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Six Flags Magic Mountain. Six Flags Over Georgia. Superman — Ride of Steel. Six Flags Great America. Luna Park Coney Island. Taft Broadcasting , Curtis D. Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters , John A.

Best New Ride Amusement Park. Best New Ride Water Park. Idlewild and Soak Zone. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Universal's Islands of Adventure. Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls. Best New Ride Waterpark. Best Water Ride Park. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. Volcano, The Blast Coaster. Bay Beach Amusement Park. Great American Scream Machine. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. The Incredible Hulk Coaster.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Drayton Manor Theme Park. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. These accommodations include offices and work stations, conference rooms, and access to phones, copy machines, and fax machines.

Additional features may consist of kitchen facilities, break rooms and relaxation lounges, storage facilities for client equipment, and secure loading docks and freight elevators.

In addition to the on-site and nearby amenities, your company should look for a provider to staff technical experts who will be available around the clock. Access to support whenever you need it can be a major differentiator among different data center colocation solutions. As data requirements balloon, businesses will require more bandwidth and greater network speeds just to keep pace.

Operating in an increasingly global economy also involves ongoing access and continuous communications. These growing requirements have made connectivity a major concern for businesses considering data center colocation services.

Organizations should give special consideration to telecom companies that are also data center colocation providers. Telecom companies have an inherent advantage over traditional data center providers because they own their network. If a customer wants to add a new capability—say, data storage backup for disaster recovery—companies with their own network can add their data center as an extension off an existing ELAN service. With increased virtualization and mobility, businesses face greater data demands and complex connectivity requirements.

For this reason, data centers have become central communication hubs driving effective connectivity among businesses. Therefore, many businesses opt to use a top-tier data center colocation facility to house their mission-critical infrastructure.

The following list highlights the physical-security considerations for data center colocation solutions:. To limit access in a data center colocation facility, systems and processes are deployed to allow only authorized personnel in certain areas of the data center. Examples include keycard access, alarm systems, mantraps, secure doors and staffed checkpoints. Data center colocation providers often install physical barriers, fencing and reinforced walls to protect their facilities. Advanced surveillance technology offers additional access control by monitoring and recording activity at entrances, exits and equipment areas.

So, they either use less effective solutions or they move to a data center colocation facility with high-end monitoring systems already in place. In addition to assisting with access control, monitoring systems detect fire and water emergencies. Using advanced technologies, these systems provide early detection before significant damage results.

Top-tier providers are constantly evaluating their data center facilities for vulnerabilities. To evaluate pricing for alternative data center colocation solutions, companies need to determine the added value.

In other words, how much are they benefiting from the services provided? Is their business operating more efficiently? Is the cost for data center colocation much lower than what the company would pay for an in-house operation? The factors influencing a competitive price include power usage, real estate, risk mitigation, supply and demand, and redundancy.

The built in e commerce functionality allows the site to respond fluidly to product availability and the creation of new collections of jewellery. The largely monochrome theme lets the images take center stage, and custom post types allow the easy management of promotional materials and press clippings. We built an online interior design service that allows people to get professional help to design and execute their DIY interior renovations.

We worked with Good Space and custom built a collaborative space for client and designer to interact and automated much of the pre-sale work. This complex network of collaborative projects is built upon WordPress and integrated with BuddyPress as a collaborative tool. We worked with Crown Packaging to transform their old WordPress website into a responsive theme with additional components that offer easy to use tools to control their content from the dashboard.

We helped Boxmaster redesign their website using WordPress as a CMS and provided additional functionality for online quotes and custom products. This is a responsive theme we designed that looks the part! Angeline Sia-Venegupal wanted a website to showcase her medical practice and laser rejuvenation clinic.

We built a WordPress website, provided on-site photographs, wrote content, conducted keyword research, competitive analysis, and search engine optimization SEO.

We also host the site and provide e-mail with full maintenance and support services. Sunil Venegupal wanted to increase his dental practice.

We built a site including custom photography , graphic design, interviews transcribed into content, and search engine optimization SEO.

An e-commerce site with a responsive mobile-ready theme. The clients needed a storefront for their goody bags that was easy to navigate , visually appealing and free from distractions. A responsive theme that displays smoothly across all displays, the new Landscape BC theme also takes advantage of a custom Planting Calendar which populates with seasonal planting information entered into Custom Fields.

Kirkland Heating was designed and built so in-house staff can easily maintain and create content. It features custom fields , as well as custom post types to manage a database of products. For this site we created both the design and functionality. It is all built on the WordPress CMS , with an emphasis on managing the large database of real estate listings with custom fields , images, and Google map integration. Building on our WordPress base, we are experts with a variety of event management plugins.

Selling online has become a very popular business option for many people. We can set you up with a hassle-free system for taking payment online for physical goods, virtual downloads, online class registration, setting up pay-in-advance appointments… the options for e-commerce are virtually limitless.

Let us use our expertise with WordPress to build you an integrated network of sites. Our solutions have included custom registration functionality, synchronizing WordPress data with Salesforce, and custom interactive web applications. Many of our websites integrate with the popular social media websites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

We also build custom networks using the BuddyPress extension for WordPress. This framework supports the creation of your own private forums and social networks: Our web design studio is located in historic Gastown, in Vancouver, where we enjoy meeting personally with our clients. For our distance and international clients we travel or use phone, email, and Skype to make a virtual connection.

David Montie is the founder of Sparkjoy Studios with 20 years experience in the arts, business, and technology. He is our resident Big Problem Solver and thrives on resolving issues others have deemed impossible.

Josh earned his B. He is a project planner, problem solver, and diligent tester. Skwachays Lodge has an Artist in Residence program to support and mentor up-and-coming artists. We provide basic web training and support to help participants get a website up and running and help promote their work. We helped setup a website with interactive elements to match available pets with adoption homes. Vancouver Wordcamp YVR is a yearly WordPress conference intended for all users of the platform from beginners to advanced developers.

We sponsor the event and participate in sharing our expertise. Do you know how to draw people to your site and keep them there long enough to communicate your message and generate clients? These skills are essential to any flourishing online venture. With proper training comes a sense of mastery and independence. We can teach you a whole lot more than just how to update your website. We can train you on pretty much every service we offer. Visit the Support Site. It starts with a phone call or an email.

Once we answer these questions, the next question is always. Once we have a sense of the possibilities, we can start the process. Whether you end up using our services or not, our door is always open.

Our business is first and foremost about building personal relationships. The particular technical skills and services we bring come second only to our passion for forging rewarding, supportive collaborations with our clients. Many companies have the tech side already structured and simply fit the projects into this structure.

We do precisely the opposite. Our approach is to listen to your needs and start a conversation about how we can realize your desires in a way that brings you success.

We believe that all great relationships are about empowerment rather than dependence. We give people a set of tools and teach them how they can use them themselves so that they are able to control the technology to suit their needs on their own. We maintain an ongoing relationship with almost all of our clients after the initial project is complete.

We check in with them on a regular basis to exchange feedback on their satisfaction, help optimize their online reach and search engine visibility, and provide any other support they need. The days of having to feel subservient to the whim of some secretive weblord who holds the high-priced key to all of the programming for your site are gone. The old way was to make a static website where any change, no matter how small, had to be made by the developer. We make websites that are also tools you can use for your own purposes, which puts the power and control right where it belongs: We use the WordPress platform so that you can login and manage your content yourself.

You can add a new page, or change or update the content, or blog and communicate via social media. WordPress started out a decade ago as a blogging tool. The creators did such a great job on its user-friendliness that other programmers wanted to adapt it to new applications. If at any time you want to remodel your site, we can do that too. You can have your site altered and maintained by anyone who understands the WordPress platform…including you, if you wish.

Fortunately, clients tend to stick with us because of the service we offer, and the investment we make in our relationships. The functionality of the the free sites is limited to just blogging and, if you want to do anything more advanced, those limitations quickly become closed doors. We can help you broaden your reach, and increase your audience and revenues by sculpting these tools into your ultimate broadcasting engine.

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