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Single- or Dual-Band?

The Best Wireless Routers of 2018
The BRT-AC is its only business router and the device ticks a lot of boxes, even for small businesses looking for more than 10 simultaneous connections. Nonetheless, the fact that this device can be controlled from an app makes it ideal for busy small businesses. It is also backward compatible with 11n devices. These top 10 Wi-Fi routers should provide you with a great selection to choose from. The Best Laptops of Good close-range throughput and file-transfer performance in testing. Overall, this router provides several great features and just a couple potential drawbacks.

When consumer routers are simply not enough

Best Wireless Routers for 2018

In addition to the backward compatibility, it provides these advantages:. The user interface is intended to be easy to use. But, it can be a challenge to fully configure this router.

For advanced users, this is less of an issue. The other issue is that dead zones can be a problem. But, this can be inconvenient.

In the end, this is fast Wi-Fi router that is perfect for most small businesses. Other than the setup and configuration, you should have no problems with your Wi-Fi connection. The 3rd best option is a dual-band router. You get a strong Wi-Fi signal with no dead zones — even across multiple floors. This could be the perfect solution for delivering Wi-Fi through your offices or small business. The disadvantages may not matter to some businesses.

Updating the firmware can be a complicated process. Just make sure that you carefully follow the directions. Due to the difficulty, you might want to try to find an open source software package. Other than those drawbacks, this is a decent Wi-Fi router. You get fast speeds and superior signal strength. Next is a wireless router with VPN support. It includes 4 LAN ports and high-speed The data transfer rates are slower than some of your other options.

Though, it is still fast enough for most small business needs. It does allow you to set bandwidths to different VLANs, which requires additional setup. Overall, this is a quality router. It is slightly slower than other options. You can easily connect to VPNs and access your business network securely from any location away from the office. At the top of the list is this gigabit VPN router.

Along with these features, you get the following advantages:. There are no disadvantages to discuss. It is a solid GB router that is perfect for use in a small office or business. The bottom line is that you get 1GB data transfer rates with a quality router capable of supporting VPN tunnels. It offers everything that you require in a small business router, including security features and DoS protection. Overall, this is the best Wi-Fi router for small businesses.

These top 10 Wi-Fi routers should provide you with a great selection to choose from. You have a variety of options that should meet any of your business needs. But, before you make your final decision, here are a few suggestions. Make sure that the router supports your devices. The latest Wi-Fi protocol is This is 3 times the speed of Some of these units are not even routers. If you are going to write a tech article at least know what you are talking about. Some may not be considered business class.

Stop being a keyboard commando and go read a book. TRENDnet is a well-known brand in the networking business. Their AC wireless router is one of the top of the line products due to its powerful hardware.

It uses a 1 GHz dual core CPU to handle large volumes of traffic and comes with tri-band which translates into high speed and low pings. The model includes six wireless antennas for improved coverage and plenty of security features that make it viable for a small business. D-Link AC is a powerful and rather small router.

It is also one of the more affordable models that comes with a dual core processor and dual band support. The router can provide speeds of up to mbps which means there is plenty of bandwidth to be shared with multiple computers or laptops. It includes two USB ports for network attached storage or printers and comes with QoS support that allows the admin to control the bandwidth allocation.

The Netgear EX is one of the models in the Nighthawk series that was designed to provide excellent reliability and superior transfer rates. It has 3 antennas for optimal coverage comes with multiple advanced features and security settings.

It uses a new operating system and a dual-core processor that gives it excellent uptime and superior reliability. Even if the E router from Linksys has been around for quite some time it still remains relevant due to its performance. It is one of the more expensive models but its performance made it extremely popular. The model comes with dual band support and offers excellent transfer speeds. It was made with built-in security features and plenty of tools for the admin to control bandwidth utilization and who has access to the network.

Preplink Pepwave AP One is a router made by a less known brand. The model was made to be used outside and inside as it has a solid enclosure that protects it from water, vibrations and extreme temperature. It offers transfer speeds of up to mbps and supports wireless n standards. Like most other routers it comes packed with security features and it includes two reliable antennas for optimal coverage.

The Netgear Nighthawk AC is a reliable dual band router that comes with an interesting design and reliable performance. It supports speeds of up to mbps and comes with a powerful dual core processor.

It has 3 amplified antennas and comes with loads of security features. Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC is one of the most powerful routers from the manufacturer. It is also their most popular and the highest rated one due to its six antenna setup and smart features. It has tri-band support and an advanced technology that boosts the signal and the range of the device. It comes in two different colors and features multiple USB ports for network attached devices such as printers of storage.

The model also includes Asus AiRadar that improves the signal and stability of the device. Its traffic transfer rates make it up to four times faster than other routers while the dual core CPU ensures that the router is stable even under heavy load. The model comes with several useful features such as website filtration advanced user authentication and many other features. Asus has a reputation for manufacturing great consumer products and the Taiwanese firm — known for its laptops and motherboards — has been trying its hand at wireless products.

The BRT-AC is its only business router and the device ticks a lot of boxes, even for small businesses looking for more than 10 simultaneous connections. Billion might not be as much of a well-known brand as some of the others on this list, but it has been around for more than a decade.

If you want a plug-and-play stylish looking user-friendly router, this will not be for you. Feature-wise, it can reach 2. It is a bit lightweight compared to the competition in the connectivity stakes, though, with only four Ethernet ports and one USB 2. Modular network coverage, modern design, easy setup, traffic separation.

It's a modular Wi-Fi mesh system, but it makes some design and performance changes that specifically cater to the business user. Read the full review: Linksys is one of the most recognisable names in small business networking. Nonetheless, the fact that this device can be controlled from an app makes it ideal for busy small businesses.

Technically speaking, the Nighthawk X10 is a consumer router but like the Asus model above, it offers features that you will usually find on business routers.

Finding the Right Router