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To acquire the mission you had to speak to a certain NPC to start the quest and after completing granted access. Sabine Wren Sabine Wren was a Mandalorian warrior, explosives expert, and graffiti artist -- qualities that came in handy as one of the first rebels against the Empire. Battlefront Online " ". Domestic Goods tailoring and cooking , Engineering droid and vehicle crafting , Structures shipwright and architect , Munitions weapons and armor crafting. To keep his past a secret, Kanan carried a blaster -- an uncommon practice for a Jedi -- and used a lightsaber that had to be assembled. Battlefront 3 files discovered on Resident Evil:

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On 16 September , SOE informed all current and past account holders of the forthcoming closure of 12 servers galaxies: Character creation on these servers was disabled on September 15, , with the final closure of the servers on October 15, Players with characters on the affected servers were offered free character transfer to one of the 13 remaining servers.

On May 3, , SOE issued a press release stating that all SOE have been isolated from the Internet, due to massive and widespread security infiltrations of various games, servers, databases. Security teams and the FBI were called-in and at that time no information was available regarding when the services would be restored.

Initial reports indicated personal data of million customers has potentially been compromised, none within the USA. The information compromised was old information including addresses and CC information from All SOE webpages were re-directed temporarily to a customer announcement and a press release page. SOE offered a free day membership for gamers with memberships and a 1: Once opened they have given every account 45 free days as well as a minor object of decoration as a "perk" for waiting out the cause.

This allows players to place a bounty on players of the opposite faction who have recently destroyed their ship in space combat.

This allowed bounty hunters to pick these targets up as missions and pursue them in space for the monetary reward up to 1 million credits the player has placed on the target. Players wishing to play through the end of the game and participate in the galaxy-ending event planned for the last week of live service in December will need to re-activate or join the game on or before September 15th.

No new or reactivated accounts will be accepted after September 15, On December 15, , at 9: The final five hours were broadcast in a live stream by Giant Bomb , with Kotaku reporting events as they happened on the Giant Bomb stream, including a final player versus player event between the Galactic Empire and The Rebels, as well as an appearance from the Force Ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi as depicted in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

In December , a team of two developers began the SWGEmu project by reverse engineering the official gameclient and writing a server that communicates with it in the same way the original SOE servers did. Since then, many other player-run servers have appeared.

After server issues and staff changes, the Omega server was forced to go offline on May 9th, SWG Legends now remains an online playable server with thousands of players. Even though the battle of Hoth has been included this does not change the timeline. Some parts of the game include past "missions" to before the destruction of the Death Star. The game launched with 10 planets: In the second expansion , Rage of the Wookiees , the Wookiee home planet Kashyyyk was added.

In the third expansion, Trials of Obi-Wan , the planet Mustafar was added. Nine of them are associated with one or more of the playable planets: Mustafar has no associated space zone.

Kessel and Deep Space have no planets and are used for high-level gameplay and player-versus-player combat. The Ord Mantell sector was released in January as a new space-only zone, though there is a space station there called Nova Orion where pilots can land and acquire quests. The planet Hoth was added in November as part of an instance, but could only be explored during the events of the Battle of Echo Base.

References are also made of characters from the Star Wars expanded universe , such as Grand Admiral Thrawn. The game also references the other two Star Wars spin-off films, in that the player may encounter the Gorax species from Caravan of Courage: The Battle for Endor. The ten species that were available to players included: Trader was further divided into four separate professions: Domestic Goods tailoring and cooking , Engineering droid and vehicle crafting , Structures shipwright and architect , Munitions weapons and armor crafting.

Progress in these professions was divided into three separate experience source groups: In addition to these professions, a character could also pursue three optional they could be advanced in regardless of chosen main profession nor progress in it: Pilot, Chronicler and Politician. During the Pre-NGE, customization was easier due to "skill points" which could be spread amongst many different profession trees.

Characters could specialize in three different areas of their main professions by selecting "expertise" options, including Beast Mastery BM. The Trader professions shared not only BM expertise but also general expertise which include specializing in resource sampling and mining via player placed structures - harvesters, reverse engineering, manufacturing via player placed structures - factories and vendors maintenance , third expertise consists of two given trader type specific areas of crafting specialization.

This system allows the combat to be more balanced between different professions, while retaining variety of playstyles. The only generic role reserved to single profession is healer, as only Medic can heal another character. However all combat professions have sustainable self healing option. The Jump to Lightspeed expansion made individual ships attainable by players for the first time. This allowed players to acquire and pilot ships of various sizes. Ships ranged in size from small one-man fighter craft to larger gunships with up to three decks.

Some players choose to play most of the game in space, while others play in both space and planetary settings. The TCG has added in a few other ships, as well as certain updates. With the NGE, ground combat was changed to real-time and similar to a first-person shooter. The player must aim a targeting reticule at a target and left-click the mouse to fire. Auto-aim and auto-fire features are available, creating a more traditional combat experience, but players eschewing those options are rewarded with an increased chance to do maximum damage.

As characters gain levels, they gain access to additional combat abilities called "specials" which are activated by using the right mouse button or by clicking the ability on a toolbar. These specials usually have a cool-down period. In addition to providing especially powerful damage attacks, specials are also used to heal, buff, debuff and crowd control. Players gain the ability to use more powerful weapons as they advance in level. Players also earn "Expertise Points" as they level up which they can use in their professions expertise "tree".

The player can allot 45 points into various abilities and attributes to make their characters more diverse, from weapons specialties to healing and armor proficiency. Once a character reaches the max level 90 they would be able to do "Heroic" missions with a group of up to 8 other players.

Before you could enter a Heroic mission the character has to complete a pre-quest that would unlock the quest and give permission to enter the instance.

To acquire the mission you had to speak to a certain NPC to start the quest and after completing granted access. The five heroic missions were: After completing these heroics you were granted one token from that instance and would have to wait another 24 hours before re-entering for more tokens.

Tokens collected would get you a 5 piece jewelry set that granted advantages for that profession. Characters can erect, own and decorate a variety of buildings, including houses, cantinas, theaters, hospitals, guild halls and city halls. These buildings, when grouped, can be organized into cities.

Players hold election] via ballot box for Mayor. Elected mayors grant city members certain rights to place structures within the city and disallow the use of various civic structures by individual players as needed. Elections are held every three weeks. If another player wishes to run for mayor they can add their name at any time to the ballot box to run against the incumbent.

As cities grow in population, they become eligible to add services and facilities such as vehicle repair garages, shuttleports, cloning facilities, hospitals, cantinas and garden displays. They can show up on the planet maps alongside canonical cities such as Theed and Mos Eisley. The gameplay design encouraged realistic social institutions such as a dynamic player economy and other real-life social phenomena like a complicated division of labor.

According to Star Wars Galaxies and the Division of Labor , [29] the division of labor in Star Wars Galaxies around April produced in-game results similar to those in real life. Galaxies' original game design socialized players to specialize their characters by mastering one or two professions, and to join guilds , in which players relate to one another primarily in terms of their professions.

It was the country's 43rd best-selling computer game between January and August Combined sales of all Star Wars Galaxies -related games released between January and August had reached , units in the United States by the latter date. Reviews for the initial launch of the game in were mostly positive. The game was praised for its lush graphics realistic character models, detailed architecture and lush environments , [33] [34] [35] liberal use of the movie soundtracks, massive world size, character customization, creative creature ecology, complex skill system, player economy interdependencies and its sandbox approach.

Reviewers criticized the overwhelming complexity of the game, combat imbalances of the professions, bugginess and lack of quest content. The reviews for the first expansion, Jump to Lightspeed , praised the new space combat but criticized the ground game for its lack of sufficient improvement.

Players who wished to play a Jedi character had to first unlock their Jedi slot by fulfilling an unknown list of criteria.

The first player to unlock a 'Jedi slot' did so on November 7, , [39] four months after the release of the game. Players criticized SOE for the substantial time commitment to unlock a Jedi, penalties for in-game death of a Jedi character which was permanent after three deaths, and monotonous game play required to acquire the Jedi character.

Media outlets criticized the changes of the "Combat Upgrade" [44] [45] while subscription cancellations rose. After the announcement that SOE had acquired the game Vanguard: Saga of Heroes , Smedley addressed that game's players about the perceived threat of major changes to the game: Subscriber numbers were originally expected to exceed 1,, In an online interview with Reddit in July , John Smedley admitted to "stupid decisions" regarding Star Wars Galaxies combat upgrade and new gaming enhancement policies, [59] and acknowledged player led emulator projects seeking to restore a free-to-play Galaxies circa April , Publish The Ruins of Dantooine is a novel based in part on places and events in the game.

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Are you still here and you do not care? Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill , who is frightened by the power of his new student, has already seen them in another of his apprentices: Speaking of Kylo Ren Adam Driver , we can see Darth Vader's grandson about to make a difficult decision and also seem to convince a key hero to join the dark side. Rian Johnson, director and screenwriter of the eighth installment of the saga, recommends "totally" to the fans from his Twitter account that they do not see it if they want to arrive "clean" to the premiere, since it can contain spoilers.

December 14, And so much that contains spoilers, including the possible death of Princess Leia. This second advance of the film, after the release in April, starts where Star Wars: And, as many followers suspected, the girl is a Jedi.

In the trailer, of seconds, Luke trains and affirms that "only once" in his life has seen this "brute force". It refers to his nephew Kylo Ren Adam Driver, the other last Jedi and grandson of Darth Vader, which at the beginning of the trailer are referred to as a "pure and wild" power.

Meanwhile, Poe Dameron Oscar Isaac and Finn John Boyega fight against the First Order while listening "we are the spark that will ignite the fire that will devastate to the First order". Later, King, who seems to have fallen prisoner of Supreme Leader Snoke, asks Kylo to show him his role "in all this" while he offers her his hand. Will King be passed to the dark side.

Within two hours of publishing it on Youtube, only the original version already had almost half a million views and more than 21, comments, with the hashtag TheLastJedi quickly become trends around the world on Twitter. The reaction among critics has been effusive. When Luke Skywalker mentions the line above in the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, director Rian Johnson takes his camera to two different moments - the "present day" where an old Luke is clearly frightened by this force he mentions, and the past where he falls on his knees, no doubt in horror, watching his new Jedi academy burn.

This is, of course, a return to the flashback of destruction that was seen in Star Wars:

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