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What type of certificate to install on the VPN server
There are no open issues. If this is not possible, what is the solution in this situation? Step 6 Confirm and click Next Step 7 Grant this group access. Right click your server name, then Properties. I find it super interesting, though. September 14, at 6:

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How To: Install and Configure RRAS (Routing and Remote Access) VPN in Windows Server 2012 and 2016

To do this it would be enough to issue the command no anyconnect-essentials under Webvpn configuration section. Another thing I noticed is that all the firewall interfaces are down apart from the outside interface. You said you want to connect to an internal host located inside your company, where that host is located?

Last thing, the NAT exempt statement does not seem to be correct, because that statement would match the traffic flowing from and to the outside interface, which should not be the case if you want to reach an internal host. You should exempt the traffic from your internal subnet to AnyConnect pool, and if you want to tunnel all the traffic from AnyConnect clients, including internet traffic, then you should enable NAT'ing for the AnyConnect pool to be able to reach the internet if required.

I am not sure why you are getting that message. Please try to disable AnyConnect under Webvpn with the command no anyconnect enable , and then try again to issue the command no anyconnect-essentials. If that works for you, then re-enable AnyConnect with the command anyconnect enable.

Also, please share the sanitized output of the command show asp table socket for review. Please enter a title. Local Computer certificate store of the VPN server.

The key properties that you MUST ensure are set inside the machine certificate includes:. This certificate must be requested from the certificate authority CA — who trust chain is installed on the VPN client machine see next step on special care if you are using public CA. The certificate can be requested from the CA using any mechanism that supports requesting above set of properties.

And you can then submit the certificate request to the CA. And once the request is approved, you can install the machine certificate on the VPN Server. Ensure the SSTP tunnel is configured for this certificate. For Windows , there is a regkey driven way of ensuring the same which is blogged here and here. For IKEv2 machine certificate authentication: And you MUST delete all the other trust chain on the VPN Server — to avoid any malicious client machine having a certificate with one of those trust chain to be able to successfully connect to this VPN server using IKEv2 machine certificate authentication.

Verisign on the VPN server machine.

Configure Remote Access as a VPN Server