How to Use a Router as a Bridge


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It is possible to brick your router when you install the new firmware i. It can breathe new life into an old router, giving it enhanced performance and new features. Power up the WAP and wait for the lights to stabilize. How to Use a Router as a Bridge. Log back in to your bridge router using the new address you set A wireless bridge client bridge mode , usually, connects two wired networks using a wireless connection, allowing two or more routers or access points to communicate between each other. At this point, the bridge router should pass along an IP address from the primary router to your computer, giving you access to the Internet.

What is the bridge mode?

How to use an old router in order to create a wireless bridge

Setup the Wireless Settings. If your router is dual-band, you can choose between 2. That is why it is very important to download the proper version of the firmware and install it accordingly. If not you can brick your router meaning it will become unusable, permanently. And that is because the community of both DD-WRT and OpenWRT are very friendly and you can find countless information on their forums about almost every model of router existing on the market.

Write down the IP, the Subnet Mask and the wireless settings of your primary router. Research, download and install the compatible firmware version for your router.

As we said, it is very important to download the proper firmware version. Hard reset your router. After installing the custom firmware hold the reset button for 30 seconds to return the router to its default settings. Access the custom firmware interface.

To access the new interface you have to open a browser and insert the IP address of the router, which could be Afterwards set a new password. After you gain access to the interface head over to Wireless, basic Setup and choose the Client Bridge at the Wireless Mode. Configure the Wireless Security. While still being in the Wireless section access the Wireless Security tab. Configure the IP address of the old router.

For the Local IP choose an address in the same subnet as your main router. For example, if the IP address of the primary router is This should be set to something other than the default address, and it must not be the same as any other device on the network.

Both severs will need to be disabled because the main router on the network will now be in charge of assigning IP addresses and translating network addresses. Disable all of the access controls and the firewall of the router to be used as a bridge. The main router will also perform these tasks. Remove all of the entries in the "Port forwarding" section of the router. These settings are designed to allow certain applications easier access to the Internet on specific ports and are no longer necessary.

Save all of the settings you have changed and reboot the router for the changes to take effect. With all of the routing features of the unit disabled, the router can now act as a bridge on your network. If you wish to connect to the DD-WRT Control Panel on the second router you will need to connect a patch network cable to one of the LAN Ports on the second router and the other end to one of your computers and navigate as follows:.

Right click Local Area Connection and select properties. Manually assign the following information: Tweet 42, Total Views. If you are planning to expand your wireless home network and want it all wire-free and no cabling cluttering up your home, you may be able to turn a second wireless router into a Bridge; even an old router would do by using a DD-WRT free firmware. Please see the following link for Supported Routers: Make sure to download the.

In this Tutorial, we will use a Linksys Router; the router setting will be different than for other Routers D-Link, Netgear, Belkin, etc but with some similarities. This is done by entering the IP address of the router into the address bar of a web browser To begin, turn off all these devices, start with the WAP, second router to be converted as Wireless Bridge and computer.

Connect a computer to the second router by using a patch network cable. Make sure that the network cable is plugged into one of the LAN ports usually 4 ports. Power up the second router and wait for the lights to stabilize then power up the computer.

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