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Rockstar Games Social Club 1.6
When these are found, this section of the site allows the player to unlock Xin Shan 's missions. Chinatown Wars [N 1] [N 2]. The certificates can be printed onto paper. Digital rights management , social network service. This launcher was removed in the 1. Rockstar Games Social Club was first announced on March 27, , [1] with pre-registration beginning on April 14, The vehicle is demonstrated with the closest generic design of the vehicle, and shows modifications applied, in categories of brakes, engine, armor, wheel design, tyre smoke, vehicle color and lights.

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Launched on May 28, , this section lists and ranks all players in multiplayer, listing their average score in dollars , total score in dollars , games played and games won. The section also narrows the list down to include the highest scoring players in specific multiplayer modes player or ranked matches. This section lists and ranks all players who have completed the main storyline. It can be ordered by time taken or date completed.

The list, illustrated within a pocket book, is backed by an interactive tabletop scattered with various items, memorabilia and photographs from the game that can be moved about using the mouse the book itself can also be moved around. Only those who completed the story can view this section.

This section lists the top 10 players who have achieve the listed categories above in a short amount of time without cheats. In addition to top 10 listings, users can view their own "Trophy Shelf", which contains trophies of their achievements, complete with the position they have attained as they are included into a list.

This section lists and ranks all players who have completed the game. Only those who completed the game can view this section. Players who have entered the club can also print a certificate or fake membership card as physical evidence of their achievement.

This section tracks and lists crime reports in single player by players worldwide. An interactive police officer will utter random things on his police radio when the mouse cursor is hovered over him. Many of these scripts are also used by police officers in game who are on a radio. Launched on May 1, , Mr.

It involves collecting dropped valuables from peoples laundry. Players can earn money and multiplayer clothing from the website and transfer them to their linked game. Upon completion of the final story mission , two Lions of Fo are randomly placed in the game. When these are found, this section of the site allows the player to unlock Xin Shan 's missions. Launched on May 1, , this section shows how many Rampages the player have done, how many yet to uncover, and exactly where they are. After finding all cameras, the player uses the Guide Map to unlock the extra drug dealer Sean.

This section contains downloads, which includes ringtones, wallpapers, and papercrafts. The page itself can only be accessed by registered Social Club users but the download links can be accessed by anyone. This section is exclusive to those who pre-ordered GTA Chinatown Wars for the DS through select retailers, allowing them to unlock special bonuses like the bulletproof Infernus.

This section was removed soon after the release of the PSP version of the game.