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Some android vendors Samsung, LG now advertise multi window feature. Have you heard anything about an Android box called Sidekick tv? There are a variety of options. Otherwise, you will always appear as Canadian, which includes all the Canadian network websites. One to make the experience even more comfortable:

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27 Things You Didn't Know Your Chromecast Could Do

To get the Rdio integration up and running, just tap the cast button found in the bottom right-hand corner of the audio player. Free download, monthly subscription required. With InfiniTracks, you have a beautiful interface to browse popular feeds, favorited tracks and its simple, but clean audio player. Pocket Casts is my favorite podcast client. From top to bottom, the app is just sublime.

To put the icing on the cake, Pocket Casts is one of a few podcast managers to support Chromecast streaming. Just toggle the option with the cast button — almost always displayed at the top of the screen — and anything you listen to next will be pumped out of your TV.

Unfortunately, Songza is only available in the US and Canada at the moment. With Chromecast support, all of those music smarts can be put to good use through your TV — excellent when you just want to kick back in the comfort of your own home. MediaBrowser is another popular choice for streaming all of your media to multiple devices. The service is similar in design to Plex — you download and set up a free, open-source Media Browser Server first from your Windows , Mac or Linux-based computer.

The arrangement can seem pretty complicated, admittedly. Once everything is in order, however, accessing and managing your library should be fairly straightforward. And the freedom to access your content without any restrictions makes it all worthwhile, of course. Avia takes a slightly different approach to pulling in all of your local media.

The asking price is justified, however, when you consider that it also adds local media server support. With this, you can stream just about anything you own to a Chromecast-equipped TV. After a little back -and- forth with Google, developer Koushik Dutta has been able to support the Chromecast via his AllCast app.

Free download, with in-app payment. Whether you opt to use it over Plex, Avia and MediaBrowser is really down to personal preference. Free download, with optional in-app payment. Citymapper adds 'Meet Me Somewhere' feature to its native Android app. Sit back and let the hottest tech news come to you by the magic of electronic mail.

Prefer to get the news as it happens? Follow us on social media. Got two minutes to spare? We'd love to know a bit more about our readers. All data collected in the survey is anonymous. Video Netflix Unlike Amazon , Netflix is yet to offer its own hardware. Free download Featured image credit: Free download, with relevant subscription Crunchyroll In the West, anime and asian drama is notoriously difficult to obtain legally. Free download, with optional subscription Fandor Tired of the same uninspired, over-the-top summer blockbusters?

Free download, with relevant subscription YouTube Does this need much of an explanation? Free download Photos Artkick Artkick is a solid idea, but the execution leaves a little to be desired. Free download Dayframe Dayframe is a seamless way to display all of your beloved photos on a TV. Free download Framebook As the name implies, Framebook is designed specifically to handle your Facebook photos.

Most devices can do Netflix no problem. Getting HBO might be a bit harder. The Android TV box I mentioned in the article above should be plenty for your needs. Stephen, I want to watch BBC. The player that you recommended requires you to have a UK location.

Where do I find it and where do I install it? If possible, I would prefer not to use the laptop. Great article, thanks in advance. There is a link in the article above. You would have to configure it on your router if you want to use it on all your devices. They have guides that show you how to do that.

Stephen; Is it possible to have TV and Telephone what happens to my email? I am 76 on fixed income and just cant afford it! I do not want Netflix, sports channels etc. We like news, history, PBS, national geographic etc. US channels would be a bonus.

Jim, if you want to use your existing computer, then I would suggest a ChromCast for streaming from your computer to your TV using hte Chrome web browser. You'll have to check and see if there is enough content on internet TV to keep you happy. Some live news coverage might be harder to get.

Just play with the list I've provided above and see if that is enough for you. You can use magicJack or Ooma for your telephone - just wouldn't trust it in an emergency.

If you have a cell phone backup then it's fine. My hobby is genealogy. I need the internet for that. Sure, with different computers on your network no problem. You just have to make sure your internet speed is fast enough to handle it. How does my iPad configure into this? I currently watch shows on Netflix via my iPad while on treadmill in a room with no TV.

I'd like to maintain that. There's nothing wrong with AppleTV and the list of Canadian apps they support is growing. However, with an Android box you get the full Play store, whereas with Apple I believe they have a restricted store that is only good for AppleTV.

No reason you can't continue to use your iPad in tandem with whatever other device you buy. I don't use Apple products personally so it is possible that they can do more than I give them credit for.

Hello Stephen I just discovered this site. I am not very technologically advanced. I have recently spoken with someone from INL3D. Their Android box seems quite user friendly. Do you know anything about their product? Is there anything I should be know before committing to this?

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide. I don't have a ton of experience with Android boxes myself, I just know lots of people use them and have read about them. They basically work just like an android phone but are more powerful usually and are meant to plug into a TV. You can get all kinds of different software for them that help you get a wide variety of content. Getting some of it to work well can be challenging and require tech savvy like Kodi. However, if you just stick with apps from the Google Play store for streaming content, it's as easy as pie.

Then you can play with more advanced stuff as you have time if you're so inclined. Don't know anything of that particular box so I can't really comment. Make sure you don't go for the cheapest model though. More power is better with these boxes. Short answer - Yes. Whether it is cable or ADSL, there are smaller providers that can offer substantial savings over Shaw, Telus, or others of that ilk.

You can search you area for alternative ISPs through http: This should be at least 1 to 1. If you email is with you provider myname myprovider. Otherwise it would probably mean getting an email account with yahoo or some other universal free email account.

What I have done I use linux free on my laptops as it can make a slightly older machine seem young again, installed kodi with the exodus plugin on one, connected it to the TV, and I have TV on demand.

My VOIP home phone allows me to setup a 'simultaneous ring', so that if I am out and about, or the power goes out at home, calls to my home number still go to my cell. I intend to shave a little more by switching to 's speakout service for cellphone when my present plan expires next fall. It takes a little research and work, however it is possible to cut down the cost of all these 'mod cons' considerably.

Sense your note on Mat 31, I have been told that the highest broadband I can get is 6Mbps down and one up. Teksavvy tells me that 6mbps VOIP phone likely would not work good-cutting in and out etc. I don't have a cell phone. If I can make this work I will have to get a router to send wirelessly. Also I only have one computer and will need to allow someone to watch TV at the same time I am on the computer doing genealogy.

I am beginning to think this can't be done in my area. I am paying You folks have helped a lot and I thank you very much. I've had VoIP on a 5mpbs connection before and it was decent. However, if you are heavily using your connection for other streaming purposes at the same time, the quality could suffer. It is tough to get a decent and reasonably priced internet connection in some areas - wish I could help you more with that.

I have to say I tried Unlocator and simply could not get it to work. You are right, the instructions for installing the Smart DNS were simple to follow. I tried every suggestion made and there was no way I could access Netflix.

I really do not feel this is an option anymore. Last comment I made it was working just fine after testing it several times. However, the last few times I tried in recent days it didn't work for Netflix - but it did work for other sites.

I thought it was probably because I haven't gone through the full configuration of my router didn't need to previously. I haven't had a chance to test it out fully yet with the router to see if it still works.

I will report back once I've had the chance to test. Is there any way to stream sports like hockey, baseball, and NFL to my laptop? I'd love to cut the cord, but sports is pretty much all I watch. Thanks for any advice. In terms of legal ways, most of the major sports leagues now offer their own online streaming services. The prices vary and it changes depending on how late in the season it is.

You will get a LOT more games with these services than you would get from cable. I'd pick your one or two favourite leagues and get a subscription. Having recently dumped cable, I was very interested to read this article.

However, I ran into the usual problems. When I tried to watch a video on Discovery Channel I got the usual log in with your cable provider bs. Not going VPN, so I'm pretty sure your article is pretty useless. Only clicking a couple of links and calling the article useless seems like a bit of a stretch without much effort on your part. In the table it is clearly spelled out which sites have some locked content.

Discovery is one of those. I am going to cut my cable and go to an Android box, but I am not clear if I can watch shows as they are being aired? I watch the Bachelorette on Monday evenings, will I be able to watch shows the same as cable? Not unless you have a friend with a tv subscription and you can piggy back off their login. Otherwise, you can catch your shows starting anytime the next day. I used to be able to get Global TV live, but it seems like they've blocked this now.

I'm in Canada, near Toronto. I'm mostly interested in the news channels. Anyone at least tell me how to get Global? Hi, Thank you so much for all the great info!

Right now, I use the netflix app with no problem, but I'm not sure how to watch tv shows I tried going on the internet app and then going on the website for each channel, but the videos didn't stream at all. Just came up with some error every time. I haven't tested this myself, but it sounds like the browser isn't a full-fledged browser that can handle streaming video. They essentially succeed with a "partial" success rate by being able to access some U. Bell Canada's DSL routers to not allow full bridge mode and their This has been a nightmare for me.

If you really would like to help Canadians with this issue, please give a step by step procedure to set up a "full" bridge mode, most importantly how to stop Bell's IP from showing up on their DLS service. Trying to go to Bell with this issue is futile. I have tried their 2 Wire and now their newer Bell a Sagemcom FAST with my Netgear N, along with disabling their DSL, and every other button in their hub, plus using a wrong sign-on in their connection hub, and it still does not work.

The internet is filled with stories of frustrated Bell customers spending many hours trying to get their bridge working properly and eventually are forced to go back to Bell and have them re-set their system which they can no longer access. I didn't know this problem existed for Bell customers Scott thanks. I am sort of a Bell customer, but in the Atlantic Canada region so I think things are different for us here.

I wish I could be of more assistance to you on this but you've reached the limits of my expertise on this one. I hope someone else will chime in to help guide you. Scott, you don't disable anything, and as a network engineer based on what you're saying here especially your comment about bridge mode I'm thinking that you don't understand how a VPN works.

Similar to how when you visit a website and a connection is opened to that server to get the HTML, images, etc Where the web connection shuts down after loading the web page, the VPN connection stays open until you shut down the VPN programme. After connecting, the VPN programme creates a fake, or "virtual", network adapter on your computer and makes it look like it has a cable connecting your computer directly to the VPN server on the other side.

The VPN programme then tells your computer that all traffic destined for the Internet is now supposed to go through that virtual adapter and to the VPN server instead of directly out your Bell xDSL modem.

If you check your public, Internet-facing IP address with a website like http: On Windows, for example, "tracert www. Just like the public IP address shown with ip4.

If those two simple tests do not show any differences, then you have incorrectly set up the VPN programme. BTW, a "bridge" in networking is when you take two or more separate network interfaces and combine them into a single virtual interface.

You might does this when you have a PC with 4 network cards in it. Normally, each port will be associated with a different network block i. To make things easier, you bridge those four ports together into one virtual one and then it would act like the 4 port switch on the back of your xDSL modem or your WiFi router where everything gets an address from that same A second example of bridging has to do with what is doing the authentication and login for your Bell xDSL connection.

For the default setup that Bell likes to use for residential customers, you enter your Bell credentials into the xDSL modem you got from Bell and it manages the connection. Alternatively you can bridge the xDSL interface of the modem with the 4 ethernet ports so you can plug a second device into the modem. Then on that second device you would configure a PPPoE connection using your Bell credentials and it manages your internet connection with the xDSL modem essentially turning into a dumb pass-through device.

As for those stories of "frustrated Bell customers spending many hours" that you mention, as somebody with 25 years of professional experience in computer networking, including working for small telecom competitors to Bell, I find that they are the type of people who know enough to be dangerous but don't really know anything about networking.

They read some set of steps off a web page, don't understand what they really mean or why they might not apply to their specific situation, which is why they screw things up and have to call Bell or Rogers, or Shaw, or Telus, etc… to get things reset.

Sounds like you have an Android box Cindy. You won't be able to get all Canadian stations that way, but most of the popular ones have apps. Thanks for the help. The play store should already be installed as an app by default. You just need to access your "app drawer" - I think that is what it is called" and look for the app called "Play Store".

It may not be on your home screen, but I think it would probably be there as well. HI just came across your info because I was searching how to watch canadian tv and to get rid of my shaw.. I live in the country I have high speed threw a company called netset1, its been awesome so far I use to have an android box to watch some netflix now I have a samsung smart tv, there is alot more I can do and including crave tv but everyone wants money and im tired of it, already pay a month for the gigs of data and 65 for shaw then 20 more for netflix and crave tv..

I even purchased a bluetooth key board and mouse to use the browser it is much faster can even do youtube etc if needed.. You'd have to test them yourself to see if it works, but I highly doubt it. Let me know how you make out.

Can be downloaded from your App Store, comes with Roku and is available through many other devices including smart TVs, and their original content lineup is outstanding. If you own a PlayStation, Crackle is also embedded via the PlayStation Store section so that may offset the need to buy a device if budgets are an issue. Hi there - loving the advice on your site. I also have AppleTV and a Netflix subscription.

I recently bought a new TV and they threw in a Chromecast which I've set up but not used much yet. The old one is reeaallly slooow. I would suggest setting up the DNS directly on your router so all your devices work the same. Unlocator is best for this because foreign IP addresses only activate on sites that need it. Otherwise, you still get to use your Canadian IP. It doesn't require a computer but u need internet.

There are also lots of channels from the UK. They all stream live sports. I bought it thru a friend but u can buy them thru Amazon or just Google android box. Well happy TV ing Sounds like a great app Gerry, thanks for the tip. Just so anyone reading knows, this wouldn't be the most legitimate avenue for getting your content because nobody can make money from it except possibly MOBDRO.

You need to at least be viewing commercials so that content creators are getting paid for your viewing.

I have been contemplating the switch to an Android box and cutting the overpriced cable myself. Knowing that I can get those races live, I think I am that much closer to snapping up an Android box and trying it out. I am with Mustangtechno. The fastest speed I have recorded on speedtest. We don't have fibre out here and won' t be getting it any time soon.

Can this be done with my lousy download speeds? Do you have any recommendations for an Internet TV provider in Ontario? I have seen Vmedia, and Zazeen for TV.

I only have 1 TV ,Roku ,both e-cabled,and the iPad wifi to connect. So far the Roku has run well except when it rains and the 's Bell technology at the closest hub 1 mile away goes screwy. You're cutting it close with those speeds Steve. You aren't going to be able to stream to multiple devices reliably at the same time - but with only one device streaming at a time you could get away with it.

If you use Netflix a lot on multiple devices and haven't had quality and lag issues, then I'd say you'd be safe to try out some other free streaming sites like I've mentioned here. It probably won't be perfect, but it might be good enough to make the savings worth it for you. Just an update, and I can not understand it either. I Cut off my Bell land line and went with wireless home phone. Land line still had a dial tone. Internet is now running at 2.

Watching Netflix USA using proxy server while surfing internet is all good. Netflix is HD sharp and surfing is just a little slower. Called isp and made appointment for dryloop on land line ; they say one week, turns out to be two.

Everything runs fine on "dead" line, that still has a dial tone. Bell worker calls up on our "dead" line , on time, to install dry loop. I ask why there is still a dial tone: OK, fine , that's nice. But why did I need a dry loop in the first place? Netflix US works for a week, then quits. Cant explain it, but it did work well on 2. Maybe the slow setting was just slow enough to fly under their radar.

They really worked hard to make sure people can't region hop on their service anymore. I think internally they are region neutral, but the content creators themselves are pressuring them to prevent it.

I'm all for paying the content creators - but I think these crazy border laws are silly and archaic. A question from an obviously non-technical person. Would I still need to get an Android box or Chromecast? And how does an Android box differ from Chromecast? Someone here said Crackle is free, but it was not when I tried to use it?

Thank you to all of you tech savvy people for helping: I know some things are possible. A chromecast will let you stream content from devices that are compatible with it like Android phones or computers running the Chrome web browser.

I have cut off shaw cable as I have Netflix, and set up unlocator yesterday - works great I turned the tv off and on a few times and no US Netflix I have an Visu smart tv, comes with Netflix and HuluPlus and amazon as well as yahoo facebook and some other apps in it.

No web browser that I am aware of. Amazon is all pay per view. When I went to sign up with HuLu - have to do it online not tv - it wouldn't accept my payment etc. I tried using a card with a real zipcode and it still knew it was Canadian. I don't have a computer to hook up to the tv.

Glad you got Netflix working with Unlocator - I think it is getting more and more difficult to access even with them. Where it used to always work for me, it nows fails most of the time if I just set upt he DNS.

I haven't gone through the complete guide blocking ports on my router though. Unlocator is your best chance for Netflix - but it may no longer be problem free. I haven't signed up for the American services, but I know there is a way. Try googling for a guide. You might be able to purchase an American prepaid credit card and use that. They're usually available next day.

Hi Stephen, Thanks for a great article but I'm a little confused about Kodi. I currently have a Mac setup. What does Kodi enable me to do? Kodi is a more TV friendly interface that also has a lot of custom community built apps that give you access to various types of content. Nothing wrong with using a web browser or apps on your iPad to stream content but not quite as remote friendly as Kodi is if you can get it set up well.

If you're happy with your setup as it is, no need to change. I don't use Kodi either. I like the interface, but I find you can get more Canadian content with less technical issues using a web browser and a desktop operating system.

I just came across your blog. I am a technically challenged Maritime senior trying to figure out how to watch my fav tv shows without going back to cable. I have high speed internet and phone and that costs enough each month. I have a Roku, however, can't find much on there to watch. I like reality shows, true crime, the History Channel to name a few and I have been finding some of those shows online, along with other great shows on YouTube.

The problem is the quality of the shows. That will allow for on-demand streaming of any song in their library. It's a heavy hitter and it's a must for Chromecast owners. Plex has consistently been one of the best Chromecast apps available. It's an app that lets you stream video from your phone or computer to your TV via the Chromecast.

It takes a bit of time to set up, but it works great once you do. You'll be able to use most of the features with the free version. However, you will need to fork out a small, one-time fee to use the Android app. That adds more services and features on top of what you can already do. It's powerful and the best way to get video from your computer to your TV without a bunch of cables.

Pocket Casts is probably the best out there for listening to podcasts. As it turns out, it also has Chromecast support. There are a ton of podcasts that you can subscribe to. It also supports video and audio podcasts. There are also some other features, including a dark theme, syncing support, playlists, auto-downloading, and more. There isn't a free version to try out. Thus, you'll need to buy it and test it out inside of the refund time. Otherwise, it's among the best CHromecast apps for podcast fans.

You're almost at the end! Here are even more fun music and video apps for you! Solid Explorer is one of many file explorers out there. However, this one comes with Chromecast support.

It's also pretty awesome. You'll get a Material Design interface, dual pane support, and all of the basic features you'd expect from a file manager.

You can pick up a day free trial by downloading the app. It's a great way to stream your locally stored content and cloud storage content. It's also great for file management. Spotify took its sweet time getting on the train when it came to Chromecast support. However, it finally did and now it's one of the best Chromecast apps out there. The streaming service itself has over 30 million tracks along with various radio stations, video content, podcasts, and more. It's currently the reigning king when it comes to popularity in the streaming business.

It's also compatible with most devices. They also offer discounts for college students. Google Play Music is another excellent music streaming service with Chromecast support. There is a Lite version of this app. However, it's not as good as the full version.

VRV is one of the newer Chromecast apps. It's a conglomeration of anime and cartoons streaming channels. The app is new and a tad buggy.

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