The best password managers for 2018

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Compare Reviews for Top Password Manager Companies Password Genie Read Expert Review Share your experience with this company Password Genie is a password management and information security app designed for people who want to access online accounts from multiple devices while minimizing the risk of identity theft and other types of fraud. Doesn't import passwords from browsers. Why you cannot quit Amazon Prime — even if maybe you should. Design and execution code matches: OneLogin is a cloud-based password management and security software that is used primarily by businesses. Includes 1GB of secure online file storage. Social media Social media sites contain a lot of personal information that hackers love.

Compare Reviews for Top Password Manager Companies

The Best Password Managers

You pay a subscription to make it securely sync up your passwords and other secrets such as credit card details and ID numbers across your computer, phone and tablet. Dashlane also has been largely free of drama over its own security. You would be right to wonder how safe it is to keep all your password eggs in one basket. They never send your password over the Internet. In , LastPass reported it was breached , though it reported that no passwords were stolen. The biggest hurdle is changing your habits.

Let that sink in: The process of setting up Dashlane is pretty similar to 1Password and LastPass, despite some other design differences. After you download and install the Dashlane app comes the most important step: Whenever you open Dashlane, or use it to fill in sensitive information such as credit card numbers, it will ask you for your master password.

On devices with fingerprint readers and face identification, you can bypass typing it in by scanning yourself instead.

Next, Dashlane will guide you to install a plug-in for your Web browser. You can see Dashlane working when it puts its logo — a dashing impala — in a text-entry field. You can teach it a whole bunch of passwords right away, or just hang back and let Dashlane learn them over time. Now the magic happens. The next time you go to a site where Dashlane has memorized your password, it will automatically fill it in for you. This is a time saver and works about 95 percent of the time.

It used to be that every time you needed to log in to an app on your phone, you had to launch the password manager to manually copy and paste your username and password.

But last year, Android O added the ability for third-party password managers to automatically fill in those details. Last month, Apple announced its iOS 12 will offer a similar capability, and Dashlane, LastPass and 1Password all showed me how it will work when it becomes widely available this fall. When you need to log in through an app or website, an auto-fill option from your chosen password manager will pop up right above the keyboard.

You tap and go. Password managers can also make your life easier in a few other ways. All three of the ones I recommend can share passwords with other family members and co-workers who use the same program. Dashlane and LastPass also let you identify emergency contacts — people who, after a period of time you determine, will be able to access your passwords and other saved information.

This can make accessing bank, email, social media and other personal information much less stressful after a death. Beyond just remembering passwords, these programs are also getting deeper into the business of keeping you safe.

If getting a password manager inspires you to do even more about online security, there are further steps you can take. Now about cleaning out the garage …. Offers live chat support Mondays through Fridays in addition to email support every day. Saves receipts for online purchases. Most expensive option, and no discounted family plan. Strong reputation for security.

Comes with pro-level controls, including the ability to sync passwords across devices without the cloud. Security measures prevent auto-filling and auto-submitting passwords without an additional click. Hands off my data! When you install it, you can import your saved passwords from your web browser — and then delete them for security — and as you use the web you will be prompted to save any new passwords you enter. Importantly, passwords can be synchronized between devices.

The web-based interface used to edit, manage, share and delete the data you save is slightly clunky, but not enough to be a complete turn-off and the apps offer a much more pleasant experience. Even if you don't want to use it to store your logins, it's worth installing LastPass to run the Security Challenge so you can find out how many of your passwords are weak, and whether any of your email addresses may have been compromised.

This might convince you to take security more seriously and to start using the tool. The latest version of LastPass for Firefox corrects a bug that prevented Autofill working correctly in some circumstances.

The newest version of LastPass for Chrome features a new onboarding process, and fixes a bug that stopped icons appearing correctly. For full details, see the LastPass release notes. For Supports two-factor authentication Fills forms and credit card details Strong password generator. Against No support for application passwords Form filling can be slow.

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