WiFi in a country other than your home country it is free. I use them both when traveling depending on who I am trying to reach. One great perk of WhatsApp Messenger is when you do return home you can continue texting anywhere in the world for free. So if you make friends traveling way it is a free way to stay in touch. But note this is only at home where you can use your regular data plan. If you are out of your home country you have to have a WiFi connection to use WhatsApp for free.

I hope this is clear. Again, just find some free WiFi in the city you are visiting. You do not need to be constantly connected when traveling so being disconnected part of the day is nice anyway.

Hopefully you can make better use of the time when you are connected. Once you find a secure WiFi connection simply open up FaceTime and call home. Skype might be what you are used to using and they have made a great iPhone app. It allows you to make calls for free or very cheap depending on the type of call.

Not all Skype calls are free so be sure to add a little money to your Skype account before you leave home. One last alternative is Google Voice.

It allows you to text and call right from the app. You can even create your own custom phone number for it while traveling. Again everything can be done for free over WiFi. I think it is pretty clear here how to browse the web over WiFi. The only thing I cannot stress enough is do not use any international data. If your phone is automatically downloading emails you can expect an enormous cell phone bill.

Turn off your data roaming, and change your mail settings. Just like messaging and calling you can browse the web and email for free. I highly recommend not using international data to do this. To turn it off follow the steps below:. There may be times when you have to make a call or text in another country. Most likely depending on your plan you will pick up on the local cellular network. This is great for emergencies but it will be pretty pricey to connect.

The best option is to temporarily add features to your existing plan. You can do this online or by calling your carrier. You can add it for just one month if you would like and remove it the next. These are better rates than making calls and texts without them. I would recommend them for when you absolutely need them but try to stick to WiFi. The best part is they are one time fees and you can remove them from your plan when you get home.

If you happen to use a lot of voice or data abroad with no plan that is ok. When you get back home call your carrier and you can retro-activate a plan that can save you money on minutes and data you have already used.

Still there is no need to purchase any texting or calling packages if you have enough patience while traveling. Just use WiFi and text and call for free no matter where you are in the world. This means if you did not plan ahead you can buy a plan when you return home that will reduce the cost of all those calls and texts you made overseas.

This can be a real lifesaver for those who forget to buy an international plan or simply had to make emergency calls. Learn how to backdate your plan in this post. If you do choose to use a paid option or simply want to track your data iOS 7 has a great new feature to help you control what apps are using data. Many apps you data without you even knowing it which is why you need to turn those apps when you are abroad or limit the ones you want to use your data plan.

You can even reset the statistics at the bottom of the settings to monitor how much date these apps have used. If you really want to track your data closely I recommend the app called My Data Manager. If you have any questions about how to use your iPhone overseas please leave it in the comments section and I am happy to help! I have been traveling to over countries by using the methods I share on this site. My goal is to maximize every trip and make the most of my adventures. Join me on Instagram.

My iphone 4 and Ipad 2 are both jailbroken. You could also use facetime over wifi if the person you are calling has access to an apple device. When using Skype it may cost a few cents a minute if you are calling a mobile number. I used those methods when I was in Mexico just last month! I just moved to China and I have been texting friends using imessages. I have an iphone 4s. Hi, sorry for the delayed response but if you are texting via iMessage you will not be charged even with your data on.

This is the same abroad as it is at home. A good way to be sure you are using WiFi and the iMessage is free is that the conversation bubbles are blue and not green. Green indicates a traditional SMS and those cost money or are part of your texting plan. Blue text bubbles are free iMessage conversations. They do not use data and you will NOT be charged. If you have data roaming and cellular data off you will not be charged for a text you receive over wifi. You are only charges for texts you receive over the cellular network.

The key is to be connected to WiFi when texting with iMessage. What about ios5 allows you to use iMessage abroad? It can be used freely with a WiFi connection without using your texting plan. This is similar to WhatsApp Messenger and many other apps that work over wifi in the app store.

It is possible to use it on older firmwares but it was not built in. I have a 4 phone family plan with iPhone in florida and I am in thailand for several months, is there a plan I can use to keep from paying the hundred bucks a month back home.

Hey Ron, first of all I love Thailand its one of my favorite countries. If you are under contract with ATT I would call and ask them to suspend your account. Last time I did that I was able to suspend the contract for up to 6 months and reinstate it when I returned.

If you are out of contract ATT might help you with this, they have for me in the past. If you family plan is still in use back home suspending the account my not be an option but they may be able to offer some reduced plans until you return. Hope that helps and I would give ATT a call. Clint, Thanks so much for the quick response. I jail broke my phone before I left states , so I am good there. My family has 3 phones in use there, so I guess I will call and try for a short suspension.

Yes Thai people are great and I can live pretty well on my social security. No problem, Ron and good luck. I actually find ATT to be pretty accommodating over the phone. What they lack in US coverage they make up for in customer service in my experience with them. Let me know if you have any more questions and hopefully I can help. My boyfriend visits his family in China a lot. He has an ipad that he takes with him and I have the iphone 4s.

I was wondering if we text and facetime over wifi and the messages come up under blue does that mean it is free? Also I will be going over to China as well. Does this mean I can with other iphone users now? Hey Brianna, great question. You are correct, all texts that appear blue are free iMessage texts.

However, you will only be able to text iMessage users apple device users. You will need to login on your iPad with the same apple ID that you use on your iPhone so that you still show up as the sender.

Hope that helps and feel free to ask for more clarification. But turning off cellular data will will restrict all data to Wi-Fi, including email, browsing the web, and push notifications. With this toggled off you can be positive you are not using your data plan abroad and only using Wi-Fi.

Hey Rob, I would recommend you both use a third party app such as WhatsApp. This is what I use to text over wifi to non-iPhone users abroad and you will not be charged for the texts. Hey Clint, if my iphone 4s has been jailbreak then I use iMessage without any data or wifi, can i still send messages?

Hey Gen, you will need to have one or the other turned on to send an iMessage. There may be charges associated with using your data plan but if you turn off cellular data than you can send iMessages freely over wifi. So you will need a wifi connection to send messages.

If you are abroad another option is to pickup a prepaid SIM card for your phone and use the local network at a much cheaper rate than your data plan at home. Hope that helps but let me know if you have more questions. I am in Uruguay right now doing the same thing with my iPad mini and iPhone. As long as you are messaging with a Wi-Fi connection you will not be charged for sending or receiving. Adding multiple addresses and your phone number is simply a means for people to message you across multiple devices.

I will be visiting my husband in Japan in the next few days. I have read that turning on airplane mode will also restrict the cellular data. What is the difference between being in airplane mode and turning off all cellular data? Hi Jillian, glad you found the post helpful. Turning on airplane mode will block all data and you can stick to using wifi when available. However, you can also just turn off cellular data as you suggested which is what I do most of the time.

You should be able send iMessage texts with wifi only. Basically, turning off cellular data will give you more freedom and still prevent data roaming charges. I hope that is clear and let me know if you have follow up questions. Thanks and have a great trip! Also, Verizon told me to notify them and suspend my plan. Will that affect the data I can receive over wifi? Thanks for the questions, Alison.

I am going to assume you simply want to use the phone for WiFi access while abroad? If you do not suspend it you will need to be sure to turn off cellular data in the settings or at least data roaming to prevent being charged. Jailbreaking is not necessary to avoid being charged in this case. Basically if you suspend your account your phone will not have access to cellular data and will not be charged but you will be able to continue using WiFi for free which is handy while traveling.

Let me know if you have any more questions and have a time studying abroad! Your information has been extremely helpful. My boyfriend is in the Airforce and was recently sent to Australia.

We have been mostly texting thru iMessage but sometimes wifi isnt available were he is. He has a international plan with his plan, but mine does not. Will I get charged any additional fees for texting his local number while he is in Australia and I am still state side?

Hey Amanda, great question. It is likely you will be charged for every regular non iMessage text you send to your boyfriend abroad. If you both download it you will not be charged to text him abroad. I use it all the time and hopefully it will work for you too. Thanks so much for all the advice. I just have one question, I live in Canada, and am taking a group trip to Mexico.

I want to be able to text my friends who all have i phones while in Mexico. But I will also need to text my kids back home. Well when you have access to WiFi texting home and within Mexico will be free iphone to iphone using iMessage. However, when you do not have WiFi there will be additional costs. I add this feature to my plan for one month and remove it when I get home.

Another solution would be to purchase a data package from your carrier. For example, if you bought MB for international data usage that is more than enough to text with apps that use data. Texting within an app that uses data will not effect your current texting plan at home and you will not be charged for texts sent though the app.

If you are going to be texting home a lot and within the country this might be useful. I use the third party app called WhatsApp to text.

It uses your data plan to send texts but it is also free when connected to WiFi. When you do not have WiFi you would have two good options: With the data package you will need to send all texts through WhatsApp and all recipients must have it too. Data is more useful if you need ever need to browse the web or check email but it will be more expensive to add to your plan.

Let me know if you have follow up questions and feel email me. There is wifi where I am staying. I have turned off cellular data ,3G and roaming. But I still can sent and receive text msgs even when there is no wifi. Will I be charged for these msgs? Hey Gavin, If you have data off and you are connected to WiFi any text sent over iMessage will be free. Keep in mind the recipient must be able to receive iMessages too. This means all the text bubbles will appear blue.

Traditional SMS texts will cost you money they appear as green texts. Hi Clint, we are the cruise lovers. In every port we try to catch WiFi to stay connected. But on the ship Internet is very expensive and deadly slow, it cost you a fortune to open one email. Can we text from a ship, using any apps without Internet?

Do you have any suggestions? Also you recommend to use WhatsApp. As I understand, everybody in my list have to have it too in order to stay in touch. What about Textfree, Forfone, Textme apps. Are they the same way?

To use WhatsApp all parties need to have it on their phones. The only way to use these apps is to have a WiFi or data connection.

Do you have any cell service on cruises at all? I have never been on a cruise so I do not know but I would expect not. Check with your carrier if that is an option. I what ways can I call or FaceTime or Skype for free to him? Hi Ruth, you have a few options to contacts friends at home. My friend taught English in Korea for 3 years and had no issues calling me for free.

You will not be charged for FaceTime when you are connected to WiFi. Skype is the same way if you are calling another mobile with Skype or computer. Since both apps can be used over a data network you need to be sure you are on Wifi to connect for free. Feel free to send me follow up questions. It does not send and receive messages over WiFi like iMessage does.

Thanks for that answer — is the same for email? Email is free to use over WiFi and you will not be charged. Just to be safe you can even put it in airplane mode and then turn WiFi on to be sure no data is being transferred over the network.

Basically, anything you do with a WiFi connection iMessage, browse the web, email is free. But if any of those are done without WiFi you will get charged international dating roaming fees. Just make sure you are connected to Wifi and you will be fine. What if I begin a conversation with someone via iMessage, and I leave and disconnect from wifi. You will likely be charged for sending SMS depending on your plan.

If you receive an SMS it should be billed at the rate of your home plan. If you reply with SMS there will be international texting rates. I would check with your carrier but this is how many are handled and my own. Hello, I have the IPhone4S and used it in Europe but I put it in airplane mode and when I had free wi-fi, I could send and receive e-mails with no charge.

Do I need IMessage app? And the recipient needs that app as well? Is that truewith Verizon? It is built into your iPhone as long as you are running anything over iOS 5. It will automatically detect another user with an iPhone and send an iMessage to them. This is free when sent over WiFi. For example, WhatsApp is one of my favorites for this. When you are connected to Wifi no data is being sent over the networks. You can use your phone as if it was your laptop and do things for free such as browse the web, make skype calls, facetime, send iMessages, etc.

If you are in airplane mode with WiFi on you should be free of additional charges. This is the same for Verizon or any other carrier. Your phone basically becomes a mini-laptop and does not use any cellular data, only WiFi. Hope that is clear and feel free to email me with questions. Hi Clint, Your site is very informative; thank you for putting all this together!

Is there any way we could text without incurring international charges? Hey Jamie, you are correct that both parties need to have the app. Any chance you have another iDevice such as an iPad or iPod Touch? You can use those apps with any of those devices over WiFi.

If not, I will look into some other solutions for you. Do let me know if you find some other alternative and thank you for all your help!

I used google voice app while in in Nassau on my iphone with wifi. I was still charged on my ATT bill for international calling. I thought I should have only been charged for standard minutes since I was calling a domestic number via internet. Other apps, like iMessage or TigerText never tried this one can use email addresses to link your phone. My guess is that number will no longer be linked once you suspend the account. However, it is possible that your SIM will tie your number to the app even while suspended at home.

This is not something I have tried. If you really want to keep using WhatsApp over other messaging apps you may consider picking up a local SIM card. This way you will have a new number tied to your phone to use WhatsApp. Of course, you will have to give your new number to all of your contacts but it is an option. Thanks for the great info. I wish I had seen it sooner.

One thing that applies to my situation is not clear, though. My son just left for Australia and he will have limited texts he can send each month. He has an iPhone, but I do not. But I do have a WiFi-only new generation iPad. Hi Candy, as long as you are using iMessage over WiFi it will be free on both ends. I use my iPad like this often and have never had any issues.

When in doubt, stick to Wifi and use iMessage and you will not be charged. Hi My son lives in Ca. And his girlfriend lives in Canada. They use texting as their main communication however his international plan does not even begin to cover the hundreds of texts he sends monthly.

He has unlimited data plan but no wifi where he lives. Will his phone be charged if they text with Facebook messenger? Sherri, Facebook messenger, like many similar apps, uses data to send messages. This means you can send messages to anyone, anywhere, with the app on your current data plan. For example, I use WhatApp a similar data app for sending messages to text friends abroad from the US but I am not charged for this.

As long as you have a standard data plan on your iPhone it should be fine. You do not need WiFi unless you are abroad and away from your home data plan because then you are roaming. At home in the US he should be fine texting to Canada for free. WiFi is not needed when you are on your home cell phone plan. They both allow you to message people around the world for free.

If you do I would be interested to see which you like better. WhatsApp has been more convenient for me simply because so many people I message already have the app installed but there are many free messaging apps out there.

I use IMessage to talk to people. Yes, I have unlimited text. Are you outside of your home country right now? If you are traveling be sure to only message over WiFi and only to people who also have iMessage with an iPhone. Otherwise you will be charged for sending regular text. Let me know where you are, if you are always on WiFi, if you recipients have iMessage and we can try to solve this for you. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give us! When you suspend your iPhone the phone will still be able to operate as a mini-computer and messenger.

The phone will still fully operate over WiFi. Perhaps she needs to check the settings or add additional information to her iMessage settings. You can send iMessages tied to your phone number or email accounts. See if either of those work, be sure she is connected to WiFi and give it another shot. Let me know how that goes and we can try to fix this for you.

Hi thanks for your help. I have an iPhone 4S, and most of my friends have iPhones. If I have data and everything off, will I still receive texts? I only want to receive iMessages when connected to wifi. Hey Jessie, It sounds like you are on the right track. If you are connected to WiFi you can send iMessages freely as you know. Sounds like that is not an issue for you with most friends using iPhones. However, I always leave my roaming turned off but still allow for incoming texts and do not put my phone in airplane mode.

You should double check with your carrier but typically as with ATT , incoming texts are free. Either way you should be fine as long as you do not reply to texts when you are not connected to WiFi. Have a great trip! Let me know if you have follow up questions. All you need to do is turn on airplane mode, then manually go to your WiFi settings and turn it back on.

From there connect to an available network. Now you have disabled all cellular data but still have WiFi. It would show the carrier name there and signal bars instead. Just be sure you connect to WiFi before messaging.

You will not be able to use iMessage to text your wife if she has an android so you would be charged for the green texts that show up. Your daughters are free to text with their iPhones. Blue bubbles are free, green are not. You can still text your wife for free using WiFi and a third party app. You will be able to text her through the app over wifi with no costs. She needs to download the app as well. It is well worth the 99 cents to have free messaging. When you are in WiFi you can do pretty much everything for free.

Just think of your iPhone as a little laptop. If you were on a laptop connected to WiFi all of the same features would be free without cellular service. You will be able to stay connected whenever you have WiFi at no cost. Enjoy your time in Mexico. It is one of my favorite countries. Hey Clint; here bothering you again, question; I download some games to my iphone and notice that even connected to wi-fi, my screen says Extended instead to say Roaming like in the past, this happen just overnight, that this means I already used all my data in my plan even though I was connected to wi-fi?

Hey Juan, no problem. Extended network basically means your carrier does not have a cell tower nearby but a carrier they have a partnership does. This means your phone will extend its network and connect to a partnered carrier at the same cost as your carrier. Roaming means there are no partnered cell towers in reach so your carrier is connecting to the nearest tower and paying extra for it.

They will then most likely pass that cost on to you. No matter what if your games use data you will want to be in connected to WiFi and not roaming and getting those charges. I think skype is good don't get me wrong but when they don't reply to emails that really annoys me, so now I am looking for something as good as skype. Can anyone make any suggestions. I truly agree since Microsoft have taken over skype they have ruined it.

I would like to know how to get back the money I have with them. I have a paid phone number. Since Skype is owned by MS, you cannot get live customer service, the virtual chat is dismal, there is a loop from the support page and there are millions of blogs on community with limited filter tools. Sorting thru this is a slap in the face. You cannot go back in versions because of the need to access MS servers.

Really MS, do we have to? Oh and now you have to pay extra for SMS and other stuff. But since they have the monopoly Watch it; soon, you'll have miscellaneous fees for using it. I tried Slack and I love it.

I will try Viber next to compare. Thanks for your article! Microsoft have destroyed a great app. I can't see how much a call is costing and the hole layout is shocking, I don't know who designed this but they must live in a box far far away from the real world, this is the finish I will be looking for another app. I have read many of the comments on the new Skype since Microsoft took over and I agree with them all.

Microsoft have ruined what was a great app. Skype is dead to me. Used skype happily for years, but once it was under microsoft auspices, problems about. My account got hacked. There is absolutely no way of contacting a human for trouble-shooting. And via the bot-customer service, I got into a kafka-esque circular conversation multiple times, because I was trying to retrieve the account because it had contacts and phone numbers I didn't have anywhere else, AND because I had unused credit on the account.

I was not able to reach a human to find any way to access my old account. All I could do was create a new account. Now I wanted to make a call that had charges, so wanted to pay for credit on paypal. It declined the payment multiple times even though I used paypal for multiple other things today, no problem, funds are there leaving the only option to input info for a new credit card.

But Idon't trust skype at all to give it credit card information. So I'm at a total dead end with skype. Don't see another alternative for being able to actually call another phone number like this group conference call I wanted to be on. Other platforms are fine for calling other people you know who already are on other platforms, i.

I have used Skype from the beginning, but, I can not tolerate it anymore. An almost daily update for Android, with each update becoming more confusing to operate. I guess my coments are NOT politically correct in today's media world! Ever since MucroSucks bought out Skype, they've managed to screw-up everthing they put their hands on.

There is no real aletrnative for Skype unfortunatelly: Google discards the privacy, they watch each keystroke when using they "free" apps Viber: I would be really interested in. I have to abandon skype because my mother's computer system is no longer supported by skype, they Microsoft abandon old people and leave them isolated and alone, not being able to speak with and see their loved ones. Skype sound quality is so bad that I cannot make a call. I've done all the suggested tricks and checks - latest versions, old versions, updating audio devices, you name it, all to no avail.

Now angry enough to just walk away. Every alternative I've explored makes Skype seem terrible. It's like choosing to use technology. This used to be the best. I use long video calls with - peripheral functions - for work. I want to try ooVoo Why is Skype still the standard? I'm pushing my clients toward other apps because it's so frustrating to use Skype. I'm always disappointed when a client wants to keep using Skype. I was a happy Skype user from I used Skype A LOT to call regular phone numbers, which made me a paying customer and I was happy to pay for that service.

Recently the Skype quality is clearly less than the FaceTime quality. In addition, Skype has started to force me to upgrade to newer versions. With every new version I have a hard time finding my way around.

Even more, I often don't notice it if others are calling me or texting me when using Skype. So I was already getting more and more frustrated with Skype. Then Skype or Microsoft? They are now demanding! I'm sorry Skype and Microsoft , but my date of birth is one of the security questions with my bank and with the security breaches that we see lately, security breaches that don't seem to stop, that's something you and many other companies are not going to get.

To those who didn't realize this, and if you're just like me uncomfortable with that, give it a thought to change your date of birth on most websites to something close to your real date of birth but nevertheless different. Anyway, and in short, while having been a paying customer for more than a decade, Skype is essentially pushing me out the door. I keep money Skype credit but didn't use Skype for a while. I do that a lot--lots of use and then none for a while.

Before, I could always just log in to Skype and my credit would be reactivated. There was no timeline. Last time it happened, all my credit was gone. I guess they just decided they could keep it. Just as bad is that these people don't want to provide any customer service. You can't call or e-mail anyone. You can only go to community questions and try to find an answer.

Mostly I found people as fed up as I was. Microsoft has money to fund customer service, but chooses not to do so. Will be getting rid of Skype. It has served us well keeping in touch with family and friends worldwide. Yep, Microsucks ruined Skype. Tried to add credit several times using my Skype account. Only months later did I find out about that new Skype account and that the rejected attempts were actually accepted when I wasn't looking and put into a Skype account I never knew existed.

Too late to get a refund, they say, but I can gift those credits to my real Skype account. Now I can't leave Skype because I had a couple years worth of credits. What an effing racket. Without any particular reason Skype stopped working. The app claimed it couldn't connect to the Internet.

After reinstalling and failing to obtain customer support or any advice about what could be wrong, the only suggestion I didn't try was to unify my Microsoft account with my Skype account. So I did that, and it still didn't work.

Further attempts to get any sort of support failed, so I stopped my subscriptions. No longer custom greetings on Skype tel number for business Microsoft does not recognize my password, just my user name. It makes me create and test a new password every time I sign in to both Skype and X-Box. It is so irritating and time-consuming that I just don't want to use these programs anymore.

Can't get text messages from non-Skype users. Bought a Skype phone understanding that other locals can call me for free. That's great but I didn't know I would have to pay to call non Skype mobile and land lines. So to use my mobile phone with a Skype number I have to 1 buy the Skype number, 2 pay a monthly Skype plan and pay my normal mobile phone bill.

Yet no incoming texts!! The only reason I got the Skype number was for travelling abroad. Now non-Skype folks can even message to my Skype number.

But none of these listed can take the place of Skype as none offer a personal phone number for people on their cell or landline to call you. Then it became Microsoft, update after update without any improvements and now after the latest and forced on you update because to 'old' version doesn't work anymore, the 'new' and probably more easily tapped version does not work at all or if it finally more or less works, it keeps completely silent on incoming calls.

However it gives a missed call warning. Besides that, it's again impossible to turn off updates. I'm so done with it now that microbsoft is trying to force themselves into my devices by not allowing me what I have been doing on desktop or on my phone for a very long time without installing new plugins to destroy them! Skype used to be fine before Microsoft. Now it's the most aggravating piece of crap.

Worst thing is the Skype engineers probably don't even use it, because if they did -or at least listened to critics- they might do something about it. Do NOT waste your time with this garbage app, on the web, your mobile device, or anywhere!

The new "Discover" feature in the iOS version of Skype was until today just a highly annoying but ignorable piece of UI eyesore opposite of eye candy.

I don't know these people it's suggesting and am frustrated I can't remove them or turn it off. However, today they suggested I connect with my very dear, recently deceased wife, and my father who passed away in App designers frequently add "features" like this as a direct attempt to manipulate users into behavior that some evil marketing anaylist has determined will increase revenue. But even the most egregious of offenders, LinkedIn and Facebook, allow you to veto and banish specific entries.

No, if there's going to be a Discover section it needs some configuration so it can be disabled and the ability to permanently remove some people from the suggestions.

The latest iPhone update also broke or deliberately eliminated a lot of contact management functionality but that's for another time. Skype continually crashes, notifications don't pop up, it hides itself and you can't open it unless you restart it or get a msg, console just keeps getting worse. It's another Microsoft disaster. This is what happens when you outsource your IT to people that don't give a rats about quality.

It was wonderful before Microsoft took it over. Now every time I use it - my account gets suspended and the call gets dropped. Skype just stopped working for a month now in ME country.

I cannot use it even though I pay for an unlimited world subscription. I don't know why, but Skype has become a pile of garbage. The "updated" interface is a joke, and other alternate programs work fine still. Forgot password and verification process doesnt function for me Only the standard Skype procedures come up in search results I have credit that i will lose because i cant access my account I'm going to look into this and perhaps write another article on how to resolve these issues, as a lot of people seem to be suffering from the same problems.

There must be an alternative way! About to lose credit too. My daughter lives in South-Korea so we talk together at least once a week and always have problems with Skype. First you have to update and then if you get through the connection is bad and becomes worse and worse depending on how long you talk. The video is always pixelated and the speech broken.

In Asia majority of people on the internet use Kakaotalk for communication and it works fine except I can't get the video to work. So we are looking for alternative to Skype. It would be nice if those who comment tell us if they have tried any other program that is mentioned here and how it is. Now function in standard reliable XP laptop also has stopped working, installation is not successful. Not any support what so ever - just as we have hade it since 22nd of May I have been a quality professional full time for 28 years, and an Electronics IT Systems Designer before that.

Even on MacPro Microsoft has increased the problem frequency on Skype. We need a new international video-voice communicator product to take over the world market. On Win 7 and Vista laptops Skype barely works still. Its become unusable everywhere. The Windows version is painful to control and get to work consistently with video and audio. Never works the same twice in a row.

The Android version is completely unusable and had to delete it. Skype is getting more and more complicated to use. Yes, I'm abandoning skype. Skype's recent change linking my Skype account with my Outlook account made it so that Skype no longer works with the "freetalk" Skypephone I've been using for years in order to avoid having to use a Skype app on my computer.

With the Skypephone, it was a good alternative to having a landline phone but, since they have discontinues support for that, I really don't have any use for Skype any longer. I had not the opportunity tio use my password for awhile, a computer glitch made it necessary and I had to get another password. The security protocol asked questions only I could answer, and asked specifically for other users friended on my account.

Despite all that--nope would not let me update the password. So what was this really about? My Skype address was enigmaman What they wanted was to have me use my real name, instead of a moniker.

Something I guarantee they will regret I don't see this mentioned, but the latest update just took away your ability to have a personal message when it goes to voicemail - I use this for business and that is not acceptable to have their stock message without my name or anything and I would think it might be a no go for others. In addition it looks like I am unable to do the latest update on my laptop and if I can't, my skype program will be unsupported..

I was a loyal skype user for years but it looks like break up time!! Link it to the wrong account? Sucks to be you. You have to buy a new one. Need to change number because you changed companies? Sucks to be you again. I went from one area code to another and was stuck with 2 subscriptions because the number was 'rented' from a local company and there was nothing I could do about it. So now I have 2 skype numbers when I only need one.

Sucks to be me I guess. Between you and google, you are driving me nuts! I am in Hong Kong! I go through all of the BS to satisfy you and quickly find I am on the line 30 minutes to an hour with it! Next day same scenario I don't know how this happens or what the problem is??? Never been a MS lover but the recent "upgrades" to skype for windows 10 has completely turned me off skype. As expected when the monster bought out a semi viable skype, they screwed it up completely.

Now, I can't even add a phone no to my contact list nor edit an existing contact. Some BS about needing to add them as an invitation to the now stupidly useless communication tool. Their help system refers to procedures that are not available on my setup. TOTAL frustration, wasted an hour trying to add a number or edit an existing number.

But when in the world will I be skyping with my house painter or with the post office! And now they've added some stupid Highlights and other crap, but there is no way of accessing old contacts. The sad thing is that I use to talk to my parents and it's not going to be easy to get them to try something new It no longer works on my android do to an update, and I don't feel like I should have to buy a new phone for it to work.

The frustration started with Microsoft buying out Skype and then making us play by their rules, which means you WILL spend more money than you would have when Skype was a standalone company. I read the first 30 comments or so and didn't see any one else mention the problem I consistently have with Skype so maybe it is uncommon but I've been experiencing this for 3 years now.

Skype does not speak to IVR systems well. I live overseas but have to call numbers in the US a lot and so often I have to make a selection from a menu or input a security code or account number and what I type in is not what Skype sends through.

For example, if I'm dialing into a conference call and my participant code is I'm told that I entered the wrong code. Many of these systems will read back what they think I entered and say "the code you entered, , is not valid" even though I can see on my screen in the Skype app that I clearly entered If I try enough times it will eventually send the number I typed but there have been many times when I had to call in times to get it to go through.

This makes any call to a bank or government number a nightmare. It has also caused me to constantly be up to 15 minutes late to important conference calls for work. The last company I worked for implemented Skype for business which uses a separate app and it never had this problem so its clearly something they know how to fix if they cared to.

Since the forced update, my Skype credit is ignored by Skype on the iphone, and the app keeps asking me to add Skype credit which I have aplenty. But it works fine on the computer. I used Skype for years. I don't want to anymore. I cannot have good, instant communications with my team when Skype is down which lately has been way too often.

Other reasons include dropped calls, distorted calls, the lack of choice in my status, etc. Microsoft has yet again ruined what was once a good thing. I am looking into other programs than Skype - I thought it was just my internet but it seems that other people here is having the same problems as I - i. I am looking for an alternative to skype because the last couple of versions have changed things I liked about skype such as:.

Skype keeps flagging every username I make as spam and it is unrecoverable every time. I get max 2 weeks with each one before it says I am sending spammy emails, when I haven't sent any. To re-activate my account they want my phone number.

I know from a lot of other people this happened to them too. They are spying on our everyday lives together with the NSA who has an office at Redmonds. The "new and improved Skype" is useless. It simply does not work reliably. The interface is atrocious, but worse, the performance has deteriorated to the point that Skype is in fact useless.

Calls don't connect properly, or connect with no video or a static video snapshot in blurry vision. Skype used to be literally the best in the world, but now I cannot achieve anywhere near the same call quality. Have a look at the Google Play Store - the first 20 bits of feedback are all complaints! Microsoft keep saying "we're listening" but they are not. They are about to have another Nokia episode - I'm leaving Skype, and so will millions of others. Sell your Microsoft shares today!

And the very privacy concerns I had you suggest Google? Microsoft and Facebook as replacements? I guess I don't need any of them. I am aware this article is a little out of date but I think it links to some of the more recent Skype developments e. There are now a lot of "non tech-savvy" user left unable to video call.

Both are app based but both also work on TV too. Skype lost some nice features with its latest iOS update. I can no longer change my status nor find information on other users, like birthdays and of contacts. The new interface is awful; apparently they're trying to emulate social media sites instead of going with their tried and true look.

The crowning touch for me is that after functioning flawlessly on my MacBook Air with After a couple of re-boots to my Mac and re-starts of Skype, it will sometimes run but crashes after a few minutes of inactivity. Killing off the Skype phone, without notice or warning and costing millions in equipment, wasted time and business loss, I for one will not buy ANYTHING from microsoft in future, Skype is gone for thousands of once loyal customers I will be leaving Skype for definite!

Since Skype have now unsupported these phones I will find an alternative. I have no idea why Skype have done this as these phone systems are not cheap!!! Also took some time to set up. If anyone knows why Skype have done this I would be interested to hear.

I went through hell when my trusted Skype phone suddenly quit working. Seeing that a lot of internet users have seemlier problems with the hijacked Skype I actually feel some relief. Cannot imagine such a technology power house like Microsoft can foul up things so badly. Microsoft is so powerful they can do anything to us commoners with impunity. I am moving to another country. Moving away from Skype because of being forced to tie it to a Microsoft account, which gives Microsoft the ability to connect recordings of Skype conversations with other personal information, such as one's profile and connections on LinkedIn.

The quality of Skype calls is very variable, and often you can hear yourself talking or these is a background noise that amplifies over time to drown out the person speaking. The worst offence recently has been the unsolicited, automatic and irreversible merging of contacts from Outlook and Skype. I like to keep work and non-work contacts separate in different Skype accounts, but now I have a contact list containing my work colleagues, my friends, my girlfriend, my ex-wife and my relatives.

What a mess Microsoft has made, and the worst part is you can't get rid of the Skype contacts. What kind of madness is behind that warped thinking?

Time to move on to another video chat app. Skype updated and I lost all of my contacts and now because I don't have outlook I cannot use it. Definitely gone down hill since Microsoft took it over. I will be looking for something else and I'm sick and tired of being channelled to somewhere I don't want to go.

I have been very happy with the service provided by Skype until Microsoft took it over and now I am continually channelled to a microsoft account to make changes to my Skype. I do not like the current Skype operated by Microsoft.

Skype will be abandoned for something yet to be determined. The UI, the bugs are making it useless. The final straw though, is the recent set of recurring partial or complete outages. Skype should be renamed to not responding. The last 2months it has gotten so bad that if it connects, it continually hangs and drops. I am looking into dumping Skype because themselves and Microsoft have dumped on me. Without any prior warning my Nokia Windows phone no longer connects to Skype because it uses Windows 8.

As of 17 July I have just discovered, this is no longer supported by updates, unless you have the 1 gb version of my phone when you can upgrade to Windows Unfortunately mine is the mb model, Microsoft advice is risible, buy a new phone, as if! I only use it for calls within the country, free on any network, and calls back to the UK using Skype, if it was a car it would be extremely low mileage. Microsoft get more and more arrogant and domineering, though I suppose the same could be said of a number of big American software companies.

Anyway, to say I am extremely angry is to say the least. I have a Skype internet phone but it is useless now as I can't sign in, it keeps saying it is off line, I can manage to get it online but in only a few seconds it goes offline. My laptop still works with Skype but I need a proper internet phone for some calls. People getting locked out of their Skype account seems to be a huge problem.

I'm going to need to look into this. I've been in touch with Skype after going round in circles and I have been told by them that Skype no longer supports Skype phones. This to me seemed a little weird as they have just recently debited my account for the u.

How can they charge me for something that no longer exists. I have had to cancel my subscription so that I'm not charged in the future. I want my money back from Skype for having made my Skype dual phones useless! At best only 1 handset can sign in for about a minute or so then it goes offline and retries to sign in again and repeats this endlessly until the rechargeable batteries run almost flat while sitting on the charger base. The new skype android app is the biggest crap ever, no where you can find any settings to log in or out, no status showing anywhere no ringtones settings,..

You claim that the problem is resolved but it isn't for me, read https: I actually managed to speak to someone from Skype and was told that Skype no longer supports Skype phones. I also had 2 Skype Belkin Wifi Phones. So hundreds of dollars of equipment made useless Can call but can't receive.

I have abandoned Skype. I do not use a Smartphone and have no intention to get one in order to use Skype and I'm not going to leave a PC on with Skype running either So Skype is history for me I suspect the next thing to happen will be Windows 10 on all my 10 computers But I have Linux images ready to go when that happens That bad headed idiot SatNad is running MS into oblivion After last update on ios version 8 I believe skype has become unusable. Cannot connect to other people - only texting works, the interface is confusing.

Reasons to abandon Skype -- 1 It's buggy -- calls wrong numbers, won't connect, redials last number when you enter a new one, number pad won't work in calls My opinion, not going to say more, but it's caused me numerous problems. I can't prove my identity to Microsoft. Ya'll don't have much imagination in that regard.

I use an old Samsung Ace and now skype won't run unless they download the updates, the updates are NO longer compatible with that version of Android, so meaning I need to buy a brand new phone with an updated android, you wouldn't believe the amount of junk they push down on you, and you can't even uninstall them, pretty much like what Windows 10 does to its users, it will push down updates whether you like it or not, and it will reboot when it feels like without giving you any choices, in other word Microsoft and co will own your own computer and device.

I use Linux and use free apps. Skype is frustrating since the update. I cant send or receive calls. The calls show up as missed but they were never seen to answer!

I really dislike the update. Its difficult to find features, i cant tell when contacts are on line and im ready to find a new ap soon! Only able to send messages and files to each other. No notice of incoming Audio or Video Skype calls. We'r not blocked by each other. Both have latest skype ver. Other contacts connect just fine.

Skype or rather microsoft have stopped supporting my router connected phone been with them since it was Skype so I have no need for them now. BUT I bet they are still connecting my monthly sub. I will use my SIP phone easier and less complicated than using skype on my computer! So, bearing in mind my previous comment, I have signed up for Google Hangouts per the list provided in this bulletin, to replace Skype. We will see how it goes.

I very much appreciate this information bulletin. It saved me a lot of time in researching options to replace Skype. I have been a Skype user for 9 years. Most of my calls are international, frequently made in countries other than the US. My computer runs on OS Before this month, the upgrade appeared to be optional. Now, it is mandatory. Therefore, I am now unable to use Skype.

Also, there have been numerous irritating things with Skype. What used to be a simple procedure to make a call is now more complex. Navigating the screens are more complex. Skype appears to be charging more, or perhaps the method of charging for calls has changed to my disadvantage.

Sometimes it takes a long time to make a connection. However, once the connection has been made, it appears that the quality of the call has improved over time. The general impression that I have developed is that: Skype originally placed customer service as its number one priority. Now, I believe that customer service is a lower priority. Same situation for me Donald. I have been using Then one day Skype wouldn't let me sign on with its old version and its newer version wouldn't run on OK, bit the bullet Pigs never make money Now, no one in my corporation will ever be allowed to use MS apps for our business Steve Jobs at Apple would never have treated his customers this way which is why Apple is the richest company in the world!

Skype now requires an advanced operating system - os My old computer runs on os Up until the last few days, the update was optional and Skype functioned well on my computer. Now, the update appears to be mandatory and Skype will not let me sign in. But other little things have been irritating recently. What used to be a relatively simple process to make a call has become more complex. Navigating the screen is difficult. The charges - the method of charges perhaps - appear to have increased.

Frequently I do not get through quickly. Generally, once connected, the quality of the call has been good and improved over time. The original Skype placed the customer interests first. Customer interests are lower priority with this new Skype. I'm looking for an alternative to skype which has an ability to create a personal voice message greeting. Does anybody know one? Microsoft has progressively destroyed Skype.

I have enjoyed Skype for years. Yesterday it offered an 'update'. I now find my contact list has disappeared, and incomprehensible 'bots' have taken over. Indeed, it is a chilling preview of the artificial intelligence world in which MS 'experts' wish us to live, and so, in its self-serving paternalism, severs all our inconvenient ties with human beings.

Perhaps those Microsoft clever dicks are already androids who have taken over. Have you tried to get in contact with Skype to see if they can rectify the problem? Skype won't recitfy the problem, because Skype is the problem. This June update is a ground up "re-launch" of Skype and it is universally hated. I have never seen such a poor rating following an update. Microsoft tell us they listen to feedback - ha! I guess the same twit that said that also signed off this update without testing or even using common sense.

I do love the " Me I'm no where near being that politically correct though we won't go there This allowed us to make paid calls to landlines, and free calls to Skype users by dialling a 2-digit shortcut code. Then Skype discontinued support for shortcut codes; we got around this for a while by using third-party software called SkypeMate. But the latest versions of Skype don't support USB handsets at all.

Unfortunately, none of the products mentioned in this article appears to be a suitable replacement. Skype issues new versions almost weekly, and each seems to have fewer facilities and more bugs than the one before. We have now stopped using Skype completely, but have yet to find a product that offers the same facilities as the early versions.

It seems a trend that so many people are experiencing many problems after small updates. For me, Skype is just ridiculously slow. When I load it up, it takes over 20 seconds just to display my contact list. I am abandoning Skype for Android permanently today, not because I want to but because Microsoft has forced many users to do so just look at the Skype support forums and news articles. Any version after 6. Only option left is to use a different chat service such as Facebook or Telegram.

So moral of the story is, Microsoft is obviously trying to get rid of as many of their users as possible, maybe to ease traffic on their servers? I wish I knew what the deal was. It is impossible for me to believe that they are actually this utterly incompetent, so the only possible explanation besides insane amounts of incompetency must be they are trying to remove as many of us users as possible. So, for the first time since Skype was first introduced I am now a Skype-less individual.

Going to keep trying Browser after Browser to see if we can force the Web version to work. Skype sent all my contacts to Microsoft before it even gave me the chance to turn that option off. And the best of all this is, you can't even write them feedback on their website unless you log in with a damn microsoft account.

That's it, that's enough, skype is gone for me and will never come back. Last week I called NZ on Skype. Today when I tried all my contacts were gone and only option was new app. Microsoft did this with no permission or even the.

Courtesy of advising new pricing. I will never open a Microsoft account. After every update, Skype seems to be losing tons of readers now. In my opinion, it's only a matter of time before Microsoft launches something new, but similar and better , and simply scraps Skype.

All my contacts were uploaded and I could find no way to delete contacts on the app. Plus, when I went online to cancel my Skype account, I was informed that I would also loose all information on OneDrive, messages, etc.

So Microsoft has linked everything together and forces you to use Skype if you use other apps such as OneDrive? And I will have to look for a replacement to stay in touch with friends and family when I travel abroad.

Skype has just pushed out a 'beta' version for Linux users that has NO settings controls for hardware, or any of the other granier elements of their application. You can't even switch from the integrated camera on your laptop to a usb connected camera.

The older version was retired. Microsoft routinely does this sort of 'downgrading' of every piece of software it purchases that is Linux compatible. To me, it stinks of monopoly building of the same nature that Google is now being sued by the EU for dabbling in albeit by other methods. Microsoft has so dominated the commercial application market that the entire world is now facing jeopardy from attack vectors on it's operating systems simply because people have no alternatives for their business applications that they know of.

Skype is now in the hands of a global tyrant, and Linux is not 'in' with their philosophy Yea, I doubt MS put much effort into making Skype compatible with other operating systems. Keeping those walled gardens as closed off as possible is too important: My issue with Skype is now that Microsoft owns it they are pushing an operating system upgrade and soon will no longer support XP. Agreed, I believe Microsoft is becoming the first corporate entity that truly needs to have a Military force to go destroy it.

Ten years ago I loved this company and now its about as evil as the devil himself. Their issue with pushing people to Windows 10 is particularly harsh. They're so adamant to get everyone upgraded, they've stopped caring for the people who just don't have the hardware for Windows Switch to Linux any flavour and run a pirate copy of windows 10 pro as a virtual machine in virtualbox. Skype was great until Microsoft got their hands on it! Their latest update does not accommodate Bluetooth speakers.

So if you are not at the pc wearing a headset, you can't hear an incoming call. How useless is that! Also, you can't gather several people around to participate in a call. I'm evaluating the alternatives With update Skype "disappeared" most of my contacts, all of my history save one, went through hell to sign in on Iphone even after password change s , incomprehensible menu symbols and presented me with a monster.

To top it off I cannot get a refund for my Skype Credit. What the hell are these people thinking? I have persistent difficulties with signing in. They say that my account was suspended, that it is associated with sending a lot of spam and they, of course, want ensure i am the right user Surely, i'll switch to another way of internet calling, as this is too annoyning.

A year ago i bought a Nokia phone and there are so many issues with it After 2 days of using Skype I have been reminded once again why you should never use Microsoft products.

Went to Skype this morning and they had locked me out of my account! They want to force users to give a phone number! Skype said "we'll send a code to your phone to prove it's you" or similar. They sent the security install confirmation code via email, so why can't they do so this time? Because then the Microsoft haven't added another juicy phone number to their databases for who knows what reason in future - telemarketing?

A phone number doesn't prove identity any more than an email does, so it's bull. Thanks for your article. Going to delete Skype and try other hopefully nicer!

Skype was truly great in its day. Then it started delaying me with "Improving my experience" every time I called someone.

Lately it keeps trying to make me upgrade quite frequently and I then get Error , which has no clear solution anywhere I can find.

The only way I can get the upgrade to work is to reboot my machine and upgrade Skype before doing any other work. If Microsoft can't figure out how to install their own application on their own OS, without an error, or at the very least with an error that has an explanation, I believe we are all lost!!

Skype was awesome until Microsoft bought it. Then, as with all Microsoft software acquisitions, it was ground into garbage. I have PAID for their service and not only does it not work - there are no customer service agents available for live help. Unlike in the old days, when service was awesome. I used to love it, it's all I ever wanted to use, not now it's hard to maneuver, hard for those that are computer illiterate and so, in it's aim to reach others, it has lost a lot more.

It's not a good choice for many reasons, and with so much more out there, with better everything, why stay with it. I need video chat not more phone help good grief. As of June 1, , Skype no longer supports 3rd party hardware that is used to make Skype your home phone. I can no longer receive phone calls from anyone who is not on Skype, and even then, it's only on my iMac. The device I used to integrate Skype with my V-Tech phone system is now useless. Looking for something new Skype got rid of the audio controls.

I would listen in on rehearsals of concert bands and to make it work we needed to turn off the auto-leveling of the volume to prevent "pumping' and dropouts. This seems no longer possible in Skype. Which is too bad. It was a great tool for remote rehearsal. The scumsuckers are abandoning my hardware. I will not get a new android 7 phone just so I can continue to use Skype.

They can sit on it and spin rapidly. And I want my Skype credit refunded, little that it is. I'd been using Skype on Linux for the last four years With this new redesign, Linux support is being extinguished.

And so have most of my friends, and a few family members. It does everything Skype can; well, everything that I need it to No menu bar and I couldn't figure out how to ad a phone contact. Lots of time wasted until I was able to revert to the old version. I have Skype on more than one system so I tried on iPhone to call mum but no joy so I reloaded Skype put in name and password it was rejected wrong password so to save fuss I decided to change code entirely.

Tried to call daughter from kindle Skype password wrong so i tried old password but no so tried new again but no again, I am 60 and am faster than Skype at updating its shit shit shit.

Tried many alternatives and settled on ooVoo. Works just like Skype used to, in the good old days, when it was simple and reliable. No mobile account required. Lot of clicks before you can start typing and you cannot see message thread!?! I am not able to reach Customer Help per email neither per phone. All help is automated, the Center web pages, the chat. The yearly subscription of around 70 Euros has disappeared from my account and I cannot reach support to get it back.

Why do Microsoft always fix something badly which was not broken???? Since they took over Skype they have ruined what was a very good communication tool. I have just created a new skype account and find that my username is my phone number. That is ridiculous, I can never remember my phone number. What happened to the easy to remember unique skype name. For the next day or so I will stagger along with that stupid account while I check out the alternatives. I will then cancel the skype account when I have downloaded a suitable alternative.

Please sack whoever made the decision to no longer use unique easy to remember skype names. I think it's just such a huge company that it can't keep up with the more agile players that have snuck up and are now taking over. It wouldn't surprise me if within the next years, Skype folded. I have had my private skype account for years, yesterday I decided to create another one for business purposes, all went well until after logging out to change accounts I can't log in again.

Thinking there must have been a bug in the system I actually created a second new account not my normal behaviour, but was seriously confused by the weird response lol just to realise I had the same problem on my neck. This is insane and reading the comments to this article I'm happy to see I'm not alone in this skype mad house Getting permanently locked out of accounts seems to be a theme here.

I'm hoping Skype has some kind of fix soon! They painted themselves into the corner while trying to control users to the max and simultaniously getting to stealing as much data as possible.

The code must be so corrupt by now a whole new script will have to be written. It's the same with all empires eventually the giant cant support its own weight anymore. Skype should be simplyfied, back to basics again, if that is even possible with Microsoft as the owner.

Web based more anonymous tools will probably take over, users becoming more aware about privacy and so. Thanks for your reply: After many years with Skype, they have now removed the personal voicemail message facility, making their product useless to us.

We are now looking to move asap because of this. That just isn't acceptable to anybody. Useless is a good description. And why would they do that? It can only be that they don't even understand what people want from a phone. As far as I know, you can't even pay extra for the feature and I would even though it would anger me almost as much. Please publish if you find a better solution. The removal of a 'personal' greeting.

We are a charity offering simple IT courses to those who need them. We subscribe to a Skype number and run a virtual office, manned by volunteers. Our clients, already dubious of IT, need to be greeted with a welcoming greeting not a generic robot. This is appalling and we will most certainly looking for an alternative. Lets start by the simple fact that they hide customer support and you will be able to reach them only on certain matters if its SOS matters that got to do with payment or security violation and you will be able to open a chat with someone that doesn't know how to deal with things like that, but in all other issues they will forward you to their help section which is not updated since a while - in my case I was trying to record a voice greeting and couldn't find it and continually was referred to more help content or the community.

Is someone can recommend a similar service to having a Skype number for my business..

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