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Top 110 Free Proxy Sites – Best Free Proxy Servers List 2018
The service is always fast and stable. These sites is blocked in iran. I need help from u about having free internet by using proxies.. There is also some partial compatibility with vimeo. Free proxies are usually slow , unstable and die fast. It makes them unstable and die fast. We recommend using Elite Proxy Switcher to set the proxy for your browsers.

How To Visit a Website using Proxy

Proxy Sites List 2018 – Top 500 Free Proxy Servers (Fast & Secure)

Proxy sites are important to hide our identity online. There are many other important benefits of using proxies while browsing internet. If you want to enjoy these benefits, you should use proxy server while browsing internet. The easiest way to use proxy is browse through proxy sites.

So, if you want to use proxy, it is highly recommended to use only those sites which are safe, secure, provides fast proxies and add new proxy IP address frequently to their proxy list. Here, I am telling you Top best proxy sites list which matches these standards. All the proxy sites we have provided above are top rated proxy websites which provide secure proxy to visit any website. For example, below here, I am telling you how to visit any website using Kproxy — Proxy Site.

And, as Kproxy is very fast, secure and compatible proxy website, you will not observe any distortion on the target webpage, it can load every script connected to the target website and serve you the webpage in exactly the same layout that you could see by directly visiting the webpage.

Steps are similar with other proxy websites I have provided above in the list. This may not always be the best choice, so the option is there to change as you see fit. Allow cookies Allow Cookies Most websites use small files called cookies to identify your session. This is generally required for logging in to websites and storing your specific preferences.

However, they are sometimes used to track your browsing habits. Uncheck this option to remove cookies for the remote websites. Remove page titles Remove page Titles Page titles are the text displayed in the tab of your web browser and at the top of the browser window.

They are also the text that is displayed in your browsing history. Enable this option to remove the titles from all pages through the proxy so that titles do not show up in your web browser and in your browsing history. This option also removes favicons for the same reason. All IP addresses geolocate to a particular location. This option changes which IP address your request is routed through and we have listed the places which we locate the IPs.

Please note that using anything other than the default will slow things down a slightly as your request is being routed through an extra server. Remove scripts Remove scripts Scripts are often used to create fancy effects on websites and add increased functionality and features. The way they work means they can be difficult for the proxy to handle. This means some scripts may request resources directly from your internet connection, not using the proxy and compromising your anonymity.

Those concerned about their privacy should enable this option, but be warned that it may break the functionality of a lot of websites.

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