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I have enjoyed so so many of your patterns. They're fun, accurate, and easy to repeat. The Website is german, I introduce your homepage and that you show over sweet crochet patterns for free. And thanx a lot, your patterns are so sweet, Imani Manuo — See more at: To those of you having problems with rnd 1, to me it should read: Hi Sarah, they looks very cute, i want to make the booties for 3 to 6 months baby girl, can you please help to choose the hook size.

Thank you very much. I have been searching for a NB bootie pattern that I liked and I have finally found it. After several attempts and a lot of yarn ripping.. I finally got it. Join with ss in the first sc of each round.

Ch 1 and make first stitch of next round into the same space as the ss and ch 1. You are finishing rnd 2. You do 2 sc into the last two stitches , then you join with a ss into the first sc of rnd 2. Ch 1, and do a sc into that same stitch. This counts as the first sc in the group of ten single crochets from round 3. Continue like this for the entire pattern and they turn out perfect. Hopefully this will help someone. Thank you for sharing. Followed this and it worked perfectly. I also didn't use the sc dec Sarah linked to.

I used a different one and the tops came out just a bit lacey looking. Might be good to include some pictures after each round. So we know if we are on tracked and ours looks like yours after each round. Thanks for sharing your lovely pattern. I've seen people ask this in a lot of other patterns and it seems that you just have to go down in yarn weight or crochet hook to get a smaller size.

This, of course, would depend on how preemie the baby is. Just attempted this pattern and am having the same issue as those of you above. I was very sorry to see that she had not responded to any of you, but very happy to see how all of you came together to try to help each other.

I'm sure she's busy as all get out with 3 little ones. I'm working the pattern for the Hello Kitty crochet newborn shoes. I've worked the rounds ending round 8 having 18 sc to work on. I skipped to row round 9 for left shoe but found the instructions confusing. I followed the pattern, but don't understand where the "next 23 sts" come from as there were only 18 sc to start with.

To me if I had to count to 5 to start the strap that would leave me with 13 sc. Has anyone else had this problem? Finally a pattern that I can do right! I have made several of your patterns. Keep up the good work!

I would be ever so grateful for a video tutorial. I am new to crochet and reading patterns is my weakness. These booties look very similar to the ones my grandma would make.

I would sure love to be able to make some. I am so grateful that you are willing to share this pattern with us. Thank you so much! Now I must look through your site to see what other goodies await.

The particular up-and-coming technologies giant acquired just released their computer model and required a way to keep the expensive gear safe in transport. Thank you, this is an easy and great pattern for booties. I made the pink ones and they are adorable. I love your work and I refer to your site all the time. Forget this crappliy written pattern and onto the next. I made a pair of these and gave them to a friend at her baby shower.

I also got another friend who is wanting a pair for her newborn who will arrive soon. She paid me for hers. I would never post this pattern or any pattern as my own.

Hi, I absolutely love these baby booties! However, no matter what I do, or how hard I try, I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I am doing something wrong and was wondering if someone can give me some pointers? I have been to your blog a couple of times now, due to getting other mails from Favecrafts Thank you for the free pasterns, I do appreciate that when you say free it is so. I love these booties but I must be missing something.

At the end of round 5, I have the 32 sc. Then when I do the decreases, I have stitches left over. I do 10 sc, the 6 dec. What am I doing Wrong? I did my decreases like 2 sc tog. Thanks for any help. I love all the patterns. I made them and they turned out sooooo cute.

Unfortunately, I am a tight crocheter and my son was born with huge feet. Hi I know this is an old pattern but I was wondering how you can make them bigger! My LO is 5 months! I saw that you posted this yesterday so wondered if you have made these booties already. I saw another lady saying hers was too.

What could I be doing wrong? Did you follow the pattern as written or by a comment that a lady stated as she put 6 sc into starting chain on round 1 instead of 7 sc? I hope this makes sense. Love these booties but having done one it seems to hold a shape for a right foot? Will there be a pattern to follow for the left?

Absolutely love these little booties, coils anyone please tell me whether this pattern is US or UK please x. I used the border in your latest video as edging on a baby blanket, white and blue, and it turned out spectacular! Thanks for your many great ideas. I am struggeling a bit as my decrease seems to be making the booties look as if the decrease arent centre and making them look skew if that makes any sense.

Everything else is right like the amount of stitches and the ending of each row. I love the baby bootie pattern…I have made two pairs using variegated yarn…they work up great and so fast…this is the first time I have ever made baby booties…thank you for a easy and great patternto make.

Your email address will not be published. I like to you use the invisible decrease as shown HERE. DC in each stitch around, join, ch 1 18 DC Round Using ribbon or a long crochet chain , weave in and out of the double crochet stitches. Tie in a bow in front! The booties should take a nice shape, but I want to make you sure you know that I stuffed them with a kleenex so they would stand up pretty for the photo.

Want more free patterns? Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own. The little booties are absolutely adorable! My best friend is expecting a baby in the Autumn. Would it work to put two stitches in the last stitch instead of the chain 1?

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