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Proxy server not working.
Post as a guest Name. Please suggest if there is any fixes for this. JesusLives ii 2 7 Relevant Post Flairs and Titles Use appropriate post flair. Within the way it's designed it works fairly well. Desperate for any other proposition.

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Firefox can't load websites but other browsers can

Thanks for the comment, sadly not working. Are you using "path" as placeholer for this post? Because those have to point to the actual Files IF you want to provide those at the proxy level.

Also, you can't handle http and https connections over the same port you use for both. Also you didn't add the http s. I better add an answer. If you get problems without them then you have some other configuration that is causing the problem. Next, add the output of apachectl -S to your post.

Yes, I use "path" as a placeholder. I didn't add the https, because I don't need https between Tomcat and Apache, as they are on the same Server. Unbeliever 1, 1 4 I can confirm that this was the mistake. Thanks for the help. Also thanks to every other poster. Sometimes the mistake is just to obvious -. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The NSFW tag should not be used as a joke no matter how sexy your rune may be. The monster name must be in the title e. Must be nat-5 only.

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SW proxy not working any tips appreciate self. Verification via proxy server failed". SW proxy does no output at all only that it is running. First, download the last version of SWProxy: Select a port you don't use for anything else I use for example and don't modify the IP.

Click the 'Launch' button on SWProxy then connect your phone to your wifi and select a proxy in the wifi parameters. Try to run SW before you connect to the server until you come to the "Check for updates", tab out if it tries to read your Data and connect to the Proxy.

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