Turn your Mac into a WiFi hotspot using OS X’s internet sharing

How to Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot in Mac

How to turn your Mac into a Wi-Fi Hotspot: Share your wired connection
My Ipad found it as well but again, no internet even though the Mac was still working on the internet just fine. And your hotspot is now on and ready to use! I have one, but don't use it much. The initial connection to devices will take longer due to the Bluetooth pairing process, but is a free alternative when looking to share your internet connection from Wi-Fi and it should work with most smartphones and tablets. How to use and control System Preferences on a Mac. Here you would need to configure the internet sharing network.

Guide to Turn your Mac into a WIFI Hotspot

How To Use A Mac As A Wi-Fi Hotspot

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How to turn your Mac into a Wi-Fi hotspot: Sharing from a Wi-Fi connection