Company Man (2000)

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The 25 worst movies on Netflix
The plot has something to do with a mysterious warrior who teams up with the children of a Chinese Emperor to avenge his death. Happiness delivered to you. That ignited rumors that the reclusive year-old was dying and was attempting to get out as many movies as possible in the time he had left. Start your free trial today. Did I mention that Dr. Join for a free month.

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Entertainment All the Netflix news that you need to know from its summer critics presentation The streaming service held a series of presentations and panels during the Television Critics Association summit on Sunday.

Now you can be Crazy Eyes. Entertainment Netflix sets up its first European production hub in Madrid. Microsoft might finally crack the code. Miller Entertainment The dirtiest word in business? Design You can pilot this airship with your mind Co. Design Watch this amazing demo of the early desktop computer Co. One of the film's key themes is the accumulation of expensive consumer products, and some scenes feature people talking about expensive purchases and planning shopping trips.

Several scenes take place in bars as disheartened, unemployed people drown their frustrations and are sometimes shown quite drunk. One character smokes occasionally.

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Start your free trial today. Written, directed and produced by John Wells, this indie drama stars Ben Affleck as a successful businessman who comes face-to-face with America's downsizing epidemic when he loses his job and is forced to take a construction gig.

Genres Drama , Indie Dramas. Screen Widescreen Anamorphic 1. Rating R - Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. But a movie that ends with a minute musical performance from the lead character and a freeze frame on their triumphant visage, well, even a diva has to admit this is a little indulgent.

This is especially problematic given that the movie is so clearly a vehicle for Streisand. That being said, this comedy about two teenage yoga enthusiasts battling an ancient evil in Canada is just awful. Once upon a time, Joe Dante did good things. You know him as the man behind Gremlins , Innerspace , and The Howling. Burying the Ex is just as bad as its plot description sounds. Max Anton Yelchin wants to break up with his needy, annoying girlfriend, Evelyn Ashley Greene , but he gets lucky: Terrence Malick very rarely makes movies.

Before the current decade, he had only directed five in his entire career: That ignited rumors that the reclusive year-old was dying and was attempting to get out as many movies as possible in the time he had left. The film, starring Rachel McAdams and Ben Affleck, takes many of the stylistic techniques that made his previous film such a marvel and makes them into spiritual kitsch.

If you love ponderous voiceover, no character development, and shots of Olga Kurylenko twirling, this is the pseudo-philosophical mumbo-jumbo for you.

Is there anything else you really need to know about the Sharknado films at this point? With the exception of a mockumentary spinoff , the whole SyFy series is currently available on Netflix in all its glorious badness. LGBT-centered movies about marriage and family are a good idea. Treacly movies starring Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel as unconvincing lesbians are not. Heigl stars here as the titular Jenny, who finally decides to come out to her family after getting engaged to her partner, Kitty Bledel , whom they thought was just her roommate.

These Groundhog Day -esque hijinks are physically painful to watch, as Devine proves unfit for a rom-com leading man role, and the supporting cast fails to show even mild enthusiasm. When We First Met tries to split the difference between cutesy and crude, and subsequently accomplishes neither. Lindsay Lohan is not a bad actress.

But if her last movie ever was The Canyons , people would probably remember her as one. Some material cannot be elevated. And if fact, after watching The Canyons , one has to wonder whether the intention was to let the film wallow in its own filth all along.

It would make sense, coming from director Paul Schrader Taxi Driver , American Gigolo and especially from writer Bret Easton Ellis American Psycho , whose combined fascination with the campy, the depraved, and the seedy reaches epic proportions in this on-the-nose satire.

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