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What is DewaNations?

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Say, 'I do," in front of a backdrop of wildlife and magnificent sand dunes in the heart of Wadi Khadeja. If Custom autoconfig board order was enabled, expansion devices custom config setting s was not saved correctly. On the fly switching from non-cycle exact to cycle-exact mode stopped emulation in certain situations. Send an e-mail if you maintain Linux packages for a distribution not listed here, and you wish to have a link added to the list. NE compatible ISA x86 bridgeboard compatible.

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Opening Soon – AWS Office in Dubai to Support Cloud Growth in UAE

Al Rimal Pool Villas — Living area. Luxury pool villas feature a private pool, a separate lounge area, Arabian-inspired decor and breathtaking views. All Rimal Pool Villas feature a private pool and deck with breathtaking views over the desert. Take your dining experience out of doors as this five-star desert retreat where mouthwatering cuisine pairs well with stunning scenery.

Farmhouse restaurant features its very own smokehouse, offering guests the finest smoked meats flavors. The terrace at Farmhouse overlooks the resort's waterhole, offering stunning sunset views and reflections of the rolling sand dunes. Guests dining at Kaheela are surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows offering plenty of natural light, complemented by patterned colors and beige tones.

Modeled after a traditional Arabian watchtower, The Tower offers the essence of traditional outdoor desert dining in a private, luxurious setting.

Menus are customized for each guest and presented by your own personal waiter. Destination Dining options include sand dune dining, a private dinner set-up on a sand dune platform, for a truly memorable experience overlooking the desert landscape.

A warm, Asian-inspired reception hall welcomes guests to Al Wadi Spa, where local, European and Eastern traditions inform the treatments. In the middle of the desert, our luxury spa offers a true oasis with Asian-inspired hydrotherapy facilities.

The gym at Al Wadi Desert features desert views and plenty of natural light for an inspiring workout. Try your hand at an ancient desert tradition with a lesson at our specially designed archery range.

Guests can enjoy a unique experience on a camel back, riding across the desert landscape to reach a perfect sunset observation point where they will halt for some refreshments, as the sun sets behind the dunes.

Horseback Riding on the Dunes. Nothing beats the thrill of a horseback riding experience in the sand dunes of Al Wadi Desert.

Evening Outdoor Cocktail Reception. Treat your guests to a memorable cocktail reception at sunset in the magical surroundings of the Al Wadi Nature Reserve. Say, 'I do," in front of a backdrop of wildlife and magnificent sand dunes in the heart of Wadi Khadeja.

My Dates Are Flexible. Use My Rewards Points. Luxury Escapes Discover our luxury packages and indulge in the privacy of a pool villa combined with unique spa and recreation experiences. Introducing the world's first decentralized social network based on nations!

It's a virtual world platform and an exciting new trend on social networking. Available now on Google Play Store! It divides its members up in countries, where they originally from. DewaNations is a very unique social network. At DewaNations, you can become the president, vice president, governor, mayor or just simply an average citizen. With DewaNations App, you will learn about different cultures, enjoy viewing great destinations and listen to local music right there from your device.

Browse and share on our sophisticated sectors of categories Instant Articles. Share your unique local street food pics to other people in the world. Make the world a better place is a noble dream usually pursued by startups. That's a huge task. And here we are. We are here to reorganize the Web and decentralize the social network.

DewaNations reorganizes information on the Web, based on nations along with its culture, its people and other sectors. The social network, wikipedia, news portal, marketplace, search engine, youtube - you name it. The Web is a very big place. DewaNations filters the massive amounts of information on the Web down to what is relevant to each individual and business.

How many of you that do the search up to the 5th page on Google? Look at those irrelevant results. Your search is probably stop at the very first page and end up on Wikipedia.

And how many of you that have a difficulty in finding new friends from other countries all over the world on Facebook? We want to solve those problems. We are reorganizing the Web to facilitate marvelous discovery, where relevant information will be provide to the user, by browsing complete, well organized and sophisticated categories structure called the Sector.

We also divide our users up in countries, where they originally from. We're making it easy for people to find some informations or someone through our easy-to-browse virtual nations system. Do you know that people prefer to browse folder by folder when they're looking for a file and use search feature only when it's necessary on Microsoft Windows? By having well organized folders, people find things easily. DewaNations is the world's first decentralized Social Network based on nations.

It's a virtual country platform and an exciting new trend on social networking that divides its members up in countries, where they originally from. Dewa is the new innovation which will become a new phenomenon.

It's the only decentralized nation-based social media out there and if it grows as expected it can be a global hit.

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